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  1. Camo Seat Covers for custom TB

    Camotruckseats.com is really good. I haven’t put them on my 2019 yet but plan on it as soon as I get money you can get different patterns and it is really well made. You can email them and see about the TB seats with no storage as I’m not sure how they differ from a split bench seat.
  2. Rear Wheel Well Liners

    If you don’t mind me asking How much did that run you?
  3. is the ReadyLift Level kit worth the $100 dollars more than the Rough country 2” level. They’re they same U design but one I guess is aluminum and other plastic? Trying to put a level on my 2019 RST and trying to decide if which one is worth it?
  4. Made my first ever vehicle purchase, a RST Z71 crew Cab Cajun Red with bucket front seats MSRP 52,870 ended up negotiating for 2 weeks and got it for 41k OTD (38970 before TTL) right at the end of June after walking out of 6 other dealerships over those few weeks.
  5. Because the rims I’m purchasing which are OE creation rims have a 24. The one in the picture probably has 34
  6. Man that’s beautiful that’s why I want to do it, but I really want to avoid trimming it.
  7. I know these questions come a lot but would I be able to run 285/65/20r on a 2in leveled RST with +24mm offset rims without trimming?
  8. Would I be able to run 285/65/20r on a 2in leveled RST?
  9. Do you happen to have the part number for that grille because it’s the same one I want I just didn’t want the middle bumper chrome that’s why I said high country?
  10. I’ve been looking all over the internet to purchase the chrome High country grille and lower bumper for my RST. I don’t want just the grille inserts I’d like the whole grille area including the yellow bowtie. Just like the one pictured.

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