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Found 24 results

  1. I have a 2017 Four Wheel Drive Sierra with the Max Trailering Package and the 6.2L engine. I tow a 34' Airstream travel trailer (9,000 pounds loaded and about 1,000 pound tongue weight) and I get a good deal of porpoising on some washboard type roads. I have a Hensley Arrow Equalizer hitch with 1,000 pound spring bars. Also, I consider the truck under damped even when I'm not towing. I'm considering upgrading to the Bilstein 4600 series shocks F & R. Does anyone have a similar experience with this situation or the Bilstein 4600 shocks. I installed these shocks on my 1992 Suburban many years ago and I was very happy with the results.
  2. I know the 6112s are semi-new to the community. My question is what would be the lowest possible notch I can install these and still have enough clearance to fit 275X 65R 20 KO2s. I’d imagine the notch settings are similar to the 5100s accept there is 1 extra notch I believe. I have been searching online for the past week and cannot find anyone that confirms the lowest possible setting to fit these tires. I know I can install them at the highest setting and fit just fine, But I am trying to keep rake in the rear due to occasional towing and i do not want to add a leveling block to the rears. I was thinking the third notch (1.25” of lift) would work but I’m not sure if It will get rubbing. Does anyone have any idea on this? I currently have a 2.5 inch leveling spacer but do not want to install it when I switch to the Bilstein 6112s. Thanks!
  3. 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 Double Cab LT Z71 Current Upgrades: - Tinted front windows 20% - Shorty radio antenna - Bilstein leveling shocks - Nitto Ridge Grappler 275/70r18 on stock wheels (No rubbing/scrubbing/trimming) Picture before Bilstein leveling shocks and Nitto Ridge Grappler's were installed: Pictures after Bilstein leveling shocks and Nitto Ridge Grappler's were installed:
  4. New Member here, After extensive hours on this site, I've decided on my plan of attack for level/wheel/tires. Bilstein 5100's arrived yesterday. Just need to figure out who should install them. For our Michigan members, who do you trust? Mumbly's is literally the only off-road specific installer I can find in the metro detroit area. (I'm a little weary of dealerships. Usually do everything myself). But, they are completely booked for over a month and want $380 for install and alignment. Naturally I'm impatient to get this thing looking like a real truck. Plan of attack: Bilstein 5100 on the 1.25" (3rd) setting 275/60-20 Tires on Black Rhino 0 offset wheels. Looks like this should be a good set up for the amount of slow trail running, UP camping/exploring I will be doing. Usually have some dirt bikes in the bed, but won't for a long while since I broke my neck last year. The new truck will be the toy this year (with age, get a cage right?) Thanks!
  5. Bilstein 5100 set at 0 or factory setting. with rough country 3 inch spacer. Has anyone done this? Any input is welcome. Pros and cons. I have 5100 already installed. Rc 3 was a gift. Tire setup 275/60/20. Slight rubbing at half turn.
  6. Rancho RS9000XL vs Bilstein 5100 I am at 72k and preparing/saving up for shock replacement on all four corners. I like the that the Rancho RS9000XL can be adjusted (claimed 400% difference between lowest and highest setting). I always hear good things about the Bilstein 5100s though. Any experience with the Rancho RS9000XL shocks? (Front): Ranch RS9000XL: http://www.gorancho.com/products/shock-absorbers/rs9000xl-performance-strut/rancho-rs9000xl-strut-rs999830.html (Rear) Rancho RS9000XL: http://www.gorancho.com/products/shock-absorbers/rs9000xl-shock-absorber/rancho-rs9000xl-shock-absorber-rs999198.html Total for four: ~$527 (Front) Bilstein 5100: https://www.bilstein.com/us/en/product-search-detail/?ItemId=6188925713238092455&YearId=4357058600109566749&MakeId=4463563413472551677&ModelId=1723229799825481433&SubModelId=5482975663341996073 (Rear) Bilstein 5100: https://www.bilstein.com/us/en/product-search-detail/?ItemId=7911004732752982112&YearId=4357058600109566749&MakeId=4463563413472551677&ModelId=1723229799825481433&SubModelId=5482975663341996073 Total for four: ~$345
  7. Hope you guys are doing well! Found a lovely deal for a chevy 2016 - LT Z71 - V5.3 This is my first truck and looking to lift it. found a good price for Rough Country lift kit - 3.5 inch BILSTEIN 5100: https://psp.ae/product/bilstein-performance-shocks-15/ Rough Country KIT: https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-suspension-lift-kit-275-8.html Many people been complaining about how cheap the rough country shocks are, so I was thinking is it possible to install Bilstein 5100 shocks kit on this kit? or would they not fit into these? This way I would lift the truck + level it + have some what better shocks I thought about selling the Rough Country shocks instead Your thought and experience are much appreciated!
  8. Has anyone use the OTC 6494 Clamshell style spring compressor to take apart the coil overs in the front? I have read a ton that the chinsey auto parts stores style are not safe and I would agree. Ive used them on lighter duty Mcphereson's and they still scared the crap out of me. I am wondering if the OTC one is strong enough or someone can say yay or nay on it? Heres a link to what I am talking about.
  9. Anyone with a 2017/18 who went the Bilstein route and had the steering popping noise? Seems this is the preferred and safest option. I've kinda made my mind up to go with Bilsteins instead of spacers due to the fact that I've read numerous cases of steering issues with spacers. Just figured I'd feel the water before jumping in. Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, Going to be adding a 1/2” spacer to my Bilstein 5100 setupto get the little bit of extra height I’m looking for. Wanting to know some opinions on the following 3 half inch spacers. I ordered these top coil spacers because at first it’s all I could find. Shortly after, I found these 1/2” motofab lower mount spacers which I have heard are much better and will mostly likely be returning the upper mount spacers and getting these. BUT, before I order the motofabs, I also found these hiding on amazon. Seems like a pretty identical product to the motofab spacers. I have some credit on amazon so that’s really the only reason I would buy these over the motofab blocks. So, what’s the consensus guys?
  11. I have a 2014 Sierra 1500. I am due for new tires so I am going to go a size bigger and keep the stock rims (265/65r18 to 275/65/r18). Before I do this, I plan on changing out all of the shocks and installing the bilstein 5100's. I figured this was the best option for ride quality, while still being able to add a little extra height to the truck without putting too much stress on any other parts. My question is, has anyone set the front shocks to the height setting (is there any downside to this?) and then the rear to the highest setting (1"). If so, can does this still create enough rake to give the truck a leveled look when pulling a trailer? I dont like the nose high look. Looking for any recommendations on what i should set the shocks to in order to achieve more height on the truck, but be able to tow without the nose being higher than the back. Include pictures if you have them! I am also assuming i should get an alignment after installing the shocks and new tires right? Thanks, Ted
  12. Spoke to NC sales today regarding availability and was told that the rear 5100s are out and the front shock part numbers should be available just before SEMA in November. I asked the differences between the 13 and 14 since people are putting the older part# on the 14s. He stated that the new design has an integrated bump stop that the older version did not have. He wasn't sure about compression and rebound rates. I told him that I had installed supersprings on the rear axle to decrease the amount of porpoising (yes wdh is at full load restoration) caused by the various bumps on the interstate and that it mostly worked but my unloaded rear height was too high for my taste and that my intent was to add the 5100s to both increase my front height (restore original rake) and provide additional damping. He recommended that I use the 4600s instead of the 5100s and consider removing the springs. His claim is that when compared to the 4600s, the 5100s are designed to be easier to compress with about the same rebound damping. Thoughts?
  13. Shocks have been sold, thank you.
  14. First time poster, long time reader. I am looking for some specific info, as I can't seem to find it thru hours of searching and reading. I have a 2016 double cab all terrain, 5.3, 3:42's, factory 20's. I am going with a 2.5" front leveling kit with 2" rear blocks. The front end is a combo of blistering 5100's set at the .75 setting, motofab upper 2" spacers, and diff drop kit. Rear is getting bilsteins, shock extensions, and 2" block kit. I am running the factory 20's with 285/65R20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2's. I haven't started anything as I want to have all the right components and get it done right the first time. My question is - Can I run cognito uca's (ball joint as I am in the northeast) without tire rub? I know I may rub the sway bar. The cognito instructions say "larger tires will not work on factory wheels'". Isn't this one of the reasons for me uca's? Aftermarket wheels run almost the same offset to fit correctly in the 14+ trucks. Do you think the rub would be a lot? Could I possibly run a 1/4" wheel spacer and clear it? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to run uniball units, as I live in the salt region. I would like to eliminate the future wear and tear of the upper ball joints, and the possibility of failure. Thank you Rob
  15. Will Bilstein 5160 fit on my 2006 Silverado RWD with a 3inch fabtech already installed in any way?
  16. I had all of these parts for my 2007 (NNBS) Silverado Z71 4x4. I have since sold the truck and no longer need the parts. All are brand new in the box. Bilstein 5100 Front Shocks for 2007-2013 Silverado / Sierra / Tahoe / Suburban / Yukon / Yukon XL / Escalade - $180 Shipped to lower 48 Part # 24-186940 Moog Upper Control Arms w/ Ball Joint (Left and Right Sides) - $150 Shipped to lower 48 Part# CK80669 & CK80670 Vehicle Application Guide Found here: http://www.moog-suspension-parts.com/moog-ck80669 http://www.moog-suspension-parts.com/moog-ck80670 Moog Lower Ball Joints - $60 Shipped to lower 48 Part# K6541 Vehicle Application Guide Found here: http://www.moog-suspension-parts.com/moog-k6541 Moog Outer Tie Rod Ends - $40 Shipped to lower 48 Part# ES800223 Vehicle Application Guide Found here: http://www.moog-suspension-parts.com/moog-es800223 Contact me via PM or email at: [email protected]
  17. Hi guys, I was hoping someone might have this information. I'm going to be attempting to swap out the original rancho shocks in the front with Bilstein 5100s, and wanted to know if anybody has the torque settings for all the bolts involved in the job? Having a hell of a time trying to find any information and I don't have a Helm manual to help me. Can anyone help?
  18. I am considering replacing my OEM shocks on my 2014 Silverado. My goal is not improved off road performance. I am purely looking for an improved ride quality over the rough standard stock suspension. I have considered Bilstein 5100 series. I have also looked at Belltech street performance. Right now the Belltech shocks are of the most interest to me because I can get a good price on them. Any opinions or insight on the Belltech street shocks on a stock height truck? Thanks for any input!
  19. Hey all, I wanted to see what everyone has to say in regards to getting new shocks to make my 14 silverado crew cab z71 a much smoother ride. I'm already tired of the ranchos and my truck is my daily driver.. I have read the bilstein 5100's are a great upgrade, or the fox 2.0's, etc.. So just curious as to what people think or if there are others that anyone would recommend.. I do plan on leveling my truck which I know you can do with the bilsteins so I am kind of leaning toward them..
  20. Hi Guys, well like many others here, I'm having some problems with the junk Rancho's on my 2014 Sierra 1500. 4k miles on this thing and I'm convinced the rear shocks are the problem. Every morning (moreso when it's been raining), I roll backwards out of my driveway and I get a bad knocking sound. Sounds like the rear shocks are seized up. Sound goes away once I get going and loosen them up. Taken to the dealer and got the old "well I can't reproduce the problem"... big surprise. Well to the subject of my post, I was thinking of wanting to go with an aftermarket shock at this point anyway if I'm going to have to switch them out. Was never too happy with the harsh ride of the Ranchos and was looking for something a little smoother on those bumpy roads. I don't do much off roading at all, but would really like a smoother pavement ride. I've been looking into the bilstein 5100's since they seem to be very popular on here, but in my inexperience, I'm having a hard time determining whether or not the bilsteins are shocks that would produce the results I want. Can anyone lend any expertise on how to determine the type of ride you'd see for a particular shock? Do you have any alternate recommendations for shocks? Also, I noticed that every time I read anything on the Bilstein 5100, they talk about them being for lifted trucks. I'm planning on keeping mine stock, but it mentions the bilstein's are for 0" - 2" lift so they should be fine in the rear no?
  21. Hello all, New to this forum, been following it for some time though. Thought that since my efforts to work on my own pickup have been ramping up recently, it wouldn't be a bad idea to join. I hail from Montana. Drive a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD 5.3 L Crew Cab with the Z71 package. Bought it used from a Chevy dealer about 1.5 years ago. Have had a few minor issues with the truck that the dealership has fixed, notably after multiple attempts. Their maintenance department is fairly incompetent and I'm sure that most of you reading this post could do a much better job. Needless to say, in order to get a job done right, you've got to do it yourself. I'll never let anyone touch this truck again (if I can help it). With that in mind... Wanted to get some real opinions. Done a lot of research on this website and elsewhere in regards to what type of shocks I should install. My current issue with the truck is that it has a really harsh ride, particularly on the highway and city driving. The higher and mid-range frequencies in particular are very harsh. As it is now the vehicle is a daily driver for my wife, spends a lot of time in the mountains on less then dependable roads, also spending a lot of time on gravel, frequently traveling at highway speeds at 80 mph, used often (but not everyday or even weekly) to haul trailers/boats. What I like about the stock suspension is that it seems to perform very well hauling things and even in the mountains at times. Can't help but wonder though if upgrading the shocks to the Bilstein 5100's or 4500's would help with the ride that much. Is there a notable difference between those and stock? Perhaps there is a different brand/model I should be looking at that would fit the criteria I'm looking for? Any help/advice would be appreciated. Really just looking for opinions on whether the ride would be that much smoother/damper compared to stock or if there's another brand/model that I should be looking at that would fit better for the performance I'm using the truck for. Thanks.
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