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  1. Morimoto HID or LED - I have the LEDs in the stock projector headlamp and replaced the fog lights with the Morimoto xB square LEDs for 2014 silverado. Pain in the ass to install btw. GTR Lighting Ultra Series 2 are very good too.
  2. Agree with tlaw91. Very likely it's the seal around your third brake light on the cab. Replace the third brake light and you should not have a leak anymore. The next problem is the mold and other damage already done to the headliner. May need to be replaced to avoid respiratory health issues.
  3. The dust covers are always a pain. Sounds strange but take the bulb out, and get the feel for putting on the dust cover correctly. It must line up correctly and then the twist on maneuver takes some elbow grease. It's only a quarter turn to full lock but is tough. On a different note, Morimoto used to sell dust caps with extended lengths. Not sure if they are still available though.
  4. Same as snowcamo said. Turns out mine was the alternator going out and so I replaced the 150amp with a new 170amp. Been fine ever since.
  5. I had something similar, or at least sounds similar, and I used silicone lubricant on all the non-metal parts. Took care of the problem for me!
  6. Go get Amsoil engine flush and power foam products. I used them this past weekend and my ticking noise vanished. I used the upper cylinder lubricant and gas PI too. Quite a difference after throwing all this into the truck. I'm at 94k at this point. I've also used Amsoil products and thus the recommendation. Similar products from other brands should do the same.
  7. Go to Amsoil.com, get the engine and transmission flush product along with their power foam. I recently did this and easily gained 1mpg city, 2 on the hwy. Check your MAF. May be due to get some MAF sensor cleaner from the store and clean it. See if a friend has a tuner or stop by local parts store to see if any codes are present.
  8. I use soft shackles due to the tight area they are in - I got my set from Tactical Recovery Equipment. Have worked out very well for me. https://tacticalrecoveryequipment.com/product-category/soft-shackles/
  9. Falken Wildpeak AT3W, the have the 3-peak mountain symbol and so they are tow rated, great tires
  10. Good tire for sure. Falken Wildpeak AT3W are better in my opinion. My set are now past 60k and probably good for another 10k. Excellent wet traction throughout the life of the tire.
  11. Check out the TRE site (Tactical Recovery Equipment) and their soft shackles. Works great for me. https://tacticalrecoveryequipment.com/product-category/soft-shackles/
  12. Falken Wildpeak AT3W, beats all the rest, 60k warranty
  13. Every increase of 10 degrees Fahrenheit equates to an increase of 1 PSI. So, your tires simply warmed up. You tires have a letter rating for temperature and traction. The higher the temp rating, the better they are at getting rid of heat. So, take that into consideration as well. The weight each tire is bearing will also affect the tires ability to cool down. As with most things, there are many variables at play to be considered. You are not in any place where you need to worry about the tires.
  14. Not an issue, I've experienced the same over the past several years. Cooler outside temps and lower relative humidity allows it to run slightly cooler than in the summer. Try putting it in perspective - there are so many variables at play that it is unreasonable for to expect the temp to be the same. Take into account outside temperature and relative hunidity, driving conditions (rain, snow, etc.), driving style, vehicle condition, fluid condition, etc,. Just trying to drive home there is nothing to worry about.
  15. Has to do with the engineers delaying torque from the engine. With a custom tune, you can get up too 100% of the torque available from the get go, but generally it is only recommend to allow up to 70-80% of the torque in first gear. I'm sure other guys/gals can add some more color to this than I can
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