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  1. I think everyone on here will tell you to go with Bilstein 5100 shocks
  2. If I am being honest, this sounds like an opportunity to upgrade to a 2500HD. After upgrading the shocks and suspension, then you will likely want more power and then you will be on the slippery slope of drowning a good down payment for a new truck into upgrades for your current one. More specific to your concern, going with air bags are the best option.
  3. My 2014 does the same thing. I live near a paper factory and the smell is awful even with recirculation engaged.
  4. Amsoil Oil Change

    Amsoil is the best option, although more expensive. Check out all the YouTube videos and other comparisons of Amsoil vs mobil1. GM provided 24 month maintenance coverage in the past so, maybe use the dealer until that runs out before switching to Amsoil. I have Amsoil throughout my truck. Front and rear diff, transfer case, and now the brake system. Next up will be transmission.
  5. Husky wheel liners, vs OEM

    Nothing wrong with husky. I think they have better coverage than the stock ones do. Lifetime warranty too. I prefer the stock ones, I know others will disagree with me but, I like the weird fabric on top of plastic setup.
  6. Falken Wildpeak AT3W, excellent wet traction. I put 120 miles a day or so on these. They are about half way through their 60k life and are on track to last to 60k. Lighter than KO2s, better offroad traction too. Very good dry traction if you are a more spirited driver. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  7. Oil Filter Recs

    Amsoil is my vote
  8. Tpms relearn

    Firestone has always worked on my truck for tires, balance and rotate, alignment, all that good stuff. I have a 2014 and they never had an issue doing to relearn.
  9. LED Bulbs

    Amount of lux generated by the bulb is just one part the lighting, the other part is the beam pattern produced. I get most of my info from headlight revolution and the testing they have done between LED and HID. Those LEDs you got are impressive and from what I see from the pics, they have a good beam pattern too. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  10. LED Bulbs

    If it is a projector style housing, you will have to use halogen or HID. LEDs do not perform well in projector housings.
  11. Go get some Amsoil and change the fluids in your front and rear differentials, and your transfer case. Do your oil change too. Amsoil is the best you can get. When our changing out the fluids, you will be able to check the magnetic drain plugs. Front and rear diffs should not have much on them. Transfer case will have more than you expect but shouldn't have a huge amount of ferrous material on it. All of these are easy to do at home too with simple tools. Just be careful with the gasket on the rear diff. Shouldn't need spark plugs till 100k unless one of them has gone bad. Check engine coolant too. If you see reflective specs in it, get that changed. Should be changed every 5 years or 100k..
  12. Shark Fin Whistle

    I had something similar happen. Turned out it was the third brake light seal that was worn out. Just echoed in a way that made it sound like it was coming from up front. Installed a new OEM light with new seal and problem solved
  13. Which leveling kit?

    Go with rough country or zone. Both would be fine for a simple leveling kit. Had the RC 2.5in on my truck for 2yrs now and no issues, didn't affect ride quality.
  14. 3:23 towing and rating ?

    Ah, missed that. If you find a truck you like, you can still contact GM with the VIN so there arent any surprises after you fork over the cash. Can also ask for the RPO list so you know everything that's on the truck.
  15. 3:23 towing and rating ?

    Contact GM with your VIN, they can give you the payload and tow ratings for your truck.

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