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  1. Awesome feedback in here. Lots with 150k+ and wow even some with 250k! These k2 trucks seem to be proving durable!
  2. How old is the battery and are you sure it's good? When my battery went, the truck threw every code in the book.
  3. 67k on my 2017 6.2 Valve body at 20k Battery at 4.5 yrs Trans shudder/fluid exchange at 55k Vacuum pump at 60k I just rotated my tires last week and my brakes look like they should go to 100k easy. Crazy how good these brakes are. My 2013 F150 brakes were shot at 20k
  4. So if I'm understanding this right, all 8 speeds '15-'18 should have the 2 piece harness from the factory, unless it was previously replaced during the time period a few yrs back when GM was using the 1 piece replacement harness?
  5. I am running p-rated Cooper Rugged Treks which are similar to the duratracs. Seemed the outsides were wearing a little faster during the first 7k miles so I have since bumped them up to 38
  6. 2017 Had the "recall" refresh done Oct 2021. Just started getting the hard pedal/loss of power assist at parking lot crawl a month ago. Dealer replaced pump and new belt under warranty. They seemed pretty aware of it. Service writer said he has one tech who has done 200+ of them. Keep in mind this is a small town dealer too lol.
  7. I was gonna say grounds too. Check grounds, battery, and alternator. Also check for any DTCs
  8. The mileage some of you get out of stock brakes is incredible. What makes our trucks' oem brakes so good? I had a 2013 f150 and the brakes were absolute ******. Warped and shot at 20k
  9. Don't need brakes just yet. I'm at 60k. Just was trying to get wome ideas. I've seen a lot of guys post on here that they get 100k on their stock brakes
  10. What's everyone running for brakes? Is OEM AC Delco the best? Or Powerstop with the extreme duty towing pads? Ebc?
  11. 275/65 is the same width as 275/60 Do you mean diameter?
  12. Corporate average across the whole line of vehicles. Not for every vehicle. And if manufacturers don't make the number, I'm sure all it will mean is they will merely have to pay fines etc. And guess who will pay those fines? It will be passed down to the consumers in gas guzzler tax etc lol
  13. I have not seen where exactly they repaired the harness, just going off of their word. They said where it runs along the frame rail near the driver rear wheel well. Are you getting the service trailer brakes message? Have you replaced the other 3 parts like I did as well?
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