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  1. 8 yrs or 120k miles seems to be the sweet spot for trading in IMO. Still enough life left in the vehicle to get a decent coin for it on trade in and just before everything will start failing and beginning to nickel and dime you.
  2. TFL released an extended, behind the scenes cut of the IKE Gauntlet runs. The Ford's transmission temperature was 235 degrees and the electric fan was cycling on and off the whole run. The GM Allison trans was running at 185.
  3. Not really surprised at the Dmax time. More surprised the Powerstroke did that amazing. I think ford is seriously sandbagging on power and underrated. Tfl did a dyno vid with 5 star tuning and the 2020 Powerstroke put down 470/970 to the wheels . That truck is probably making 550/1100 at the crank!
  4. Right. I wish they would make em for our stock 22s. Are you listening, BFG???
  5. 26 below yikes. How did the truck start? Block heater or no?
  6. I'm personally in the camp of either drop the pan and do a drain and refill, or dont touch it at all. Synthetic fluids are so good nowadays anyways and so many vehicles are sold oem with sealed transmissions with no dipsticks with a "lifetime fill" of ATF.
  7. How is the ride on those? And noise? How bad do they hum?
  8. So you don't tow, but "may" tow sometime down the road. You want a diesel because it's "cool?"
  9. The 6l80s are pretty bulletproof, I would almost bet the flush did your trans in. Wow. Good lesson for everybody hear. The powerfum flushes always seem to do more harm than good... As far as the magneride, I think rock auto has the mrc shocks for a reasonable price. Also, there is a company who makes a bypass kit to fool the system that its functioning properly still so you can run aftermarket shocks.
  10. They do for sure. The Tacoma still has drum brakes on the rear. Absolutely pathetic for any vehicle in 2020. More money in Toyotas pocket. And people scoop them up like crazy and drink the koolaid.
  11. If you can live with the horrendous fuel economy and are not one to need the "latest and greatest," get the TRD Pro. It sounds like you are someone who values reliability and dependability- I would steer clear of a 1st year model with a brand new, redesigned engine. (6.6)
  12. The title is wrong. It's a 3/4 ton duramax. By no means does this still make it alright. Lol
  13. Yep. I dont know what their standard is nowadays, but back in the LS heyday GM's allowable tolerance was a quart every 1300 miles was acceptable
  14. KI guess I got lucky. My 6.2 doesnt use a drop in 6k mile intervals. If you are losing 2 qts in a couple thousand miles, then you need to be keeping and eye on your dipstick at every fuel fillup. Not waiting til the light comes on.
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