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  1. The L86 and L87 are actually 11.5:1. One of the tuners here on the forum, I believe it was blackbear, stated that in data logging even the 5.3 at 11.0:1 compression ratio had significant knock retard running 87.
  2. Man that is a huge bummer! I feel your pain. I hope the dealer is competent and gets it figured out for you!
  3. A 50 mile snippet of intrtestate driving is not representative of real world gas mileage hand calculated at the pump.
  4. I think the blue is classier and will age better. The red reminds me of 90s pontiac.
  5. Duratracs are actually known for having squishy sidewalls so it was most like the tires contributing to the ride characteristics you noticed.
  6. Thought for sure this was going to be the first hitch ball mount damage thread. Lol.
  7. Gas engines today are so good with direct injection and variable valve timing, and these 1/2 ton Diesel engines are 10 years too late. I don’t see many people checking that option box. Does ford even sell any of their f150 diesel?
  8. When the 6.2 has only been offered in the top trim levels the previous 6 model years, I would call that a Hail Mary to drive lagging sales lol. It’s a move GM has had in their back pocket for years, because it requires literally zero tooling changes to mass production lines. They chose to play it now because of terrible 2019 sales and losing the #2 slot to Ram. I bet we see a SIGNIFICANT interior redesign for a mid cycle refresh in 2021 like they did for the front fascia on the 2016’s.
  9. Top pic is a (fake) stock photo. I have seen it used on numerous different dealer sites.
  10. Wondering if the 6.2 will be detuned to run on 87 or 89 for the masses in these lower trim level trucks? It’s about damn time though. GM has had this card in their back pocket for years waiting to play it. I wonder if this is an emergency knee jerk reaction to their slowing sales on the T1?
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