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  1. It sounds from your post that a warranty is of value to you. I would take the truck back.
  2. I would love the added space of the 6.5' bed for road trips and cargo carrying but I would hate it the other 90% of the time driving around town and having to perpendicular park.
  3. I would really look for a 16 it i was buying used. There were some nice updates with the midcycle refresh. The headlights and android auto are worth it alone. As for your test drive, just make sure to get on the interstate and get the truck up to 80mph to make sure it's not a vibrator.
  4. Where in the world are you pulling that info from? Guys, this is a prime example of why to take things you read online with a grain of salt.:lol:
  5. Wrong. The durango is built on the grand cherokee chassis. Unibody.
  6. 8700lb towing capacity with a unibody?! Damn. No way I'd be testing that limit.
  7. 2017 LTZ chrome question

    On a 2 yr old truck, it will be fine. You will never be able to tell the difference from a naked eye. Now if the truck was, say, 15 yrs old, then there will be a difference.
  8. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    The 1st gen titan back in '04 had a lot of innovative features that helped push the big 3 to make the trucks we have today. The Titan was the first to offer: - factory spray-in bedliner - soft-open dampened tailgate - utilitrack tie down cleat system - selectable rear locker - great powertrain with the 5.6 and 5 spd auto Nissan let the Titan die. It's a shame they didnt put forth significant efforts with the redesign.
  9. I think the AT RHS's are a pretty good tire. It's always fun to try something new, but I just may replace them with the RHS's again. They have great reviews on tirerack too. Seem to be one of the better oem tire offerings. Usually oem tires are garbage.
  10. ONSTAR

    I thought the button doesnt connect with them unless you have a plan?
  11. Exhaust removal in 1 piece?

    Excellent. Thanks for the feedback guys. So it's much easier to put the frame on jackstands so the rear axle is at full droop?
  12. Is it possible to snake the OEM exhaust out easily in one piece over the axle without cutting it up? Does removing the spare help?
  13. Noise

    Sounds like a pulley or tensioner noise if you ask me. It's too slow to be injector tick.
  14. New to Boat Towing

    Tongue weights on boat trailers are usually in the 5-7% range vs the traditional 10-12%. There is literally zero need for a weight distributing hitch. Your 4.3 will pull that fine. You probably dont even need a brake controller either as most boats in the size range will have surge brakes on the trailer and not electric.
  15. The Raptor is a nice truck. Only option I would have forgone though is the panoramic sunroof. Not a matter of if but rather when you run into problems with that thing. Check out f150forum.

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