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  1. Silverado or Suburban (2018)?

    Get a Suburban if you want the 7 passenger seating. That's the main thing that differentiates it from pickups. Don't get it because you are afraid to have your gear separate from the cabin. You can do plenty of bed organization systems with a topper.
  2. Topper Questions

    Man that looks awesome. I love those 22's too.
  3. A leveling kit (assuming it's simply a strut spacer) will have zero effect on ride quality in either direction. It doesn't change the effective spring rate. It is literally just a spacer stacked on top of a coilover at the upper shock tower mount. And unless you added or removed rear blocks under your leafsprings, your driveshaft angle is unaffected.
  4. Ok sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but that is hilarious. I was thinking Tommy Boy when I clicked the thread.
  5. If you are looking to get rid of a truck with headaches and reliability is important to you, I certainly would not get a brand new engine in a first year model. Just my opinion.
  6. Make sure to hand calculate at the pump to reconcile your numbers because mine reads 9% high like clockwork. 22.5 mpg on the DIC will be just a hair over 20 hand calculated for me.
  7. My K2 may be gone forever

    I wouldnt hold your breath.
  8. Man that cclb is a land yacht
  9. My K2 may be gone forever

    Pics of your truck? Obviously assuming by the collision speed, I'm sure it's totaled. Unless its a newer High Country or Denali worth some coin. Bummer either way. Just keep in mind, any lawyer you get involved will take a huge piece of the pie. Glad you and your daughter are alright.
  10. ^Agreed. OP, a diesel would not be a good candidate for you because of your short commute. Unless you have another work car and the diesel would be just for road trips and towing?
  11. Not many people are going to be able maintain a 50mph average. You're definitely in the minority there. My truck is around a 25mph average. 22k miles and 900ish hrs. I know I am on the other end of the spectrum. Lots of city. I would venture to guess many owners average would probably be nearer to 35mph average.
  12. Step away from the JCWhitney catalog...
  13. Not sure what you are asking? You want someone to drive to the dealer (that you didn't mention) to verify the engine hours on the DIC?
  14. $1100 is probably a good starting point. $800 would probably get rid of them quickly. So you are in the ballpark.
  15. Picked up my Trail Boss LT!

    That silver and black looks great.

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