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  1. His "return" analogy would have worked better had he compared it to a lemon law.
  2. I mean I get that, but this is where being brand loyal can hinder a person and their decisions. I guess I would be more inclined to try a different brand if I had had that bad or luck with a truck.
  3. When you "return" that item to the store, do they lowball you and give you 80% of the initial purchase price?
  4. Some of you guys are gluttons for punishment. I'll never understand the mentality of having bad luck with a product and going around and trading it in on the same exact thing
  5. 275/60 will fit with no rub. A 33 inch tire. 65's would probably be pushing it as thats a 34 inch tire and you may have to zip tie the fenderwell liner back.
  6. You'll be lucky to get 1/2 that.
  7. I have electrical tape over mine as it is pretty bright at night.
  8. Same thing around here. Every set I've seen on CL and fb marketplace seem to be asking $1500+
  9. Looks good. And killer deal for 1000. The duratracs new are that much alone. I am actually pondering this mod for my Denali.
  10. Man those look really good! They actually remind me of f150 wheels. That's not a bad thing. 2019-ford-f-150-ogi2.webp
  11. Dang those look really good! And no rubbing on those 275/65's? I'm assuming you have a 2.5" level?
  12. Just curious if anyone has done this? Been seriously considering it for more sidewall and better tire selection. That and I can buy brand new takeoffs wheels and tires with duratracs for the price of 22 inch all terrains alone lol. Just not sure if it would look "right" on a denali. I do kinda feel like a denali does need the 22s with all the chrome and grille etc. Your guys' thoughts? Here is a crude photoshop.
  13. No way 275/65 fits at stock height. That's a 34 inch tire. That would definitely need a 2 inch or greater leveling kit. You can probably fit a 275/60 which is a 33. The 275/60/20's are on the new 2019+ body style. Although they do have the round wheelwells.
  14. Great info here. OP just make sure you do non-afm lifters if you do a cam.
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