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  1. Using some rough numbers, the difference in fuel cost at say, 13mpg avg vs 17 mpg avg over 100k miles @$3/gallon, is $5400. $5400 bucks can pay for quite a few engine repairs if needed.
  2. The 2004 Titan was pretty groundbreaking and pushed the manufacturers to bring us a lot of the features we have today. The Titan was the first to offer a factory spray-in bedliner, dampened tailgate, utilitrack tie down system, selectable locking rear diff, awesome 5 speed auto (when everyone was still on 4 speeds) and stout 5.6 standard. Nissan truly let it die. The 2016 redesign offered literally no innovations that the other brands didnt have. It was middle of the road in every category. This 2020 mid cycle refresh is a lot better, but still is not class leading in any category. It's just up to par now with the other 1/2 ton offerings.
  3. ^this. Mid 30's is a pipe dream. If you truly want to maximize your dollar, de-mod and return back to stock and sell your mods. Have to weigh whether it's worth your time and effort though.
  4. Incredible waste of money on all those fluids, but if it makes you sleep easier at night, I suppose it's worth it to you.
  5. What you paid for it doesnt determine the value. Market price determines the value.
  6. That is a pretty cool color. Very unique.
  7. Some drips are normal with any tonneau. The OP's is clearly excessive IMO.
  8. Right? I'll be happy with 225k out of my truck
  9. What are your Fender measurements after the level? And are you sure your on level ground? Because a stock truck should not have 4" of rake
  10. I will never understand guys who will buy 3 and 4 models of the same truck that they have had bad luck with. You'd think after the 2nd one, they would learn their lesson. I guess some people are just gluttons for punishment.
  11. Yes that is normal. May dip down to as low as 15-20psi on a hot summer day at idle, and should shoot up to 60-70psi at WOT.
  12. 2017 Denali here. I just did the SuspensionMaxx kit last week. I went with the 2.25". Stock my truck had just shy of 3" of rake. 36" front fender/38.75" rear. Post install I am 38.25" front and have about .5" of rake still. You bought the truck used? Is there a chance someone had a lift on it previously and when they put it back to stock to trade it in, didnt remove the rear block? Climb under your rear and check out the block under the leaf springs. What are your fender measurements at now with the kit?
  13. Not only the high miles, but also a first model year truck with a significant accident. There are literally no pro's to that truck haha
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