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  1. Last good z71

    Z71 is a sticker and rancho shock package...
  2. Deal of the century?

    It is pretty clear who is being condescending here in this thread.
  3. Deal of the century?

    Justify it and argue semantics all you want. At the end of the day, you are a payment shopper.
  4. Deal of the century?

    You didnt reference the price of the vehicle. You quoted the payment. That is the definition of payment shopping.
  5. Deal of the century?

    Mmmm payment shoppers... a stealership's wet dream. Lol
  6. Deal of the century?

    In a perfect world, yes. However, you will get nowhere close to $25k for your trade in. They will probably offer you $20k.
  7. Did you sign off on the truck without looking it over?
  8. Going off road in Denali

    These 8l90's are definitely very clunky but that is apparently "normal." Inherent to all of them. Ive found it actually shifts better the harder you are on the gas. Idk how you drive, but mine shifts way better if I rev it out to 3k or 4k RPMs vs easing on it and shifting at 2k RPMs. WOT is really where this trans shines. WOT shifts are awesome.
  9. Can I tow this?

    A 32 footer with a 1/2 ton is crazy IMO. And that quoted weight seems really light for a 32 footer.
  10. Child seats in Sierra CC

    Is she kicking the back of your seat the entire time? Looks tight.
  11. 2018 High Country disappointed

    Another vote for the gay blue lighting. Classy looking. Not a fan of the 14-16 gmc red backlighting. Looks tacky and reminds me of 90s pontiacs.
  12. 1500 MAX Tow vs 2500HD 6.0

    The best choice for you really hinges on whether you really get a travel trailer or not. A regular 5.3 non-big tow will pull 4000 lbs with ease. However, i would opt for the 3/4 ton if you truly are going to get a travel trailer. As stated already, payload capacity is usually the constraining factor, not towing capacity. When you factor in a 2-5 person family, dogs, luggage, etc., plus the tongue weight of a 25'+ travel trailer, you will be exceeding the GVWR before you know it. Thats where the 2500 will shine.
  13. That is a terrible idea. I know if i showed up to look at a truck and someone was already there looking at it, i would turn around and leave.
  14. 2018 Bargains

    I was just gonna say this. Dealers in my area have $16k off Denali's right now. Some crazy good deals to be had.
  15. Am I Insane?

    We can't say for certain if youre insane or not without knowing the price.

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