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  1. Pretty disappointing showing. Seems the 6.6 gas is really crippled without the 10 speed and/or 4.10's.
  2. Mobil1 runs a promo twice a year or so for $11 rebates on 5 gallon jugs of synthetic at Walmart which are usually $22.
  3. Where in the world are you getting these numbers from? $68 dollars an hour? Legacy workers max out around $40/hr and the post-2007 workers max out around $30. So $60-80k. New hires start at a measly $17/hr.
  4. So do the guys who think UAW workers are overpaid at $70k also think Mary Barra is overpaid making $21M?
  5. It's kinda absurd how big these trucks have gotten lol. I mean just look at the tailgate height compared to the windshield of the 1500 behind it.
  6. Lmao. This is so outlandish. You are talking about a full body on frame vehicle that can carry 1500-2000lbs or payload and can tow anywhere from 9-11k lbs. What would you call 3/4 tons of the 90's then? Since those are basically the same towing and hauling ratings. It says right in the ad that truck was a loaner truck. Lol
  7. The L86 and L87 are actually 11.5:1. One of the tuners here on the forum, I believe it was blackbear, stated that in data logging even the 5.3 at 11.0:1 compression ratio had significant knock retard running 87.
  8. Man that is a huge bummer! I feel your pain. I hope the dealer is competent and gets it figured out for you!
  9. A 50 mile snippet of intrtestate driving is not representative of real world gas mileage hand calculated at the pump.
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