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  1. Wondering if the 6.2 will be detuned to run on 87 or 89 for the masses in these lower trim level trucks? 🤔 It’s about damn time though. GM has had this card in their back pocket for years waiting to play it. I wonder if this is an emergency knee jerk reaction to their slowing sales on the T1?
  2. Tundra TRD Pro vs. AT4 vs. Raptor

    Ok, I’ll ask.. how did you fit in a 4th gen f-body at 6’8” 350lbs? Lol
  3. Oil Change - Dealership vs DIY

    That's another great point. Well said.
  4. Oil Change - Dealership vs DIY

    Then I know it's done right and it's nice to get under the truck and keep an eye on things.
  5. Oil Change - Dealership vs DIY

    For me it boils down to time. I can change it in leas than an hour in my driveway while my son is outside playing vs wasting half of my day off sitting in the service department waiting room watching the price is right and days of our lives.
  6. You have a 2nd model year truck that you have had some issues with, and you want to trade for a first year, ground-up redesign??? Man, some guys are just gluttons for punishment.
  7. Silverado vs Tundra

    Hmm interesting. I've never heard of 5.7 tundras beating 16 or 17 mpg.
  8. Silverado vs Tundra

    I wouldn't be so sure about any first-year model having "good" resale value. Do 2014 Silverados have good resale value?
  9. Silverado vs Tundra

    Exactly. And if you extrapolate that 14mpg vs 20 mpg out over 100k miles @ 3 bucks a gallon, that's $6400 difference.
  10. Silverado vs Tundra

    I love how the prices of the Tundras have climbed right beside all of the other 1/2 tons when all of the other ones have been updated and remodeled. The Tundra is literally a 13 yr old design with a mid-cycle refresh 6 yrs ago. And Toyota has the audacity to charge $55k for the same truck they charged $35k for back in '07. Problem is, the Toyota kool-aid drinkers keep buying em so theyll keep charging that. I get it if you value reliability. However, the discount up front on domestics coupled with the fuel saved over 100k miles vs the abysmal tundra mpg can pay for a lot of repairs over the years.
  11. Getting a buick as a loaner is hugely disappointing. I guess that's where it's simply a dealer by dealer basis, because mine gave me a Silverado loaner, no questions asked.
  12. Strong nay. Super tacky.

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