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  1. All a cold air intake is gonna give you is a little more noise. Any power gains is pure placebo.
  2. Yes 305s will fit fine on a 9 inch wheel
  3. For "old" trucks on the road here in the Midwest, (say >10yo and >100k mi) there are a ton of gmt800's still around. 2nd is probably the 02-08 rams with rust over the rear wheel wells lol. Hardly see any of the round body style f150s around here (97-03)
  4. I have a little bit of curb rash on one of my 22" denali wheels courtesy of my wife in a drive thru that I would like to get cleaned up. I know there are a million different shades of hypersilver and anthracite. Does anyone know of a good match that they have used before I have to guess and check? These are the wheels
  5. Yikes. My 17 with 43k miles has about 10% of that rust and I live in the rust belt.
  6. Not anymore!! Finally, another option for us with 22s lol. Looking strongly at these- anyone have em in the stock 285/45/22 size yet? Wondering how they look with the narrower sidewall and the tread depth is only 12/32" instead of 18/32
  7. 2014 Denali does not have Magneride? Interesting, I did not know that.
  8. Every tire increases in pressure with road heat. You are supposed to set pressures cold, and that's what the numbers on the door jamb sticker correlate to. OP, for a load range e tire like that i would start at 45psi and go from there depending on your ride quality.
  9. 8 speed. I do get the harsh 1-2 upshift and harsh 3-2 downshift sometimes as well.
  10. My clunk is most certainly in the actual shift to 5th. Not driveline slop. It almost kinda sounds like someone who isn't smooth driving a manual trans.
  11. Ever since my truck was new, it has always had a clunk shifting into 5th gear at light throttle at neighborhood speeds right at 24-25 mph. It is more pronounced when cold and less intrusive when the truck and trans fluid warms up. I can drive around it somewhat if I am heavier on the gas (>2k rpms at the 4-5 shift point.) I've had the valve body replaced for other reasons. It was done in 2018 before the new mobil 1 atf. This 5th gear clunk has always been there before the dealer did trans work. Wondering if the new fluid would help me or if a hard relearn would help? Anyone else have this clunk?
  12. Buddy of mine swapped out his stock halogens for a set of aftermarket hid's. Cheap china bombs off of Amazon. I believe 55w. They ran fine off of the battery and never thought to check with the ignition on. Now when the truck is started up, they flicker a few times and then kick out. Meanwhile, the tail lights stay on. I'm guessing it has either something to do with the DRL power draw on the hid's? Or they are drawing too much power and the BCM is not happy and kicking out? Anybody have any first hand experience?
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