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  1. I never understood the allure of these. Does it really take that much time to grab a wrench and remove a bolt? Lol
  2. Lower payments but for how many more mos??? Payment shoppers are a stealership's wet dream.
  3. Hand calculate your gas mileage at the pump and i bet you will be surprised. My DIC reads 10% optimistic. So if it says i got 22, i get around 20 hand calculated. Reads 8-10% optimistic like clockwork.
  4. ^this. Salt, pebbles, dirt all sit on the fender well lip. Important to keep those clean.
  5. I would be more worried about mexico than the brakes
  6. Im thinking a loaded denali crew cab is gonna weigh in close to 5800 lbs. With a tonneau cover and tools and whatever else you keep in the truck, in the real world it will probably tip the scales at close to 6000 lbs without a driver. At 7600, you are over the truck's GVWR which I believe is 7200.
  7. It's easy enough for me to fillip at >1/8 or 1/4. I've never seen the low fuel light and i like my fuel pump.
  8. The Range AFM disabler defeats the V4 mode, but lots of people get codes running it and it also has a parasitic drain on your battery if you dont drive your truck every day. Another option(for in town at least) is to drive in manual mode and limit the highest gear to 7th. That will defear the AFM.
  9. I saw that too. Mr Truck was crawling under one truck looking for a DEF tank and he said he thought the frame was wax coated because he had some grease smears on his shirt.
  10. Mods literally add ZERO to resale value. And in some cases, even deter dealers from wanting them depending how extreme the mods are.
  11. Torque isnt up 5 on the 6.2. It's actually down 10. Weird. Eventually there has to be an end in sight for the power wars. Power numbers have to plateau and hit a ceiling sooner or later. Maybe this is it.
  12. Rule #1 about dealerships... do not believe anything a salesman says. They are beyons clueless about their own product they sell.
  13. If you need to go thru all of the hassle of selling a spare only to replace it with a cheaper steel wheel with a used tire, to maybe net 100 bucks, you probably shouldn't have bought a $45k truck.

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