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  1. I’m at ~135k on my 2014. Only major thing I’ve had done was had to have the AC condenser replaced at 58k and 130k. No engine work at all.
  2. AFM disabled for the majority of the miles, though I did re-enable it on a trip back from Louisiana just to see how much of a difference it made with my fuel consumption. I’ve also had a Diablew tune on it since about 37000 miles on it. No major issues at all!
  3. I’m just sitting at just below 130k on my 2014 purchased in October of 2014 with 127 miles on it.
  4. Had to do both side upper and lower ball joints, around 105k, but no wheel bearings yet.
  5. They’re definitely a wrap. They look decent in person, saw a couple different colors at rosedale chev in Minneapolis.
  6. Replacing the one bad one resolved my issue. I did however have to go through the whole process of troubleshooting.
  7. I had issues after about a year of having the 55w HIDs in my silverado. One ballast knocked out both sides. Got it replaced and then was trouble free for about 2 years. Decided to swap out the ballasts to D2S ballasts so I didn’t have an extra cable in there, and had nothing but issues with the D2S ballasts. Swapped them back out for the AMP ballasts and have had no issues for 6 months.
  8. https://support.google.com/androidauto/forum/AAAA6SY52nI-SmbxDJaydc/?hl=en maybe this?
  9. I did have Projector retrofits done. Much better light output in my opinion than the stock projectors.
  10. I had mine done on my 14, and they definitely had to cut the dust cap. Ended up ordering the extended dust caps off of shapeways and drilled a hole through them.
  11. I believe OP stated he had a Silverado, which does not use one bulb for low/high beam.
  12. They don’t keep them in stock. In other words, once the order is placed, they’ll make them and ship them out. They’re quite sturdy, can get them in different colors too if you’re into that.
  13. Well, I commented on one thread just like this at while back. I’m in a 14 Silverado and have around 105,100 on it. Have had very few issues, radiator and AC compressor replaced under warranty, as well as the haptic seat sensors and my passenger side mirror. Otherwise, I’ve had no issues.
  14. Not entirely sure of the weather where you are, however, I’m in Minnesota, and my sensors are fairly useless during the winter with all the snow and slush that get kicked up on the bumper. When they defrost it’s fine, but as soon as they freeze up again, they’re done for.
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