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  1. Yeah, they’re supposed to be serviced every 50k. I didn’t do it, so I’m replacing them entirely. Also, I really don’t know how to do so, so just going to replace them. I also don’t have the tools or know how to remove the struts shocks to rebuild them, and not paying someone to do it every year and a half or so.
  2. I think it rides great, definitely better then it rode stock.
  3. I love mine, got well over 100k on them before they started leaking. Will be replacing them in the near future with the same things. can’t speak for the Bilsteins.
  4. Zone should be able to help you out if you reach out to them. Having said that, it looks like with a 20x9 with 5.75” of backspacing, you should be able to fit a 35x12.5 tire, according to their website.
  5. So, after talking to Zone, I ended up ordering their UCAs. They say they’ll work with my setup and I shouldn’t have any issues. Now to wait on my buddy to be able to install everything.
  6. Ah gotcha. I’m probably going to order these this week. Need to get my upper/lower taken care of and all my shocks replaced.
  7. How many miles you got on those? I drive about 35k a year.
  8. I’ve narrowed down what UCAs will work for my application to DirtKing and Ready Lift, both companies have responded and said they’ll work for me without rubbing. For reference, 2014 1500 Fox 2.0 Coilovers, a 20x9 +12 and 275/60/20. Anyone able to offer any experience with either of these?
  9. Hmm, reached out to Kryptonite and they said I’ll rub with my setup. I’m running 20x9 +12 wheels and a 275/60/20 tire. Fox 2.0 Struts. They suggested wheels with more back spacing, or spacers, which I don’t want to do. Anyone know if I’ll run into the same issue with Cognitos? Or for that matter, if there are UCAs that I won’t have issues with? Can always go with the stock UCAs I suppose
  10. So, ultimately I decided to go with the same setup for struts and shocks. Fox 2.0 coil overs and 2.0 on the rear. Should I swap my UCA for something after market, or stick with OEM and upgrade the ball joint? Should I replace the LCA, or upgrade the lower ball joint? Angles aren’t bad, but they’re also not the stock angle.
  11. Run what the tire manufacturer recommends.
  12. Yeah, I need to figure that part out I suppose. Probably going to need to reach out to the manufacturers to see what will work.
  13. Thanks. Now I’m kind of looking at different UCAs, but still thinking the same struts. Glad to get some recent feedback regarding the shocks/struts!
  14. Other than the UCA issue, how do you like the Eibachs? Debating on those with some Motofab UCAs.
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