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  1. If I’m not mistaken, changing the ringer volume on your phone also makes a difference.
  2. I’ve used it to charge batteries for my cordless drills, works perfectly.
  3. I can’t speak of the Toyos or the LTX, however, I can say something regarding the Dynapros. I had them for 52k on my ‘14. I liked them the first winter but hated them the second. While I had enough tread to probably go a third winter, I couldn’t get them off the truck fast enough. They felt like they had 0 grip after that first winter.
  4. I’m afraid to try the RC-11 from my first experience with the Hankooks. It really is a shame as I liked them the first winter I had them. I’m starting to lean towards the Michelin Defender LTX M/S for my truck, even though I know it won’t “look” as cool. Lol
  5. Yeah, I’ve actually got a custom tune on it currently.
  6. Haven’t entirely decided yet to be 100% honest. Not sure if I want to go with another AT tire like the GY Ultraterrain from Discount Tire, or with Michelin defender Ltx m/s. My current size is 275/60/20. While I can fit a 275/65/20 easily, not sure I want to add that much weight on each corner.
  7. I realize it’s rated at 50k, but I started having issues last year...nowhere near 50k. oddly enough, a few of the reviews I had read on them originally was that they sucked for a few people during their second winter.
  8. So, I’m currently in the process of looking at tires, and this is just my experience with the RF10s. they were great the first winter I had them, then last winter, they started to slip fairly easily. This winter, I’m replacing them, and won’t go with another set of them. Dealer says they’re still at 8/32, but I’m starting to even slip easily in this rain we’ve had the last couple of days. I definitely do not feel comfortable with another winter on them. having said that, I’ve got about 51k on them, and drive ~33k a year.
  9. The advisor told me they use a reman for replacement as well, though it’s possible I misunderstood lol
  10. I’m getting a remanufactured transmission with 3 yr unlimited mileage for 4500. Dealership wanted 5200.
  11. My truck has only towed a handful of times and My truck’s currently at the mechanic’s getting a new transmission at 142k.
  12. I’m at ~135k on my 2014. Only major thing I’ve had done was had to have the AC condenser replaced at 58k and 130k. No engine work at all.
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