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  1. Check out custom wheel offset’s website, you can put in parameters and see pics people have uploaded.
  2. Believe it’s a menu setting. There are a few vies you can set it as.
  3. What kind of mileage are you getting out of them, or haven’t had them on long enough to tell?
  4. Need to do rotors/pads on my 2014 Silverado 1500. Can’t have the rotors turned, as that got done first time around by the dealer. Going to learn how to do them with a buddy of mine that used to wrench. Anyway, if this has been asked (and answered) I apologize, but couldn’t seem to find anything regarding longevity of the Power Stop kits. Got nearly 100k out of the OEM brakes the first time, a little less the second time around. I drive a lot, around 35k a year, so don’t want to be replacing brakes frequently. My head is spinning with all the different pads/rotor options
  5. Aren’t these trucks supposed to use 0-20?
  6. anyone have any experience with this oil? Seems like a great deal.
  7. I got about 150k out of them, and yes, I know, thanks.
  8. Had to replace shocks all around, as well as upper and lower control arms. New set of Fox 2.0 struts, AC Delco lower control arms and Zone Off-road upper control arms. Replaced the rears with Fox 2.0 shocks as well. Had the same shocks struts before, and finally need to replace them. Shock fluid on the floor is from the previous set.
  9. Yeah, they’re supposed to be serviced every 50k. I didn’t do it, so I’m replacing them entirely. Also, I really don’t know how to do so, so just going to replace them. I also don’t have the tools or know how to remove the struts shocks to rebuild them, and not paying someone to do it every year and a half or so.
  10. I think it rides great, definitely better then it rode stock.
  11. I love mine, got well over 100k on them before they started leaking. Will be replacing them in the near future with the same things. can’t speak for the Bilsteins.
  12. Zone should be able to help you out if you reach out to them. Having said that, it looks like with a 20x9 with 5.75” of backspacing, you should be able to fit a 35x12.5 tire, according to their website.
  13. So, after talking to Zone, I ended up ordering their UCAs. They say they’ll work with my setup and I shouldn’t have any issues. Now to wait on my buddy to be able to install everything.
  14. Ah gotcha. I’m probably going to order these this week. Need to get my upper/lower taken care of and all my shocks replaced.
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