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  1. Update the lifter was loose, no damage done to the cam literally changed the oil added some additive in with the oil that apparently helps with lifters. Idk if this additive is godly like or what, but we ran it a little bit hooked up a tuner to turn off the afm ****ed with oil pressure and boom no more knoocking and the lifter is back in place. Idk wtf happened or how it happened but im fully deleting the afm system garbage. And of course it was the cylinder that deactivates that was ****ed up
  2. I just dont trust most dealers around where i live, most dont know what they are doing. Theyll just end up throwing a jasper in it or putting in parts that it really doesnt need. I have some backround doing mechanical work but the 5.3s im not familiar with. I have a buddy who use to work for chevorlet and we are gonna start to tear it apart tomorrow and try to figure it out. We are both thinking its a lifter or maybe a rod. It just has this ignorant tick, not just the 5.3 tick , when i accelerate it sounds like im a ****ing spaceship lol. I ordered the service manual that has all diagnostics, but i also dont think its misfiring i didnt read a misfiring code, just a knock sensor malfunction code, and yea sadly im out of warranty by 10k miles, decided not to take the extended warranty but im sure gm would try to figure a way of making me pay some kind of money even with exenteded warranty. but fingers crossed its nothing too serious .
  3. Just noticed a very loud ticking noise thats hitting the check engine light and a Knock sensor malfunction code, somewhat expierenced in these engines think it could be a lifter but not sure please help only at 70k miles, heres a video of the ticking and or knocking let me know if anyone has experienced this
  4. How is the ride with those shocks?
  5. Currently have factory ranchos on my 2017 z71, have been thinking about upgrading to the fox 2.0 rear shocks. Has anyone had these shocks or have them? Are they worth the money over another set of ranchos or blistens?
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