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  1. Leaving this here in case it may help anyone. Some lessons have to be learned the hard way. So installed everything this weekend and while clearances were close I thought it would be ok, didnt take into account full tilt turn under load. Needless to say I now have a set of Kryptonite UCA's sitting in the garage with new factory replacements on the truck for now. What I have learned from a lot of reading and what not after the fact is that most UCA's require a backspace on the wheels of 4.5". I could have done 1/2" hub/wheel centric spacers I would have a fight with where I got my tires as they will not service a vehicle with spacers on it. So I will probably buy new tires and wheels next time I have to replace my UCA's which honestly if like my previous ones may be 80K+ or if I convince myself to do a lift. May sell them still up in the air. That said the suspension definitely takes bumps better i.e. speed bumps at speed used to jar the truck now feel pretty smooth, no body roll in cornering that I did have, etc... after replacing LBJ, UCA, and struts alignment was only off on 2 parameters by an .# degree. That surprised me. If you want to keep factory wheels it seems cognito is one of the only ones that was designed with this in mind. I choose the kryptonite based on feedback from those with lifts greater than 3" still like then and the angles looked good. but just not what I need right now.
  2. As for what else was done I have aluminum lower control arms and replaced the lower ball joint with the Moog-K500245, this was a little work to swap but not bad.
  3. That is a very valid concern as it is not tire rub it is rim rub, dealing with this now. The cognito's state they will work with factory wheels but I dont have experience there. I just put on an Eibach E80-23-006-02-22 suspension kit at lowest setting so 2.5" lift and did the kryptonite UCA's after talking with kryptonite support. I was hesitant to go with it then pulled the trigger now I wish I would have waiting longer for better answers. Long story short I am probably going to have to eat the expense on the kryptonites since I have new tires Michelin Defender(stock size) and wanted to stay with factory wheels. The options I have as I see it are new wheels, possibly a 1/2" hub/wheel centric spacer but the issue there is tire place wont touch with spacer, or order new control arms. I am usually pretty good on research and getting my ducks in a row so I am a little pissed at myself here. Also it is a holiday weekend so getting answers is a PITA.
  4. So went ahead and ordered the Kryptonite UCA's, Cam bolts, tie rod ends, etc... and the Eibach Pro Truck Stage 1 kit. I appreciate the responses, but Again it is a budget build and will do more than it will be asked for. As stated not looking for a high end lift for a level with decent ride on factory wheels and tires.
  5. Yeah Kryptonite stated rub may occur at full tilt as I said in the first post. I really like their offering but also would prefer the Cognito's claim of no rub with factory wheels and tires. My assumption is the rub for the Kryptonites are tire and not wheel. Also made the decision to go with the Eibach Pro-Truck Stage 1 kit for suspension.
  6. So to start with the truck is a 2014 1500 Z71 with 20" factory wheels and tire size and leveled(2.25" I believe). I bought it this way and had no real complaints but the ball joints are starting to give signs of needing replacing. I hold on to vehicles for the long haul, last was totaled by another driver or I would have still been in it. I personally havent had complaints on the ride maybe I was used to my other truck but never had anyone who rode with me complain either 97% of my driving is on paved roads. The plan is to replace the UCA with either Cognito or Kryptonite(doing this for ease of maintenance), replace the lower ball joint with a moog problem solver for the aluminum arm, and upgrade/replace the struts(still have some life but why not while I am here). Noting I am torn on the strut/shock upgrade as well but that is not the focus of this post. Seriously considering keeping the spacer that is on it and going with the 4600's since I dont offroad or really drive rough roads but also considering the Bilstein 5100's or possibly the RS9000 quicklift, for my use I am looking to stay around $400 here for the front. There are tons of threads here on most of these topics, but most are people looking to upgrade wheels or tires. I am trying to see who on here has upgraded the UCA's and stayed with factory wheels and tires and not had issues. Cognito says it will work with factory tires and wheels and Kryptonite says they should but will more than likely rub at full tilt. Does anyone have any experience here or pics to show clearances? I know these two are close and will give a nod to Kryptonite and probably to that way if I knew how bad the rub is etc...
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