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  1. I did the same. I'd say it took care of about 95% of the flex. Does yours still flex a little? Like more on the opposite side of the screw?
  2. So my alignment guy changed my caster on my 2018 4x4 Sierra. I have the 5100 leveling shocks and he as my caster a 2.7 on the left and 3.3 on the right. It seems to drive okay. Can I move that cam bolt back a little myself with out affecting toe? I can see the witness mark of where it used to be.
  3. looks like your thread got off topic; sorry! I was also looking into this. I'm running 5100 on the third setting. I don't think we have any option other than stock. Most are for 2.5" of lift or more. The angle of the ball joint won't be correct. I only was looking into this b/c I wanted to add a greaseable ball joint; I don't like the ones that come from the factory with no zerk fittings.
  4. seems to be a common issue even with the colorados and canyons.
  5. everything worked - just the back lights would flicker or stay off. Such a chintzy design. All the lights still work on my 06 Yukon with 160,000 miles.
  6. replaced control with a new GM one from ebay $100.00 shipped. Although my truck is still under warranty, I'm sure the dealer would have broken a few of the clips that hold the aluminum bezel around the center stack. They "love" warranty work. That trim was a ****** to take off with out breaking/bending! My old part was 84258726 the new part is the same with the last digit being a 9. As I'm sure, that in two years, this will happen again, I'm sending my old part to 1mr.repairman so he can replace all the led lights with quality parts and i will swap it back in when the new GM one goes on
  7. yah - my truck is still under the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty. I bought a new control unit for 95.00 shipped from ebay. I don't trust the shoddy techs ripping my aluminum trim off and the center screen to get the controls out; I'd rather do it myself! From what I've read it's pretty common, so I'm sure my new part will only do it again. I plan on shipping my old part out to a guy I know that can solder in new replacement led lights.
  8. I always thought those were only put on at the factory and usually pried out after a camber caster alignment. Those have been of my 2006 GMC yukon for quite some time, at least the last 75,000 miles, and I've never had a problem. I also do quite a few trail runs and off roading adventures. I just had one removed off my 2018 4wd Sierra. Do you have a link to the oem GM style ones?
  9. I bought those same tires for my 06 Yukon 4x4 and they are the best SUV/Truck tires I've owned. I'm going to buy a set for my 2018 Sierra. On my yukon I have roughly 40K on them and they still look brand new. They work great off road and the truck handles the turns great on dry pavement. Cooper Discoverer AT3
  10. Thanks! Figured it was normal; just wanted to confirm the regulator was not out of adjustment.
  11. afternoon bump. Can someone please confirm? I'm pretty sure that's just the way it is.
  12. I noticed my factory rear slider on my 2018 falls about 1/4 inch of opening all the way - normal? I've included a pict.
  13. The metal is too thin. I put a dent on my cab trying to remove a bird poop stain with some light pressure and polishing compound. And since I live in Northern CA, my truck is always covered in ash from the fires. I was trying to thoroughly wash the top of my crew cab. Standing in the bed, I reached over the back window to try and wash the cab and with my left arm I very lightly supported my self on the angled rails of the cab. Guess what? A large shallow dent! Needleless to say I got pissed and worked at them for an hour or so with several orange harbor freight suction cups. I pulled
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