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  1. Keep in mind that they do not offer a power slider with the defogger grids so you will loose that option. I looked into that before I bought the GM one. Not having the defogger was a downgrade for me in Northern CA. Why not buy a used overhead console from ebay?
  2. Check the part numbers at the dealer. You can't believe everything on those internet sites; especially GM parts direct. They are a good guide, but nothing more. This is how I bought the wrong trim plate cover for my 2018. It was only a 25.00 part that I ordered at my dealer using the part number I got off of GM parts direct. Turned out it was NOT for the 2018 as listed. 84392225 is the one you need. I also have a sunroof. I got that number cross referencing a number I saw on a picture of the overhead console for sale on ebay with the correct wire harness. As far as the window I bought a new GM one on ebay for 800.00 free shipping. let me know if you need more help.
  3. the black one on the left, farthest away from your Bose amp, is the plug for the power motor. Buy the window with the regulator in place, then just buy the motor. The motor bolts to the raised boss you see; the large circle. Once you get the motor with bracket you will see where you need to mount the studs or drill holes to bolt it in place. Google "silverado rear power sliding window motor" to get images of where it should be installed for reference. Here is what you need: 23443944 passenger side fuse block with needed relays for open/close of rear window. 84392225 console wiring harness with plug for rear window switch. 22774498 rear window slider switch. You will need to order the trim panel for your overhead console depending on color and year to accept the rear slider switch. Be careful! 2014-2017 use a larger trim panel. 2018 uses a smaller one to incorporate the larger sun glass holder. You will also need to buy the lower garnish trim under the window and the corner one for the passenger side only. If you have a sunroof then you probably DON'T have to run the 12vlt power wire and the two trigger wires down to your driver's side fuse block and the junction block AKA trailer brake control box. Please let me know if you need further help. You can also email Mike [email protected] for some additional info. He is a very nice gentleman that talked me through all the steps I needed to do.
  4. Just do what I did. All you need is the right side fuse block for trucks with the power slider, a new upper console wire harness that is applicable to the slider and any other options you currently have, a new trim plate that will support the rear slider switch, the rear window and the power window motor. You may, or may not have to, run three wires down to you brake controller junction block and driver's side fuse block. These are the open and close signal and 12vlt power. I did not have to do this as my truck had the correct harness, this was most likely because I have a sunroof and the noise cancellation options. Just make sure you have the back seats and garnish moldings off when you go to install the rear window. Let me know if you need help with any thing else or part numbers.
  5. Most shops shy away from installing something that was not originally installed from the factory. Most people that have done this mod do all the work themselves with the exception of installing the window it self. My glass shop did NOT want to install mine saying the truck was not set up for it. When I pressed them on the matter, they said the whole rear seat and interior has to come out. and they did not want to get involved. When I let them know that I had removed all that myself, they went ahead and did it for me. 60.00 to remove the old glass and 60.00 to install the new GM one. If your truck has a sunroof it is mostly plug n' play; at least it was for me in my 2018 SLT sierra.
  6. IDK???? 6.2 lt, Sunroof, heated and cooled seats, bose with console, 4x4, navigation, heated steering wheel. The only thing it does not have is the driver safety package which I don't care for. Happy with my new sliding rear window
  7. Yes, all factory. I only had to add the fuse block on passenger side, along with the short console wire harness. The harness going down to the driver fuse block and junction block had the needed trigger wires and power wire. I think having the sunroof and noise cancellation gave me the needed harness. Of course I bought the console trim panel and switch. I have to give credit to Mike (mkwambold) for all the help and encouragement.
  8. Nice! I installed the GM power slider in my uplevel 2018 SLT. It was pretty much plug n play. Did you have to drill holes through the cab to mount the power slider motor? I did not have the threaded studs in place.
  9. Thanks. Yah, my 06 Yukon has it on the lower seat cushion also. It's kind of neat. It brings the edges of the seat closer to your hips. I guess they call it lower thigh support? Here is an explanation from the 06 manual Thanks for the replies. lumbar.pdf
  10. so it sounds like it is indeed an option. I thought my SLT with memory seats and heated and cooled would have this. Guess I got gypped.
  11. I could have sworn my 2018 SLT had dual lumbar adjustments for the back and and seat pad just like my 2006 Yukon. However, today I went to adjust it and realized I only have lumbar adjustments for the back and not the seat cushion. Is this right?
  12. Can you help out by giving a little explanation about what you did?
  13. What do you guys think of drilling a small hole through the rubber and the plastic bushing and then adding a zerk fitting? If I recall the bushing has grooves in it. When you pump the grease it will be forced around those grooves making a tight seal once again. The synthetic grease I used is form an old tube my parts man gave me like 15 years ago. It is industrial and very stick like chewing gum so in bonds to just about anything. It is rated for high temps, shocks and resits washout.
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