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  1. Took me a while to get back. Problem Solved. The center bottom blend valve had gotten out of time. Disconnected the battery, waited 10 minutes, hook the battery back up, and when I turned the key to on the valve recalibrated and works normally now
  2. 2014 GMC Sierra SLT I have very low air flow out of my passenger side vents. Doesn't change when I change fan speed. Drivers side works as advertised. Has dual side controls. Ideas?
  3. I have a 2014 Summit White that is peeling as well. Same spot on both rear doors and dead center of the cab about 2 inches back from the windshield. Several small places on the front end but I have not ruled out rock chips for these.
  4. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra Crewcab with a ZONE 4.5" lift running on the stock snowflakes w/ 275/60R20's K02's. I am needing a new set of tires and I am looking at 2 different sizes: 275/65R20 & 285/65R20. I am going to continue to use the stock wheels. I know that i can run the 275/65 with no issues but what about the 285/65?
  5. Now that I have gotten my lift installed, I am looking for honest opinions on tire size. I own a 2014 GMC Sierra crew cab with a ZONE 4.5" lift running on the stock 20" snowflake wheel w/ 275/60R20 K02's tires. Needing a set of tires and trying to decide on a tire size while keeping my stock wheel. I have narrowed my choices to one these 2: 275/65R20 or 285/65R20. My truck is a daily driver that I lifted mainly for looks and will not see heavy off road use.
  6. This is my experience with the transmission in my 2014 SLT 4X4 I purchased in January. This truck had 112,900 miles when I purchased it and at 119,500 miles the transmission was burnt up. I suspect it was bad when I bought the truck I just missed it. It was not acting up as you would suspect but it was showing some signs. The biggest tell was slipping under heavy acceleration. I had purchased a powertrain warranty which put my cost at 149.99 to have it replaced. Now the transmission is covered by a 36mo/100000ml gm warranty.
  7. Nice Ride! Where did you put the 1.5" spacers?
  8. Thanks for the replies. Decided to change them and went with OEM Monroes
  9. I am going to have a 4.5 lift put on my truck Friday. Should I replace my struts while they have it apart. This is on a 2014 Sierra SLT Z71 4x4 with 120,000 miles
  10. When it comes to lifts which is a better option and why? I am looking at a 3.5 Rough Country kit and it comes either way, users option. Still trying to decide which route to go and want to get it right the first time
  11. I know this subject has been beaten to death but I am looking for opinions. I recently purchased a 2014 GMC 4 door 4x4 and I am wanting to lift it. The look that I am after is for stance on the road with lite off road. For now i want to maintain my stock 20" wheels. I am thinking 4 - 5"inch is what will work best for me. I want a kit that will maintain ride but not break the bank as well. Any suggestions?
  12. I recently purchased a 2014 GMC Sierra SLT and replacing the radio and dash cluster was the first thing that I did. I ordered my components from WAMS and within a week they where at my door. Installation was about as seemless as it gets. The only complaint that I have, which is out of WAMS control, is with the BOSE radio and not having sound adjustments other than the basics: Base, Mid, Treble
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