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  1. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra Crewcab with a ZONE 4.5" lift running on the stock snowflakes w/ 275/60R20's K02's. I am needing a new set of tires and I am looking at 2 different sizes: 275/65R20 & 285/65R20. I am going to continue to use the stock wheels. I know that i can run the 275/65 with no issues but what about the 285/65?
  2. Now that I have gotten my lift installed, I am looking for honest opinions on tire size. I own a 2014 GMC Sierra crew cab with a ZONE 4.5" lift running on the stock 20" snowflake wheel w/ 275/60R20 K02's tires. Needing a set of tires and trying to decide on a tire size while keeping my stock wheel. I have narrowed my choices to one these 2: 275/65R20 or 285/65R20. My truck is a daily driver that I lifted mainly for looks and will not see heavy off road use.
  3. This is my experience with the transmission in my 2014 SLT 4X4 I purchased in January. This truck had 112,900 miles when I purchased it and at 119,500 miles the transmission was burnt up. I suspect it was bad when I bought the truck I just missed it. It was not acting up as you would suspect but it was showing some signs. The biggest tell was slipping under heavy acceleration. I had purchased a powertrain warranty which put my cost at 149.99 to have it replaced. Now the transmission is covered by a 36mo/100000ml gm warranty.
  4. Nice Ride! Where did you put the 1.5" spacers?
  5. Thanks for the replies. Decided to change them and went with OEM Monroes
  6. I am going to have a 4.5 lift put on my truck Friday. Should I replace my struts while they have it apart. This is on a 2014 Sierra SLT Z71 4x4 with 120,000 miles
  7. When it comes to lifts which is a better option and why? I am looking at a 3.5 Rough Country kit and it comes either way, users option. Still trying to decide which route to go and want to get it right the first time
  8. I know this subject has been beaten to death but I am looking for opinions. I recently purchased a 2014 GMC 4 door 4x4 and I am wanting to lift it. The look that I am after is for stance on the road with lite off road. For now i want to maintain my stock 20" wheels. I am thinking 4 - 5"inch is what will work best for me. I want a kit that will maintain ride but not break the bank as well. Any suggestions?
  9. I recently purchased a 2014 GMC Sierra SLT and replacing the radio and dash cluster was the first thing that I did. I ordered my components from WAMS and within a week they where at my door. Installation was about as seemless as it gets. The only complaint that I have, which is out of WAMS control, is with the BOSE radio and not having sound adjustments other than the basics: Base, Mid, Treble
  10. Thanks for the replies. I am going to have someone take a look at it
  11. I recently purchase a 2014 GSM Sierra 5.3L and the engine is extremely noisey. From what I have been told I am hearing a combination of noise coming from the oil pump(sounds like a whining power steering pump) and the ticking of the high pressure fuel pump. Is there any thing that can be done to quiet them. Trucks sounds like a diesel at idle.
  12. Tryin to contact you but will not go through

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      Contact me at HarnessDR.com

  13. I looked at several diagrams and I believe this is a plug and play swap. The gauges are routed through the logic side of the ECM and the volt and oil both have sensors already installed on the block. Thanks for the reply
  14. The electrical power management (EPM) system is designed to monitor and control the charging system and send diagnostic messages to alert the driver of possible problems with the battery and generator. This EPM system primarily utilizes existing on-board computer capability to maximize the effectiveness of the generator, to manage the load, improve battery state-of-charge and life, and minimize the system's impact on fuel economy. The EPM system performs 3 functions: • It monitors the battery voltage and estimates the battery condition. • It takes corrective action
  15. There is a code somewhere, there is always a code somewhere. Yep there is a code...really? Back to the original question; who has experienced this issue and what did you do to fix?
  16. I have a 2007 (new body) which has a basic gauge cluster installed; Tach, speedo, gas, and temp. I want to upgrade to a cluster that includes a volt and oil pressure gauge. Is this a plug and play upgrade? Are these wires included in my current wiring harness even though I do not have them in my cluster now?
  17. I did not get a check engine light so there should be no code. This is a puzzling problem. I do not feel that my alternator is bad. We have a company in town who rebuilds alternator so I will take it and have it bench checked. What is the 3 wire plug attached to the ground wire between the battery and chassis grounding point?
  18. I own a 2007 Silverado and I have been getting the message " Service Battery Charging System" along with the red battery display. This comes and goes but I have not noticed any performance lose. Another odd thing is that my lights flicker when they are own and the truck is idleing. I checked the alternator output and it reads between 12.2 - 13.8 depending on the load ie... lights on, high beams on, AC running, cooling fans cycling etc. The battery reads 13.0 - 13.8 with truck running. I used a fluke meter for my voltage readings. Thanks in advance for advice
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