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  1. I do not they came in today and i did not have a chance to fully inspect them. They are just straight from fox. Should the spring rate be found on the spring?
  2. Thanks for these. I went with the fox 2.5s with DSCs and cognito UCAs for the front and fox 2.0s for the rears. They should be here this and week and hopefully have them installed in the next week or two. Just trying to get an idea of how much i needed to adjust before putting on or if i do when i get them in. I think only difference in our trucks is the max tow option
  3. @Madcow2020 mind posting a picture of how thread is showing on the front coilovers.
  4. Fox 2.5, Cognito, Results...

    did you get the 2.25in of level out of these? looks good! hoping this means mine will be showing up soon!!!
  5. WTS 2014-15 Silverado Head Lights

    pm sent
  6. WTS 2014-15 Silverado Head Lights

    if these are oem i'll take them for 100 shipped
  7. I just had this problem replaced ground cable, does not happen as often now. also google g218 and look into that. I havent had a chance to check that ground on mine.
  8. I keep the GB70 in the truck just in case. Amazon had a deal on these for black friday and picked one up for a around 150ish i believe. https://no.co/gb70
  9. Fox 2.5, Cognito, Results...

    I'm interested in this as well. Did you go with the 0-3in Fox's? I have them on order trying to find out what height they come preset at only looking to 2in to 2.25in
  10. I went with the Borla 40946 XR-1 muffler. removed the flapper valve. Has a nice deep rumble at startup and city driving. Can't tell its on there on the highway unless you are passing someone.
  11. FS: CC Custom 8" Sub Box, JL W3, & JL 250/1D

    Want. PM Sent
  12. Borla........Le Sigh

    I installed the borla xr-1 part number 40946. left the resonator and cut the flapper out it is very tame at crusing and has a nice deep sound at WOT.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Viair-00088-88P-Portable-Compressor/dp/B005ASY23I/ref=sr_1_6/141-5883293-3083330?ie=UTF8&qid=1542085079&sr=8-6&keywords=viair+air+compressor Bought this when i had my Rzr. keep it under the back seat use it more than i thought i would. saved me a few time with tractor flats. never had to use it on the truck tire tho
  14. This was the one i was going to go with, and last minute changed my mind and ordered a borla xr-1 sportsman p/n 40946. planning to leave the resonator on and removing the flapper valve. Hoping this will add a nice little rumble to it. planning on having my tune updated as well.

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