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  1. if it was a problem with the cam bolts they shouldve fixed it, when it was aligned. that is weird it sits a little lower on that one side
  2. PM me best price on the headers
  3. What kind of warranty did they give you with that sunroof? I thought most people in memphis used Dons Upholstery for sunroofs?
  4. on the 2015 silverado, if i do this upgrade without the denali cluster i lose the use of my steering wheel controls?
  5. may seem like a dumb question but after searching through fox i cant seem to find the answer. if i turn the blue adjuster to the left does that firm or soften the ride, same with the gold?
  6. I would take you up on that if you were closer! i'll get them on one day, hopefully work will slow down enough to get some time off
  7. Still haven't had a chance to install. Hopefully soon, I'm tired of looking at the boxes just sitting in my apartment.
  8. they are from a 2014 or 2015, i think the LTZ Z71 grille is slight different on the back
  9. I've got a set of the high country inserts. I tried putting these in my 15 LTZ z71 grille and it did not line up right. PM if interested
  10. I do not they came in today and i did not have a chance to fully inspect them. They are just straight from fox. Should the spring rate be found on the spring?
  11. Thanks for these. I went with the fox 2.5s with DSCs and cognito UCAs for the front and fox 2.0s for the rears. They should be here this and week and hopefully have them installed in the next week or two. Just trying to get an idea of how much i needed to adjust before putting on or if i do when i get them in. I think only difference in our trucks is the max tow option
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