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  1. Looking to see if anyone has had the problem where the truck (18' Gmc )feels like it vibrates after the gear has shifted and you stay on the gas and the truck vibrates at least more then once depending if your going up a slight hill on the road. I've felt that before but more of a jerking feeling on a Ford expedition but in that case it was misfire on I think 3 spark plugs. If this was the case on the 2018 GMC which by the way has been lifted on 9inces for over 2 years on 35in tires.
  2. Lol yesss that's the good bonus point! I can't upload the pic bc it's a big file but id more then welcome help anyone with problems.
  3. Yesss! I forgot to post until you just reminded me. Basically what I was doing wrong was I had to main connections which are the RCA wire's. I'll show you a pic in a minute. But the red RCA has a grey-front left speaker (+) and grey and black from right speaker (-) and the white RCA has the white-rear left speaker (+) and white and black - rear right speaker (-) . So with that being said . I clippied off those RCA's and just hooked up color to color but I only made to 2 main connections. That's why no sound. I was shorting out the lead out signal leads. So now I re-wired to where each wire is individually spliced I'll show you the different scenarios. Other then that. It's so worth it!
  4. So I hooked it all up but no sound came through my sub. My amp turned on... The Lp7-2 turned on but nothing. I have a feeling that the harness isn't clipping in all the way . I'll have to mess with it more twmorrow
  5. Hmmm. I'll have to look at it when I get my PAC LP7-2 to see if this makes more sense. Lol . Did you use the yellow wire as your Power turn on for you amp or some people call it the remote wire . Because I think the yellow wire is the constant 12v .
  6. Lol literally a just a wiring diagram of colors that aren't on my harness
  7. You can't call or sends you to a voice mail since "there working on so many orders" and don't want to stop production. They also say to text them but they haven't replied to me (texted weeks ago) there pretty strict. "if you call or text regarding why your order is taking so long you will get refunded and nothing will get shipped to you" haha crazy . I found out about all that thru there Facebook page.
  8. Amazon is delivering the PAC Lp7-2. Which I think is almost the same. High low converter. With The RCA hook up . My question really is I dont see the remote turn on wire. It may be the 12v constant yellow wire it has as part of the other 5 wires. I'll have to email them and seeHow they can help. Apparently it's only 6 friends that are making these harnneses all the way from Arizona.
  9. Well I saw you were talking to "ripinlip" or something like that about his t harness . I saw that and started talking to him but no response yet. They harness I ordered was the one with out the Lp7-2 (PAC) so there's 6 wires at the end of the plug and play ends . I'll show you
  10. Lol. I just have questions now on how to set it up.
  11. How did you hook up the t-harness. You didn't hook up 2 wires you said right? I'm guessing it's the yellow (12v constant) and the black Ground wire ? I just got my harness in today .
  12. Y'all guess what. My T harness finally came in after 5 weeks!
  13. The amp I want to use is a JL 500watt mono block. I think I might just order that t-harness from that website. It's like 50$. And run all that wiring back there . I think I can do it all my self instead of taking it to a shop. Last time I did that they charged out the ass for something I could of done. But that's how it goes. You pay for quality Lol which is what I got but I'm trying to see if there's anyone on here that has tried that method yet. Thanks for replying so quickly though!
  14. New to this forum. Im looking To add an amp and sub to my 2018 Sierra slt. With the Bose Audio. Now, I've seen on YouTube where this website LLJ customs makes this harness that seems to simple and just to good to be true. What It basically does is in the back seat your Bose audio amp There's three harnesses. You would unplug one Of the harnneses And plug and play the new harness to the harness you took off from the Bose amp and then the new t-harness would plug into The Bose amp. And what's left is your control wire that goes to your new amp and the rc cables and Bam that's all you do. Aside from running the power and ground to your amp that is. So my question is . Is there another way to do this like I've been told you can tap into the side doors in the back and do it like that? But I need more clarification or some steps on how some of you guys have done it.
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