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  1. Good. Here is an easy way to do it and how I did it. 1) Let the engine cool Down 2) Clamp the upper radiator hose going to the thermostat WITH HOSE CLAMPS (NOT VICE GRIPS) 3) Take off the hoses 4) Unscrew the bolts x3 5) Clean surface 6) Grease O-Ring and install 7) Tighten down (hand tight) 8 ) Re-Connect Hoses 9) Release Clamp 10) Fill reservoir uncapped 11) Let it run and do its work 12) Refill.
  2. Make sure its OEM. Are you getting just the thermostat or the entire housing?
  3. ITs the thermostat. had the same issues @ 62,****** on a 2016 5.3. Replaced it it under 20 mins and it was back to steady as a rock @ 210. its a lazy thermostat.
  4. Funny you say this. In the winter 73 used to be hot enough for me. I had to crank it to 77 to get hot.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I see what you are saying about it being a lazy thermostat. Since the truck has 64,****** on it i was going to replace it this weekend with an OEM thermostat housing. Just to air on the side of caution. Going to be hitting the beach soon and driving on it so i want to make sure my cooling system is OK as it gets 100+ where I am on the sand. Plus its a $30.00 part plus my time so why not. Its easy to change out from what i've seen
  6. Good Morning: About 5 months ago I noticed that my thermostat was not hitting 210 like it normally does under normal driving conditions. I popped the hood and noticed that the coolant reservoir was in the middle so i added coolant. Since then I've noticed that on normal driving it always hovers under 210 and doesn't hit 210 until I step on it. Any ideas?
  7. Morning, Background: 2016 Sierra AT Running 275/55R/20 Toyo AT2 Extreme 5100s @ highest setting The time is starting to come for me to purchase new rubber. My AT2s have 60,000 miles on them and still have 9/32" but are starting to show some dry rot in the 1st channel near the sidewall. I was looking at purchasing the new AT3s to replace them as my Toyos have been awesome but I know there are other ones out there that hold up just as well. Could i get some feedback and suggestions?
  8. Replaced the Cabin Air Filter with OEM filter Cleaned AFE Dry air filter. Noticed a bit of improvement. Last but not least is upgrading my tires to Toyo AT3 (currently riding on Toyo AT2).
  9. I have the Toyo AT2 Extreme and i love them. Going to be upgrading to At3 next month. FYI, I have 60,000 miles on mine and still have 9/32"
  10. Good Morning, Recently I've noticed my coolant temp is reading a hair below 210. When i "get on it' I notice it picks back up to 210 but drops once i let off. Coolant levels are OK. Any idea? for the longest time I recall it being rock steady at 210. Thanks!
  11. Hey everyone. pulled the trigger on 5100s for front and rear. My current set up is 275/55/20s with an RC 1.5 level. Hoping to Install on highest setting with level removed and I was wondering if I should be on?
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