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  1. Bring it in. There is Tech Bulletin for this, and they WILL fix it...Trust me.
  2. Carven Exhaust

    I LOVE IT. Sounds perfect on a nice cold morning
  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    Oh I know lol. Just debating Whether to hold out or just opt for the 5100s. I can easily get another 10-15K out of my current set up.
  4. Bilstein shocks thread

    So 6112 or just go 5100? Really tired of the ranchos ride and I’m sure my spacer doesn’t help.
  5. Bilstein shocks thread

    So 6112 or just go 5100? Really tired of the ranchos ride and I’m sure my spacer doesn’t help.
  6. Had the same problem. Replaced under warranty as the vacuum PSI was out of spec.
  7. 2016 GMC Sierra - Steering

    Will do. I have an oil change coming up soon so I will have the dealership check the tire rods while its still under warranty. After getting an alignment, I did notice this.
  8. Hello, So I've noticed that at certain speeds my power steering feels unstable/has a mind of its own. For example, if I am doing 70MPH going down a straight road, randomly it will want to turn right or left. I've also noticed this when I make a lane change. It wants to do more then I am inputting. Any chance this is related to the 14-15 steering issue?
  9. Happy Monday!

    Good thing I believe in the second amendment (haha)
  10. Happy Monday!

    then why bother? sorry my backpacks were the only thing in sight because i just got off my shift at the station and had my overnight bag. Surprised they didnt take my uniform
  11. Well today was a real monday for me :/ . So i Walked out to my truck at lunch time to grab my wallet and i noticed my interior had more light entering which was odd (all my windows are tinted). So as i get closer it looks like the window is down.. Ok weird.. walk around and yep someone smashed my window and stole all my belongings including my backpacks and wallet right out of my work parking lot where crime rarely happens. I think its time to buy a security dash cam and was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction.
  12. Brake Issue

    UPDATE. So I took the truck to a Chevy dealership by my office and it looks like I'm not crazy after all! The tech knew exactly what the problem was before stepping foot in the truck aka the vacuum pump. Looks like dealership number 1 lost my business.
  13. Brake Issue

    Dealership Says NO Problem...... and tried to relate it back to the oil catch can lines. To my knowledge, the PCV System has NOTHING to do with the brake vacuum lines. If im wrong please correct me
  14. Brake Issue

    Yeah, i am dropping mine off today. I'll report back with findings.
  15. So tonight after cleaning my truck I notice an issue with the brake pedal. When i was backing into my spot i noticed (first time ever) that as i pushed down on the pedal it became stiff.. I repeated this a couple of times and got the same results. This does NOT happen at speed or even going 5-10 mph. Signs of a bad booster!??!?

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