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  1. Good Morning, Recently I've noticed my coolant temp is reading a hair below 210. When i "get on it' I notice it picks back up to 210 but drops once i let off. Coolant levels are OK. Any idea? for the longest time I recall it being rock steady at 210. Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone. pulled the trigger on 5100s for front and rear. My current set up is 275/55/20s with an RC 1.5 level. Hoping to Install on highest setting with level removed and I was wondering if I should be on?
  3. Interesting...Why is that?
  4. Morning y'all, So I've been reading the forums regarding replacing/upgrading the brake and the time has come for me to replace the brakes on my 2016 Sierra and I wanted to see which route people went with. I've heard about people upgrading to the "police" brakes offered on the PPV. Comments? Thanks!!
  5. Sorry for being a repeat offender.... What is exactly needed to go from Crapos to 5100s?
  6. Just did. Luckily i have emails too from the dealership saying there isn't a problem...
  7. I was a victim of this defect. I had mine replaced under warranty as it was out of specs.
  8. Interesting enough i found this.. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2016/SB-10082277-5448.pdf Look @ the frequency for the XL7 option.
  9. So I bought a set of TMPS on eBay and they are 314.9. I have the XL7 option. Will this work?
  10. Bring it in. There is Tech Bulletin for this, and they WILL fix it...Trust me.
  11. I LOVE IT. Sounds perfect on a nice cold morning
  12. Oh I know lol. Just debating Whether to hold out or just opt for the 5100s. I can easily get another 10-15K out of my current set up.
  13. So 6112 or just go 5100? Really tired of the ranchos ride and I’m sure my spacer doesn’t help.
  14. So 6112 or just go 5100? Really tired of the ranchos ride and I’m sure my spacer doesn’t help.
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