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  1. I personally always liked the look of this skid plate for the 16-18 silverado's that replaces the plastic valance https://mzoffroad.com/products/16-chevy-1500-skidplate-mza-c4-2
  2. In response to your earlier questions yes it's a stock engine, On3 turbo kit, Tuned on 91 octane as that is the most readily available. I mean they do make variable aspect ratio turbos, you could also use something like a twin scroll turbo/turbine housing but that could make for some interesting exhaust routing Almost anything can be tuned, If it's available on the LT4 engine it should work on our engine. My only real concern would be the firing order and the balance. The AFM system (when mine was active and stock) seemed to cut out before any real load was applied to the engine, I can't imagine it'd be designed to run under boost in 4 cylinder mode. Could maybe be more achievable with the DFM on the newer engines however I'm not sure you'd really want to? Why build boost/power with half the engine when you've got the other 4 cylinders to give you more power. The only reason I'd want to turn my AFM back on is for the fuel efficiency when cruising down the highway. But that's primarily because I incorrectly sized my turbo so I build a little more boost cruising than I'd like. Which brings up another aspect to this, turbo compressor maps are an animal of their own (at least to somebody like me) and you'd obviously need to be quite dialed on what you choose with that. I'm not saying this isn't achievable, but I'm not sure it'd be entirely worth the amount of effort, unless you're just doing it to say you could. If you were really dedicated to 87 octane, I'm not sure exactly but a certain company might make a higher grade of 87 than another I know shell 91 is widely regarded as the best 91 octane fuel that's readily available I'm not sure if anybody has a reputation for 87 octane. CamGTP knows considerably more than I do although I'm not sure 89 would totally reduce the engine knock, simply because 89 octane is simply a blend of 91 and 87, all of the lighter ends of the 87 would still be there just to a lesser extent. But you might know more in that regard since your studying combustion I am by no means well versed in the exact differences in octane rating as it applies to combustion nor am I an engine tuner
  3. Well I have a turbo 5.3 however I can't quite tell you the level of boost you could run on 87 octane fuel. Being an engineering student studying combustion I'm sure you're more qualified than myself on the topic. I know it's typically standard to run the highest octane readily available as it's more stable and then my engine is even tuned slightly richer on its AFR as a factor of safety. In theory I believe you could run maximum of 15 psi before running into the need to upgrade other parts, that may however require an upgrade to the in tank fuel pump. I'm currently at 9psi and that has me at 450hp at 5200 rpm and 514tq at 4110 rpm with no real other modifications. I suppose 87 octane would be possible in theory, you'd have to see how much knock you'd be getting and adjust accordingly I would think but I am certainly no engine tuner. You might have better luck on https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/ or even parish8 on camaro6 this is a link to his turbo L83 camaro he built https://www.camaro6.com/forums/showthread.php?t=583101&highlight=l83 I haven't heard of anybody upgrading the afm/dod systems however I haven't been cruising through the newer truck forums, perhaps the 19+ with the dfm systems have upgraded the lifters? I am not sure. Everybody who has one fail seems to rip them out as they don't want to pay to open up their engine again and replace them (I wouldn't want to pay for that a second time either) Do you have access to ethanol fuel where you are? I don't have the link but I believe another gentleman here just upgraded his 5.3 to allow for e85 and he got in the ballpark of 30hp. That was without any sort of performance tune as well Can't say I'd be looking into forced induction for practicality though. If I had to do it all over again I'd probably try to find an LT4 take off supercharger and swap that onto my engine.
  4. What about JBA? I don't see too many people using them here but the toyota guys love them. I think the caveat is they only work with a cast iron steering knuckle/spindle. On the newer gm vehicles (2016+) they came aluminum is my understanding, this is route I'm planning on going with my 2015 unless I get any compelling arguments for a different option https://jbaoffroad.com/jba-hd-upper-a-arms-for-2007-2015-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra.html
  5. Anybody have any experience with these? They do claim to eliminate axle wrap https://activesuspension.com/suspension-kits/?fwp_make=chevrolet&fwp_model=1500-silverado&fwp_year=2015&fwp_drive=4wd
  6. The only concern I would have is with the current orientation of those filters (horizontal), any vapor that is blocked by the filter, will naturally coalesce on the inside of the filter material and form a small "pool" if not allowed to drain freely (due to gravity) back into the engine. I would simply position them vertically and I wouldn't expect any issues
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