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  1. Labor Day Mod Plans

    For the first time in quite a few years (decades?) the only project I'm doing is an 11lb smoked porkbelly. No vehicles, no fences, no concrete, no house crap.
  2. I went this route. That way when I'm heading up to the Sierras I don't have to listen to the drone for hours.
  3. How'd you end up doing your bump stops? I have some puck style stops I was going to bolt into the the frame rail but I think there may be a better way.
  4. To get the upper rear shackle bolt out you need to move/remove the trailer hitch. OR if you look where the bolt is you'll see a hole in the hitch plate. Grab a sawzall and cut straight down from the bottom of the hole so you end up with a notch in that bracket. That will let you get the bolt out and you don't have to take your truck apart and it doesn't really mess with the strength of the hitch.
  5. My front at 5". I'll work on getting hub measurements.
  6. I'm at 5" in the front. I'll grab a pic as well on my way out from work.
  7. Ya 5 is nice. Love driving it when I visit family in Carlsbad.
  8. Not 3rd world country bad but a lot of our roadways are pretty bad and falling apart. Part of my commute feels like I'm back on the Rubicon. LOL
  9. ya we have some of the worst roads. I hit a bump so hard a while back I lost a front shim putting my drivers side at 5" while the pass was still at 4". That was a fun drive. @UofAZCats When those parts come in for your rear end can you try an snag a pic either before or after they go in?
  10. Come drive on CA roads and see if you bottom out or not. That would be a true test. LOL
  11. You should re-torque any kit after 100 miles and check periodically. This will span any suspension mod you do.
  12. A 2/4 would be perfect for that kind of stance. A 6" drop should really be put in with a notch. The top of the axle is only a couple inches away from the bed. If you look on top of your rear axle there is a bracket that sticks up off of it. That's hitting the bottom of the bed. The corrected shackle and removing your spare tire will help. The drivers side is a touch lower due to the added weight of the gas tank. It's measuring lower now because the parts are settling back into place. As for alignment, my shop didn't have any issues getting alignment but said I don't have very much play left when I go lower. That won't be until my air bags go in though which will also be new arms and a 4 link rear.
  13. 2019 Blazer - HOT OR NOT

    Chevy had a chance to build something awesome to compete directly against the 2019 Ford Bronco and decided to play it safe. Hell, they ran away with their tails between their legs on this.

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