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  1. Where can I get info on this? I have a '16 but don't have carplay or auto. I never received anything from the dealer either about this. edit* For those wondering... ACP/AA Technical Service Bulletin. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2016/MC-10078548-7690.pdf It's funny, I called the dealership where I bought the truck and they had no clue what I was talking about. Called another near my work and apparently they do the updates all the time. $150. My manufacture date is 02/16 so I am dead in the middle of the HMI shortage.
  2. Do you happen to have the part number for the leather hump? edit* Nevermind. Found it. https://www.gmpartscenter.net/oem-parts/gm-cluster-visor-22822023/?c=Zz1ib2R5JnM9aW5zdHJ1bWVudC1wYW5lbC1jb21wb25lbnRzJmk9R0gxNDUwODUmcj0xJmE9Y2hldnJvbGV0Jm89c2lsdmVyYWRvLTE1MDAmeT0yMDE2JnQ9bHQmZT01LTNsLXY4LWdhcw%3D%3D
  3. I can see these giving people some lift as it will re-arc their leaf springs if they had started sagging or they over tightened them . That's most likely the people who were saying they saw some kind of lift. If installed correctly on newer vehicles their should be no issue. Good job on the vid!
  4. Yep. You can connect both but only 1 will work at a time. You go into the phone menu to swap between them like if you have to take/make a call. I also have a work phone and have to do this.
  5. Currently looking for new tires. Truck is lowered and I don't haul anything heavier than the occasional sheet of mdf. Can I run a 106 load rating tire safely? It would open up a lot more options for tire size. Esit* May have found my answer. Seems quite a few SUV tires are 106 load so it SHOULD be ok.
  6. Pulled the rear seats and padding from back wall to do some sound deadening and found this plug. Wires are grey/green and yellow/black. Passenger side rear wall. Looped behind the padding.
  7. For the first time in quite a few years (decades?) the only project I'm doing is an 11lb smoked porkbelly. No vehicles, no fences, no concrete, no house crap.
  8. I went this route. That way when I'm heading up to the Sierras I don't have to listen to the drone for hours.
  9. How'd you end up doing your bump stops? I have some puck style stops I was going to bolt into the the frame rail but I think there may be a better way.
  10. To get the upper rear shackle bolt out you need to move/remove the trailer hitch. OR if you look where the bolt is you'll see a hole in the hitch plate. Grab a sawzall and cut straight down from the bottom of the hole so you end up with a notch in that bracket. That will let you get the bolt out and you don't have to take your truck apart and it doesn't really mess with the strength of the hitch.
  11. My front at 5". I'll work on getting hub measurements.
  12. I'm at 5" in the front. I'll grab a pic as well on my way out from work.
  13. Ya 5 is nice. Love driving it when I visit family in Carlsbad.
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