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  1. Hey Phil...What did you end up using to mount the DSP to the back wall? Just bolts through the wall or did you use some kind of bolt stand-off? I've been looking for a sturdy way to mount all my equipment to the back wall without drilling holes. Might try some good epoxy and binding posts.
  2. stuck on some "window awnings". AVS Low Profile matte black.
  3. And the good part is once you're out of car seats you can use that as a fiberglass template to build a speaker box!
  4. If I had a 4wd and lived anywhere that snowed the first thing I'd do would put Iroks or MTR's on. Iroks are more aggressive but they have more lug noise than the MTR's but functioned VERY well on my old Toyota crawler on just about any terrain.
  5. CA law used to be no tint (other than factory) on front drv/pass/windshield. Strip can be on windshield extending no further than 6" from the top and/or bottom from the windshield. As of Jan1 the drv/pass front windows can be tinted up to 30% (allowing 70% VLT). Keep in mind that the windows from the factory are about 12-15% so that can add up quick. CHP are all armed with light meters that can instantly measure light levels. While it's only a "fix it" ticket the cost of tint removal for ticket write-off isn't very cheap if you can't do it yourself. http://www.californiacarlaws.com/window-tint/ Having said that all of my windows are tinted to 50% except for my windshield. A lot of it depends on the mood of the officer and circumstances.
  6. "There's another mod I have to do!" I dread every time Phil posts.
  7. Thanks. It took me 2 months to decide on a wheel. They are Platinum Divine 410's by Ultra Wheel. http://www.ultrawheel.com/wheel/5914/410-divine/
  8. Even with my truck lowered 6" I get flashed all the time.
  9. Here's a good source for US flags up to 8x12. Not sure how many states have their own Prison Authorities but you can probably look them up on the goog. https://catalog.calpia.ca.gov/store/flags/?f:flagMaterial:in=cotton
  10. I have my flapper trapped open with the stock exhaust. It sounds a little better than stock but not really noticeable to anyone other than me. I did lose intake growl (AirAid MIT) since there is less back pressure. I am planning to do a full 3" single out exhaust this summer. Still working out the sound I want though and if I want to do headers at the same time.
  11. I run mainly on 91 and the truck runs great. Unfortunately 91 is as high octane I can get here in CA without additives. The lowest I've gone is Mid grade and it ran ok.

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