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  1. If it helps any, the XL will be 3” lower than the picture posted above. Wish I could help with more of a visual but I have the same setup as the guy above
  2. Thanks man. I knew it wasn't a huge difference in the dimensions of the tire, just wasn't sure if there was enough room for the adjustment. I'm not getting any rub right now with the 6" lift and 35x12.5 but better safe than sorry before actually buying the tires.
  3. Man your truck looks good. Makes me wish I was able to lift more to fit at least 37's, unfortunately it won't happen for awhile
  4. Just to keep from making a whole new thread, you wouldn’t happen to know how big of a difference 325/60R20 is vs 35x12.5 on 20” rims? I’ve got the 35x12.5 nitro trail grapplers on right now, but I found a pretty solid deal on 325/60 nitto trail grapplers. I know there’s only about an inch maybe inch and a half more tire, but will this cause any rubbing issues?
  5. Yeah I wasn't too confident 37's would fit, just figured I'd ask people with more information than me. What's the bare minimum to be able to fit 37's?
  6. So I know there's tons of threads about tire sizes for different setups, but I have gone through countless threads without seeing one for my situation. I'm running a 6" rough country suspension lift. I currently have 35x12.5 nitto trail grapplers on the stock all terrain 20" rims. My question is, what's the biggest tire size I can run without trimming? As of now, my options in mind are keep the same size trail grapplers, go up to 37x12.5 trail grapplers, or possibly switch over to 37x12.5 mud grapplers. Any suggestions would help, and pictures would be greatly appreciated!
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