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  1. Awesome! Thank you. Absorber was the only word I didn't try searching on. Jeesh.
  2. Took the back insulation panel out of the truck to work on stereo wiring and one of my dogs decided it would make a nice chew toy and shredded it including the sticker on it with the part number. Does anyone know what the part number is? I'm having a hell of a time finding the thing. The entire back wall is KillMatted so not really about sound deadening, I just prefer to have all the parts where they need to go.
  3. Did this a while back but was messaged asking about how it sounds. Enjoy.
  4. Great job! I'll be printing one of these out. While I don't change my own oil (shop) I sometimes need to top it off due to poor driving choices.
  5. A couple people messaged me asking how the cutout sounds. Overall I love it and rarely close it. Cold Start...
  6. Basically what the stock market is built on and what drives oil prices. Also OPEC decision to not increase exports when demand is increasing.
  7. There are several factors currently happening. The Texas freeze had a major impact on prices with many production sites shutting down. Now with businesses reopening there is also more demand which affects prices. Couple all that with President Biden killing the US/Canada pipeline project which was helping drive oil prices down. These have a direct impact on oil prices which affects everything, especially products made from petroleum, like tires.
  8. I used 14 gauge but 12 should fit as well. Drilling is what I wanted to avoid.
  9. The boot is a 2 piece system where it meets the cab. There's the boot which is wrapped around a plastic retainer with a clip at the top. If you pull the boot back a little you can use a flat head screw driver to push down on that clip and the boot will pop off. No need to access anything from the inside. You can then access the pink lever clip that pulls down and unclips the harness. Then just pull the door side of the boot out, run your guide wire through the boot, attach to speaker wire and pull through. I run my speaker wire down the bottom of the boot because there is just enough room to go through the cab between the clip finger and the harness. If you run it through the top it makes the upper clip hard to get back in (or out). Let me see if I can get a quick vid. Here we go...
  10. Ran 14guage to my door speakers and mocked up an amp rack with some old amps. Going to be carpet matched mdf or acrylic once I get the template done. Haven't decided yet.
  11. Fyi...for the passenger side you'll want to remove the lower half of the glove box to make feeding the wire in from the door easier.
  12. Hey all...I know this is an old one but I am doing this right now so I made a quick video of what I am doing to run the wire. Hopefully it helps. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. Getting the boots back on is the hardest part. At least for me. I did my back doors the same way and doing my passenger side once this side is back together.
  13. Video format. DVD's are multiple files that get put together in sequence and decoded by firmware. Typically this is done at the OS level on a PC with USB dvd player or locally in a home based dvd player. The videos you can play from a usb stick are already encoded to the correct format and put together. Which is why you can't just download a single file from a BR/DVD to make a "backup". You need to use software to rip all of the separate components and stitch them together to make a single playable file. Typically MP4, AVI, or MKV.
  14. I've tried a few times but it says you can't receive messages. ?
  15. @pgamboa Still looking for a delete. Need that spot for my LC7i.
  16. There's a fuse panel on the drivers side dash. The dome light fuse it there. I put in an add a circuit fuse tap in order to get a new wire lead for the lights. similar to these... https://www.amazon.com/Nilight-NI-FH02-Circuit-Adapter-Warranty/dp/B0742BZXC2 I can't remember what size fuse it is so you'll want to verify before buying. edit* - The led's dim off with the other lights as well. Just make sure you get dimmable leds.
  17. I'm starting to look into doing brakes and rotors and I am trying to decide between the police heavy duty stuff and the slotted/crossed drilled performance stuff. Anyone have any pros/cons between the two? I have a crew cab with more power incoming and have a tendency to take corners and turns sometimes faster than recommended so braking power and fade can be an issue with the stock brakes. I'm not doing any serious track days but it is fun. Potentially looking at the Raybestos Specialty Police or ACDelco Gold rotors with a carbon ceramic pad setup but of course I do like the looks of the slotted/drill stuff. Dynamic Friction or Powerstop. However I prefer function over form so if the performance isn't there then the slotted stuff can stay away.
  18. Hey all, I read through the first couple dozen pages on this. I have a shortage 2016 2.0. From what I am reading all I need is the 2.5 module and have it programmed to the truck. Is that a correct assumption?
  19. How low do you want to go? Level, 2/4, 4/6, 5/7, ground.
  20. '16 with 8" non-Bose. Want to lose the cd player to have room for my lc7i and dont listen to CDs. Unhooked it and entire system dies. Is there some kind of delete cable I can get/make? Internet searches have come up with nothing so far. @pgamboa?
  21. No. I had my shop put moogs into the lowers. The uppers are off size for any of the moog ball joints but had them put in higher quality upper ball joints. The kit is staying on for now until I decide if I go bags or not. My shop said the geometry of the arms is good but those crap ball joints are a liability.
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