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  1. Update to this. I did get the package delivered. I do have some rub at full lock and I'm pretty sure its on the UCA or SB (only have 10 miles on since the install). I wanted to push them out just enough to not rub using like the Bora 1/4" spacers but I'm having mixed feelings about them after reading tons of posts about them. I forgot to check but these wheels should have pockets in the back. I should be able to use a smaller spacer and have the studs stick out into the pockets, right? I don't want to compound the problem by pushing out too far and getting a different rub.
  2. What offset are your 24"s? Also what do you mean by "scrap with the spacers"?
  3. I love the GM snowflake style wheels but wanted them in 22"s. Found some replicas that fit the bill. They offer a package with 305/34-22"s. From what I've read, I'll rub (wheels are +31 offset) because of the stamped UCAs (I have a 2018 Denali 1500). Before I step down to a 285, I had a question. Would going with a 1" spacer solve the rubbing issue? 1" is 25.4 mm so it would effectively push the wheels/tires out like a 285 (in this case, 279.6). Also could do a .75" (19 mm). Is my logic sound or am I way off base? Wheels:
  4. Looking to put some 275-55/20s (stock size) MT tires on some 0 offset rims. Not leveling or lifting for now. The offset calc website and the post below leads me to believe I should be totally fine but wanted to confirm before I bought the set.
  5. I have a set of XD800s I got from my cousin's rig that I'm thinking I want to put on my 2018 Denali 1500. They have 33x12.5x20 on them now. Wheels are 0 offset. Questions: 1) Will I rub with this combo without leveling in the front? 2) They were off a Tacoma. TPMS are not cross compatible across manufacturers, right? (I have the TPMS reset tool but haven't tried) 3) Is there a stock equivalent tire size that I can ask the dealership to flash my computer to calibrate the speedo? I checked a few online offset calculators and it looks like it should be ok (may push out a bit).
  6. Silly question, again. Titan TPMS are 315mhz. Sierra's are 315mhz as well, right? Are these OEM proprietary so that they wont work? (I did order the TPMS reset tool on Amazon so I guess I'll know in a few days).
  7. Doesn't look terrible I guess. They're actually 18"s (I had 17" steelie wheelies before). Not sure what to do with the NISSAN logo. But Blizzaks this morning with 3" of snow felt good. Here's the Titan. Had to take the snows off, put my 33"s back on, then put the snows on the Denali...
  8. Will probably do this once I find some OEMs. Or take them from my dad's garage.
  9. I've seen conflicting info on hub size with Titan wheels (78.1 or 77.8). Stupid question but if I put the snow wheels on the Denali, I should know right away if they don't fit the hub right? As in, they just straight up wont fit? I just worry that I'll get them on the Denali and do some damage because I "forced" them on.
  10. Greetings! After having my highly modded 2007 Nissan Titan for a century, my wife pushed me to upgrade and I ended up with a 2018 Denali 1500. (As a side note, its like going from a go-kart to a Cadillac). I have some Blizzaks with 4k miles mounted on my stock Titan 17"s that I'd love to use on the Denali. Bolt pattern is the same and since the spare is a 17", it should clear calipers. My question has to do if there will be fitment issues with the hub and lugs. Titan OEM are hub centric with acorn lugs. Only other thread I found was this one but wanted to confirm

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