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  1. Sorry for the issues you are having, but you shouldn't place them all in the bucket "they are bad vehicles". Design and workmanship are two different sides of the coin, I personally have never had any issue with any GM I've own with info screens, but most "issues" with electronics can mostly be traced to workmanship, poor connector assembly, bad or poor ground connection, or just damaged devises from weather, shipping or assembly. Ground connection are the most common issue since they are all over (and hidden most of the time) the vehicle. Normally a good technician (with the right info) can t
  2. Yeah with the recommended oil 0W20, that's fairly normal in hot weather, cruising speed should be about 40 psi at operating temp.
  3. try putting the jack stands under the rear axle and putting it in gear to see if something is out-of-"round"
  4. Some aftermarket scanners will only read engine codes, is this the case?
  5. try putting the rear axle on jack stands (loading the axle) and put in gear and watch to see if you can see something.
  6. 3 hours min on batt disconnect to clear memory, why doesn't the AC work?, a faulty AC high pressure switch could be the cause, "fooling" the VCM into high Freon pressure, turning on fans and disabling the compressor.
  7. Just curious, when you say "It turns over but not enough to start", saying it barely spins over (which would indicate a Batt. problem), or it is the normal cranking speed, but it just will not "fire" up to start?
  8. "The rpms climb up high but the speedometer doesn’t move very fast. It’s like something is holding it back" if the engine rev's but slow at moving, sounds like the torque converter is "Slipping"
  9. The Batt needs to be disconnected for a min. of 3 hours to clear memory.
  10. Sound's like a sensor problem, may have to purchase a detailed schematic of the auto-air system to see how many sensors there are and locate them and test them individually.
  11. I had a similar problem with a car I had, it was a flat lander car and when I visited the rocky mountains and got up over 6K ft., the normal dual fan operation would no longer cool the rad., and by the time the "Second" fan was commanded, it was to late, overheating took place. I had the "Jumper the relay" on the second fan to keep it running all the time, then I could go all the way to 12K ft. Another "interesting" event I noticed, sometimes the incline was so steep, I had to keep it in low gear, and some times,(fuel injected car) I would notice that my accel. pedal was on the floor sometime
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