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  1. Find a shop that has "Listening Module" that can be attached under the truck to pinpoint where the noise is coming from and go from there.
  2. Did the dealership do all this?, if so, did the fuse box burn up when it was started at the dealer?
  3. There's plenty of videos on YouTube to show you how rear end work is done, check it out.
  4. if it gets in a "Click" situation, try tapping the starter with something heavy and metal, maybe even while the key is in the crank position, if it starts, you know the starter has an issue, it's common for bad spot on the armature.
  5. Yeah could be any of those, your just going to have to "Climb Under" and locate it (my money is on the cat) Roll Tide!!
  6. Yes, disabling the ABS will remove the "Electronic" control, of course all kind of lights will come on, but ignore it for this test.
  7. There is a lot of youtube videos on how to set up pushrod lengths.
  8. Check cooling fan operation, if fans are coming on, then could be a minor head gasket leak, look for "steam sludge", pull the oil filler cap and look for "Chocolat sludge" on the cap. If not evident, still could be head gasket problem.
  9. To verify, when it doesn't start, or just clicks, just tap on the starter with (hammer, piece of iron) something heavy, even while somebody holding key in start, if it starts, then it is the starter (dead spot in the armature)
  10. Some of that sounds like a Torque converter issue, try driving in manual mode 5th gear on the highway and see if it does the same thing.
  11. If your able, when it is chirping, try removing the serpentine belt and starting it up to see if the sound goes away. if it doesn't you know it is not in the belt drive area
  12. possibly bad plug wires, grounding to engine, try, when engine is hot, spaying water (spray bottle) around the spark plug boots, if bad wires you may see or hear the bad one(s) arcing to the engine causing misfire.
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