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  1. I have a 2017 LTZ Z71 6.2L. I installed a fiberglass ram air hood (98 lbs) after a year the hood springs will no longer hold the hood open. Has GM updated the springs? Has anyone found better springs to install?
  2. I installed a fiberglass ram air hood on my 2017 Silverado and after a year the stock springs will no longer hold the hood up. Is it doable to use the 2500 springs with the 1500 hood hinges?
  3. 38,796 since May 2017. 6.2L with the 8 speed. Also had the transmission act up. They changed the valve body. Second time the fluid flush. Changed a battery. Had to change wipers in the first 6 months. The vent on the right side of the steering wheel barely blows, it's stuck mostly blowing out of the defrost vent.
  4. Same problem with 2017 silverado LTZ Z71. It comes and goes as I drive. I assumed it was because I added a camera module that blugs into the body computer. Doesn't seem to harm anything. Seems to be related to how messages are sent over the bus.
  5. I know when I got my truck back from Hennessey, I had a custom driveshaft made so I could raise the speed lim AND iter because I'd top out before the end of the 1/4 mile. I had to set the top speed AND switch the source in the programming. This was something new starting with the 2017 model year.
  6. New yellow top Optima battery. Will check the grounds and stuff. Re-seat the connectors on the body module. I think the camera system plugged into the body module.
  7. I discovered a very wierd problem. Occasionally pressing 2 of the 4 window buttons, up or down the DIC shows the hood is open. It comes and goes. The windows have to be al the way up. If a window is down, it will go up. After it is up pulling any 2 window buttons will give the message. Any thoughts? Hood is closed.
  8. Good to know. I believe they are the stock injectors.i know the cam lobe for the fuel pump pumped more fuel. So it makes sense the injectors are maxed out.
  9. Wonder how E85 would complicate the Whipple set up. Tuned for 93 octane, but the retailer stopped carrying it.
  10. I Have a 2017 6.2L that was modified by Hennessey Performance. Which includes a Whipple supercharger. After 3 or 4 months, my oil catch can is dry.
  11. This will probably be my next project. Installed the intellihaul cameras. I think I'm ready to tackle this project next.
  12. Just finished installing the intellihaul system I got from MVI. Turn signal cameras. 3rd brake light adjustable cargo camera and front camera. Plus a free spot for a wireless trailer camera. One day project but man I'm tired and I tore my truck all apart.
  13. The hood is made by Dawn Enterprises in Ohio. They sell through sportwing.com
  14. Anyone do a dash kit on their truck. Especially interested in the Remin. Show me your truck pics.
  15. Almost sounds like damaged wiring in the steering column.
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