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  1. This will probably be my next project. Installed the intellihaul cameras. I think I'm ready to tackle this project next.
  2. Just finished installing the intellihaul system I got from MVI. Turn signal cameras. 3rd brake light adjustable cargo camera and front camera. Plus a free spot for a wireless trailer camera. One day project but man I'm tired and I tore my truck all apart.
  3. The hood is made by Dawn Enterprises in Ohio. They sell through sportwing.com
  4. Anyone do a dash kit on their truck. Especially interested in the Remin. Show me your truck pics.
  5. Almost sounds like damaged wiring in the steering column.
  6. Got the new hood installed, de-badged everything.
  7. They must have sourced another wiper blade for the Mexico plant when my truck was built. The wipers that came stock on my2017 were pure crap. In the past factory wipers have been great. I have never liked the wipers with chemicals (rain X).
  8. I only use Bosch. Whatever came on my 2017 Silverado I had to replace in 6 months time.
  9. Yes Summer traction only. The Nitto's are for winter
  10. Ok let's try this again. I believe all the pictures have been converted to JPG. 2017 Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71 Oval step bars Roll N Loc metal cover LED tag lights and Reverse lights. I was good till April 2021 then: 2 sets of Fuel 20" wheels. Hankook Ventus tires Nitro Ridge Grappler Tires Hennessey Performance HPE 650/Goliath 650 badging Package: Whipple 2.9L Supercharger Cam Motion Supercharger cam Chromoly hardened pushrods Crankcase Ventilation system High flow intercooler system High flow Air Induction System HPE Engine Management Calibration Dyno tuning and road testing. AFM Delete VVT delete Improved head porting Borla Touring Cat-Back exhaust Then when I started looking into speedometer limit: Custom 5" x .125 Driveshaft Hp Tuner MPVI2+ Pro Speed limiter Delete Lighted Front BowTie Wilwood front 6 piston calipers and slotted rotors. Wilwood rear 4 piston calipers and slotted rotors. On the way new fiberglass hood. In the future: Transmission thermostat delete Denali instrument cluster HUD modification Front and side Cameras Custom Paint Custom Leather interior Footwell lights Then maybe I can be finished
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