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  1. The company’s that put aftermarket bumpers on in Texas have plenty of oem bumpers. When mine was hit by someone in a parking lot I bought one on eBay from Texas.
  2. 2019 Sierra 3500 HD

    That’s a big baby 🍼
  3. How's My Deal?

    Any luck for you guys?
  4. I paid 20% below msrp however this is deceiving because of incentives which technically are paid to the dealer. My dealer had discounted my truck nicely on their own then there were incentives like a $3500 red tag reducing the price further along with a couple other things like loyalty or something hard to remember now. I bought in December when deals seem to be easier to find if the truck you want is still available.
  5. I would shoot for 20% off. I got it when I bought my 2016 hd and I know others have to. It’s true that better deals will pop up as we get toward the end of the year.
  6. How's My Deal?

    Personally I’d try 58000 and would be fine walking out without it. I think 20% is achievable. My truck was 52000msrp bought for 40-or 41000 can’t remember now but right around 20%. I went on the internet found every truck that fit my needs and I was willing to drive to and made an offer gave my info and waited for a reply. Being on the phone or web gave me plenty of trucks to make offers on. Sure a lot of them ask you to come in and talk but most of them didn’t call back. One did call and I went the next day for a test drive and purchase. That’s not a terrible deal though.
  7. Not sure what everyone experienced but mine settled some after driving it a short distance. Measured and cranked a little more for the desired change.
  8. The 2015 hd is done!!

    Let’s see them on please
  9. I daily drive my hd on a set of those tires and they will need replacement in less than a year. Otherwise performance is fine
  10. Yes still like them, no experience with bilstein
  11. I guess technically that’s off-road but just barely 🧐😃
  12. Nice! How are your tires pretty quiet?
  13. What are they for?

  14. When I first put +18 20in wheels and 34in mud tires mine did that as well. Not continually but for a couple seconds after hitting a bump. When I first rotated them It stopped for the most part. I just rotated back and they aren’t bad. When my tires arrived from custom offsets there was a couple weights lying in the bottom of the skid so I believe I have one wheel unbalanced. I believe a steering stabilizer would help. I wonder why they did away with it. Maybe because of steering assist not sure. I wouldn’t disagree if an alignment pro said the alignment was a factor. I can add that the steering on my 16 never has felt as good as my 02 hd that had a factory stabilizer in fact the 16 has always had a little bumpsteer and some groove tracking too.
  15. Lift kit

    I’ve had my crewcab over the scales and it’s around 7000 pounds. Not sure which model is 8500 maybe a crewcab long bed diesel. I can’t speak about zone products but the parts I got from RC are pleasantly heavy duty maybe more so than the stock stuff. Above I was asked if I still like the RC kit which I do however I replaced the shocks because the bushings were shot quickly and RC Gladly sent me new ones but they were the wrong ones. The shocks also don’t mount like stock which I didn’t like. I replaced them with fox adventure series shocks and am pleased with them. People say save for a real lift but that’s not always an option for everyone. I for example would love to lift my truck 6inches but that’s not ideal for plowing so I had to compromise to get my truck modified the way I like but not so much it couldn’t perform the work I need it for the way I want it to. I may have said it in another thread but I might have pieced together a custom kit with the parts I like if I had to do this again mainly because of the shocks from RC. They should offer an upgraded kit with another choice of shocks like some of their competitors.

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