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  1. That does look more substantial for sure.
  2. Fox informed me the shock had been in extreme weather and was past its 1 year warranty which it is not quite a year and a half old so yes it’s past barely. All of there products are subject to extreme conditions by nature obviously. They suggested I buy an aluminum body shock of theirs which probably won’t happen unless they want to prorate a set for a very good price. I wrote back and suggested a disclaimer about which of their products could hold up to extreme weather conditions so people wouldn’t choose a shock with poor paint protection like this shock. I changed jobs at the end of last summer and have a company vehicle so my HD rarely went out in the extreme weather this winter. It’s a shame because they still have dampening just broken.
  3. New York yes salt. While the coating was not hearty enough to last very long the weld was broken not rusted apart. When I have time I will post what Fox’s response was.
  4. My wife and I were going to pick up an air conditioner my friend had worked on and while traveling I heard a clunky noise. Turns out I had a rear fox shock break. Less than a year and a half. The weld broke on the top bushing. This truck is a road queen so far meaning abuse is not a factor here. Maybe the heavy duty truck and crappy roads here are to blame not sure. I emailed fox. Hope they respond. Not sure what I will do. I do have a clunky noise up front which I thought might be a worn idler or tie rod end which I found recently and have parts to fix it but with this recent development I will have to look closely at the front shocks.
  5. Still haven’t been able to get these mounted. Tried yesterday morning at the local Walmart which opens at 7am and at 6:57 am they had 10 people already standing in line. I just left. The local guy I wanted to use went on a honeymoon for 2 weeks. Guess I will wait for him.
  6. Guess I’m the Guinea pig. Still haven’t been able to get them mounted.
  7. Anyone try these yet? Got a new set here waiting to be mounted.
  8. Did some LOSER honk at you and make you bang your head? You sound a bit angry and judgmental!
  9. I didn’t see cooper M+S mentioned. They are the best I’ve had on an HD and that I’ve plowed with as well. Of the others listed here I have only used the dura tracks which were decent. I have used many different snows on cars and would agree a dedicated winter tire have always given the best overall performance especially on icy conditions.
  10. Does not monitored mean that if it were missing the truck would be unaware?
  11. I agree. Train horn videos are some of my favorite on YouTube. Guess some of us just have a petty sense of humor!
  12. The company’s that put aftermarket bumpers on in Texas have plenty of oem bumpers. When mine was hit by someone in a parking lot I bought one on eBay from Texas.
  13. I paid 20% below msrp however this is deceiving because of incentives which technically are paid to the dealer. My dealer had discounted my truck nicely on their own then there were incentives like a $3500 red tag reducing the price further along with a couple other things like loyalty or something hard to remember now. I bought in December when deals seem to be easier to find if the truck you want is still available.
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