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  1. Wow. Marginal? You feeling the butt-hurt because you realized just how much less a gasser is? To make a statement about my income bracket because I didn't buy a diesel says alot about your character, and just how "not" marginal the cost difference is.
  2. I was surprised when the stealership mentioned changing trans fluid at 45,000 miles. I always have done around 60,000 miles. I went ahead with it just because the 100k drivetrain warranty. I didn't "upgrade" fluid - just the GM stuff. It was probably not necessary, but I do tow and know I'm good for a while.
  3. True dat. I have to throw in "I like the feeling of the extra $5k in my pocket" Sorry lol - all meant in good spirit!
  4. As a fellow RVer who went from the 5.3L to the 6.0L, it's a world of difference in stability and low end power. If your TT only has a GVWR of 7000# though, the 5.3L 1500 should more than handle it. My Sierra 1500(3.42 rear end) did well with our 34' TT (9600# GVWR - 8300# actual loaded weight). The suspension was why I upgraded to a 2500. The 1500 is just too soft for my size trailer and truck was pushed around more than I cared for. I didn't want a diesel. Nothing that breaks on a diesel is less than a few thousand, and the added vehicle costs don't justify it (sure, mileage is better, but fuel cost offsets it). Many will disagree and say Diesel or bust, but real world towing (Fancy Gap, WV Mountains) with my rig shows the 6.0L is a beast. An older design, but very reliable (and thirsty) beast. If you plan to upgrade your trailer to something larger, then a 2500 should be used. If you're going 40' 5th wheel, then definitely diesel 3500. If you keep current TT and go 2500 gasser, you WILL be doing 80 up the mountains. I pulled Fancy Gap (7 miles @ 7%) steady at 60mph with no issues. EDIT: Make sure your hitch is setup properly too. A good WD hitch (I use Equalizer). Hitch setup will make or break.
  5. You pretty satisfied with the fit/finish? They feel pretty good? I would love leather like the Katskinz, but for the price difference you have my attention.
  6. Good 'ole CARB. One small benefit of my location - I don't even have to do E-Check
  7. Looking at 2500HD

    X2 on the 2015-19. I love mine. Very comfy for an HD and the 6.0 gasser does great with our 34ft. travel trailer.
  8. Definitely like the 2020 Sierra HD better than the Silverado. My opinion from the video shots though is it looks almost like the 2007-14 HD sheetmetal, with different front ends. Obviously not identical, but damn close.
  9. No way man. They won't exchange them without a restocking fee and shipping charges? That's BS.
  10. Jersey - I don't think you realize what he wants to accomplish. You moved GMC lights from a 1500 to a 2500 (BOTH trucks are GMC). GVS - you want to put the GMC tailights in a Chevy, correct? You'll have to modify the bed corner - the tailight openings are NOT the same and sheetmetal must be modified. For what it would take, you're better off getting aftermarket taillights.
  11. Easiest way would be a bed swap honestly, unless you plan to do body work.
  12. Good luck with it all. Feels like a nightmare at best. Nice truck too. I didn't care for them when introduced, but after seeing real world pics and a couple on the road, they look good.
  13. Bummer. Glad no injuries. We are dealing with very similar damage to our 2017 Acadia. You will be surprised - ours looks about the same as yours and there is $7000 worth of damage. I can't believe police didn't come out. We had no injuries, but I called 911 anyway. She should have been cited and you should have gotten a report. It makes all the difference - you could have started claim with HER insurance. We filed claim with other party's insurance - I didn't wait on him. Edit: Cop rolls by hot right after you hit her. Nice.
  14. 700 miles to a tank

    All this talk about mileage makes me thirsty...time for a beer. Good talk - but none of us bought HD's for their fuel mileage
  15. Big Whiskey's 2016 2500HD

    Just skimmed your build. Beautiful. Always loved the silver look!

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