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  1. We have teen driver settings setup in our cars - did something get set with those? Otherwise, no idea. Maybe it was set to auto-volume and now it isn't?
  2. Supply-demand may be an issue with price negotiation, but I agree $45k seems high. Then again, I see them around here with over 150k miles for $30k. Diesels are great for towing daily. I didn't see the need, so stuck with gas. We had an "unexpected trailer upgrade" this year. Already owned the gas 2500 Denali. Nice looking combo JG. either way - you will see a HUGE difference in towing/stability with the HD pickup over a 1500. I'll never go back to a half-ton.
  3. I have a 2019 gasser. Had a 2015 gasser. I tow about 4X a year too. Daily driver to work. I didn't think diesel was worth extra upfront or maintenance costs. If I towed daily or ran a business, probably go diesel. Wasn't a fit for my needs, so I stuck with gas.
  4. Are they cut off, or were the rails simply removed? Hard to say. I just had a gooseneck ball installed for our 5th wheel. My 2500 is a pavement princess most of the time, so unlikely with 50k that it was all towing. We tow like 3-4 times a year and season camp the rest of the time. If balance of truck seems clean and well kept, I wouldn't over-think it.
  5. I'm not in the know on heavy equipment, but I'm surprised that has surge brakes, not electric or hydro over electric.
  6. Nice. As far as gain - our TT is about same weight, and I think I have it set at 6.5. I adjusted so I can just barely tell trailer brakes engage. Braking should feel about same as without trailer. No pushing, and trailer isn't dragging truck to a stop.
  7. He had me at going back to silver too BW!
  8. We've bought 5 cars from my buddy, so take that for what it's worth. I paid $52k. They were going to list it for $55k, but since it was a turn and burn (quick sale), he got General Manager to discount it. It's also a gas engine - which is rare in a Denali HD.
  9. So...slightly unplanned upgrade I had a 2015 Silverado 2500 LT. With some of the current incentives and 0% possibility, I talked to a buddy at local GMC dealer. Plan was to buy a 2020 Sierra WT with optionsI wanted. He called and I ended up with a freshly traded 2019 Denali HD with 13k miles (Gas). Not what my intention was, but I'm not disappointed!
  10. White Pow...nevermind. Nice truck. Good luck on TT hunt! We really liked the Sport Trek's. Our next one will require a bed mounted accessory
  11. How is it off the line with the 3.73? Can't beat the 4.10 when pulling from a light - but drooling over the 2020's.
  12. Nice rides. Ditto on HD. I had a 2015 Sierra 1500 and upgraded to 2015 2500. Night and day.
  13. I think you bring a fair statement to the table. I'll admit - I had a middle-road Sierra 1500 with a few goodies. Not essential to me. I'll also admit as fine as I'd be with a WT, I do like having many of those same non-essentials in my 2500 LT. Some of the gripes I think are legit, though. As whiny as it is, if you pay cold hard cash for an option, it should f'g work. It is nice to get some posh items, even if on an HD. As far as AFM and that garbage, folks should quit whining. I hated it on my 1500 anyway. You don't by an HD for fuel economy. I get 11MPG average, 13 on a good day. I wouldn't mind better MPG, but that's not why I bought it.
  14. No, but you do still have weight of all the 4WD components, plus the resistance to rolling caused by the drive shafts, etc.
  15. My 2015 passenger mirror likes to move out about 1/2" or so. Never more though.
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