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  1. In a pinch, I suppose - or put it in the little storage bay under rear floor. I use a funnel at home specifically for fuel, but since truck holds my free fuel amount, haven't used it in a while. One would hope if you are using the supplied funnel, you execute some form of common sense.
  2. I've been half-assed looking at 5th wheels for our next RV. Weight/payload is definitely a factor and while the size I want is fine for our 2500HD, a 3500 may be in the cards for next truck.
  3. My take is he's differentiating between the assembly housing and the actual axle shaft. The drive shaft from the differential to the wheel is sort of "floating". The housing is " load bearing" in that your payload/truck weight are supported by the axle housing bolted to the springs, not the physical drive shaft. The shaft provides "drive", the housing provides "support". As posted by carkhz316, they are different from gas to diesel on the 2500. The "overload" situation comes up because the frame and springs, etc. are NOT different. Generally it's a payload thing, and while a diesel engine may pull better, you often have a smaller "payload" because the engine itself weighs more. If you see a 40' triple axle toyhauler being towed by a 2500, they're probably overloaded.
  4. If you haven't bought one yet - get the Equalizer 4-point sway/weight distributing hitch. Worth every dollar. Here is our setup
  5. Don't sweat it. You're truck should handle the Coachmen fine, even with the lift/tires. Our 34' TT is about 8500 or so loaded - truck hardly breaks a sweat. My buddy has a 2018 Freedom Express 320BHDS that he pulls with an Egoboost F150. Not sure I'd go that route, but yours should be well matched.
  6. OP: "With a 3/4 ton should I sit around 60? (I want good mpg as well as a softer ride)" Sorry - this was amusing. I keep mine around 70 PSI or so. Sidewall is 80, and I follow tire, not truck. Mileage and ride quality comments are interesting. I went to a 2500 gasser from a 1500 Sierra. I am very impressed with the ride quality for a 2500. Doesn't seem much different than my 1500, and I like that it rides like a truck. Mileage - well...I knew it would suck getting into it.
  7. Nice truck. You'll have to get some good pics and post. I have the 6.0L 2500. Not getting 18 MPG, but love it. I also prefer the way it sits over my 1500, but any taller would be tough for everyday activities. Congrats and enjoy!
  8. If you ordered the Prodigy, I'd stick with it. My buddy added "factory" brake controller, and has had a couple occasions it faults out and he lost trailer brakes. Factory one is great, but I'd have no issues using a Prodigy versus installing factory if mine didn't come with it. Fun Fact: I've read and heard aftermarket brake controllers work best for electric-over-hydraulic setups.
  9. Tough call. Depends on area/availability of equivalent used models. I have a 2015 Silverado LT 2500 with the 6.0L. Cloth, but heated and power with a few goodies. I paid $36K in Nov 2017 with 30k miles. In my area, you can't touch one for $40k now, and those have more miles than I do now! Best of luck! The 6.0 has been great.
  10. I didn't see it either. Oh well. Yes - mine was only one. Of course, passenger side is a little more difficult to get to.
  11. You'll need extensive body work or a new truck.
  12. For all those wondering... The GM exhaust manifold issue is alive and well with the 2014-19 generation. I just had all driver-side bolts replaced under powertrain warranty. I have 44k miles on the truck, and heard what I suspected was a manifold leak. Boom - warranty replaced it. Let's hope the passenger side bolt breaks before August of 2020!!
  13. I'll add to the crosby crowd. Works great with any trailer. I think I spent $28 on Amazon.
  14. Worth it on your 2008 - yes. With the bed rail caps that come standard on 2015+, seems a waste of $$. I throw all kinds of crap in mine, never had or worried about a scratch.
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