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  1. GM Pickup with a Console Shifter ?

    It's OK...there are some nice trucks out there. I came close to making the same "mistake"
  2. New truck! But a major question????

    X2 on simply having it looked at. Just to be sure.
  3. If going new and looking for a more basic truck, you may be better off ordering one. Seems most dealers only have LTZ/SLT diesels. A basic gasser with a few options must be ordered.
  4. New 2018 GAS 2500 HD

    Congrats! I wish the 6.0 did a "little" better on fuel, but no regrets here either. Loved my GMC 1500 too!
  5. Good deal? Or not...on '18 w/6.6L

    Good luck and happy camping! I too was considering an F250 (gasser). I dunno - I just love my Chevy's so I couldn't do it. Still - Ford has some nice trucks!
  6. Capless fuel fill

    Just a dinky little thing for emergencies, but yes, the Acadia came with one.
  7. 2yrs in, rust.

    I had my Silverado bed and undercoating done last week by Line-X. They did an awesome job. Cost for bedliner and undercoat was around $1100. Touchups every 2 years for $50. Hopefully it will help make this baby last!
  8. Capless fuel fill

    In all seriousness, I never liked the idea of capless. UNTIL....my wife's Acadia is capless. Really, if you use a funnel (GMC included one) like you should with a gas can, it works just fine. I'm actually sold on it. You just open the door and shove the nozzle in. I fill truck, and cap cord gets all twisted, etc. It actually is simpler and better without the cap. Of course I thought power liftgates were dumb - until we owned one.
  9. Good deal? Or not...on '18 w/6.6L

    I'd check on trade value, then go from there. Do homework on what your trade is worth and selling for. $59K for a well equipped diesel seems decent, and I'm sure you can at least say $59K OTD and get it if it was his first offer. Good luck!
  10. Auto Grade Braking

    My 6.0 hasn't had a chance to do it yet. My 5.3L would downshift and scream at like 6-7K. Took getting used to, but it does work!
  11. GM Pickup with a Console Shifter ?

    I want the "console" shifter that comes with a third pedal!!! Really wish they'd offer manual transmissions. I "almost considered" a Ram Diesel specifically for the manual trans. "almost".
  12. I scored a end of year deal and got mine matched to the rear for $80.
  13. Do yourself a favor - get Husky liners or Weathertech. Love being able to pull them out and simply hose them off.
  14. Transmission jerk when towing

    I searched and couldn't find much. I'll keep looking. Thanks for info! Talked to dealer - naturally couldn't duplicate problem and nothing on scanner. We'll see if it acts up again. Drives like a dream otherwise, so maybe it was a fluke. I had rear tires balanced to eliminate that as a cause for any vibration (they needed it).
  15. Transmission jerk when towing

    6.0L, and definitely NOT the trailer. Plus side - light bulb went off this morning that I have 5 year drivetrain warranty, so maybe a bit more time to figure it out. I'll post outcome!

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