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  1. Got the tires. Very happy with them.
  2. Cleaned up with new shoes (275/70R18)
  3. Nice. Made appt. for new shoes today - going with Cooper AT3 XLT (LT275-70R18). I "guess" $1000 isn't horrible installed
  4. I agree that it seems high, but I will note that there are HUGE discounts on 1500's that simply don't exist in the HD realm.
  5. Nice. What color is truck and Acadia? We happen to have a 2015 HD and a 2017 Acadia. Somehow, we ended up with both vehicles in the same color (Tungsten / Iridium, but paint codes are identical).
  6. Should I Go Diesel?

    Maybe just level slightly? I cranked torsion bars for about 1" of lift - still has rake, just not quite as steep.
  7. Option "B" - unplug sensors
  8. My 2015 seems fine after 3 Ohio winters. Never thought about flipping it.
  9. dumb question

    X3. I'm 155# wet and I wouldn't stand on it. Probably knock the whole damn bumper off! Get a cheap stool for checking fluids and keeping her pretty!
  10. I'll second the torsion turn. I went like 5 turns, pushed front end up 3/4". It was just enough to lift it a smidgen, but still have some rake. Looks great when towing, too.
  11. New model Tailgate

    Not likely. Bed rail height and stuff is different I believe.
  12. Yes - pictures. I've been looking and plan to slap a set of these (probably 275's) on my 2500 this fall! Besides - love seeing pics of folks' trucks
  13. Thanks for all the info. I personally don't think the trucks look "finished" with the full removal. I haven't had any issues, but have thought about trimming mine.
  14. Mirror question

    I think diesel has an outside air sensor on the mirror. Not sure if a plug-play option is out there for it.
  15. Ha. Now I'm 2X as jealous - I wanted a rubber floor (bought used - at least WeatherTech's came with it :))

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