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  1. Going to look at a 2018 3500hd with the l5p motor. Are there any specifics I should be looking at this will be my first time buying a diesel truck has 75k miles
  2. I appreciate all the responses I would use it for towing camper. Bumper pull atm but maybe 5th wheel in future. I’m just wondering if a 2500 with the overload springs on it are specd to a 3500 as far as gvwr and payload amounts about the same or close. The 2500 hd market is a lot more available than 3500. I understand the dot would probably not believe if that was the case and would question it all the way.
  3. I’m looking at 2017-19 Crew cab short bed duramax trucks what is the difference between the 3/4 ton and 1 ton srw? From what I’ve read the 1 tons have overload springs on the rear axle and 18” wheels is that the only difference between the two and the increase in payload and gvwr?
  4. I’m guessing the previous owner didn’t add the two wires to your door harness one would be the cargo lamp you speak of and the front facing amber running light. Would need to take your door panel off and run the wires from your mirror plug into the main harness in the door. Boost auto sells this or pgamboa as mentioned. I had dl3 and upgraded to tow mirror
  5. These did come with 4 posts and I did drill for that fourth post
  6. I purchased mostplus brand off eBay for $250. Everything works great and these were for the power folding as well. The glass does shake a bit going down the highway but nothing terrible. I couldn’t bring myself to spend 600-800 for mirrors
  7. I just got my vacuum pump replaced today at the dealer. 2016 Silverado with 42k on it. I think they’ve seen enough of these they didn’t question me at all on it
  8. In the Midwest been negative temps all week. I’ve still noticed it when it’s 60 out. I’m sure the bypass is what’s causing the cooler temp
  9. Here is about where it normally stays at if I were to jump off the highway
  10. I have 2016 with 5.3. I’ve noticed even driving highway speed for extended time my temp gauge will not stay at 210 on the gauge. Any slow down for stop light or other light city driving the temp will drop some on the gauge. I’m assuming I should be maintaining the normal operation temp no matter ambient temp? Anyone else run into this thinking it’s a thermostat stuck in between.
  11. I have a 2016 1500 ltz that has power fold, heat, turn signal, puddle light and all. I’m looking at the most plus power folding tow mirrors off Amazon. What wires will I need to make the cargo lamp button activate the white cargo light on the mirror and also run the amber front running light? Everything else should be already wired in my door harness correct?
  12. I’m looking at a 2017 3500hd srw I’m seeing the length is 239.4 overall. My garage is 22 ft long. Wondering if any of you have the same setup and can share is it going to be super tight within inch or less. My current 2016 Silverado 1500 fits no issues but is about 9 inch shorter
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