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  1. I've read the opposite, that with E85 you may get less mpg's vs. Gas
  2. hopefully you can get the dealer to swap out to another MFG. even that's not a sure thing, i went through almost 2 sets of continentals to get it to acceptable, its still there, just not as bad as it was. If i was to do over again i'd go Michelin tires
  3. I haven't driven the truck since the tires and wheels were balanced, but did install the new bilstein shocks in it. Will get the drive impressions this weekend on a trip up to the track. I can tell you this though, the front shocks were shot and the rears still wanted to re expand on compression, but very slowly. Truck has ~42K on it. More than likely not your issue if the truck is new, but just giving data points for those that are approaching that kind of mileage.
  4. My dealer said the spec was 30 or less for LT tires. Discount tire said that anything close to 30 can cause slight vibration. DT said on the last tire they sent me it was 8, but using their wheel. So one has to wonder how much the factory wheels contribute to the variance. The end result of that last tire with my factory wheel was 21 RF.
  5. interested to hear/learn more about these. Seems like short money to make all the tire vibe issues people are having go away.
  6. Well, got the last new replacement tire installed today to swap out the 34 from the RR, the new RR value is 21 road force. I do feel a little something, but its much better than it was in the beginning, amazed at how sensitive these trucks are to RF values. Will use the truck for a long tow in a few weeks, which will hopefully go without issues.
  7. Installed 2 new replacement tires today for the rear, dealer said the RF was LR was 19 and RR was 34. Drove home on hitting the magic # of 70 and still feel a vibe. As it stands now LF is 29 RF is 27 LR is 19 RR is 34 Called Discount tire to see what their thoughts were and they are going to Road force balance a replacement tire on their end to get the low 20's and then ship out to me to swap out the RR tire. To some degree i wonder if the stock rancho shocks are having an impact on the results as they have 42K miles on them at this point, I purchased the truck with 41,3xx. I wanted to get the tires sorted before I intro a new variable like new shocks, already did the research/searched the forum and have Bilstein 5100 in a box waiting on install.
  8. Thanks, good to know that Nitto's may work if the Conti's need to get swapped out. are you running 20" wheels?
  9. I guess I'm half way there with the Conti Tires. Just out of curiosity, which Tire Mfg do you have, how long since the install and is it been riding vibe free? appreciate the feedback, I'd agree seems like the trucks are very sensitive to balance. Will keep at it, hoping this gets resolved before towing season starts.
  10. did a 500 mile plus drive on various roads in the NE down to PA and back. Vibration is still there, so much for the break in of the rear tires. Glad Discount tire already sent a new set to swap out the rears.
  11. they have a check list of items, first up is the tires. that box needs to be checked before they'll move on. I'm not expecting a Cadillac ride, just remove the obvious feel at the 70-75mph. I do find the tires flat spot quickly, new tires installed Sunday drove home with a little vib attributing to the higher RF values for the rear set. A few days of the truck sitting then take out and noticeable low speed vibrations for a few miles. Which surprised me a little as i have the truck parked on 3/4 rubber horse mats in the garage. happen to have them and was trying to eliminate flat spotting as an issue.
  12. My dealer said the vibration testing is a process. If they can rule out the tires, then they’d move on to other possible sources, which is why I’m having them do all work to so it’s documented. Next step in my mind is driveline components. If after this new rear of tires get mounted and hopefully come within their spec, then I’m going to push for Pico scope results. Mentioned to Discount tire that the rears were high, but dealer thought it would come down to spec with miles being driven on them and the customer rep said “I’m sending you another pair to get it below the 30”. Happy for once I don’t have to fight for good customer service
  13. 4 new replacement Conti tires installed and RFB values were in the mid 20’s for 2 and low 40’s for other 2. Dealer suggests to drive for 500+ miles and then remeasure and adjust/move the tires for the ones that are on the rear. Apparently they have had good luck with the Contis/LT tires breaking in and getting better specs on RFB. I was told the LT max RFB value is 40. Either way I’m still covered with the 30 day policy from Discount tire and they’ve been great handling thus far
  14. just adding some perspective. purchased Continental Contact AT in 285/60/20, no fitment issues with stock 2500 truck. had vibe issues after a regular balance and brought to a dealer for RF. The tires are way out of spec according to GM's 15 lbs acceptable level. Tire vendor is sending a entire new set of the Conti's if the new ones can't be brought into spec need to find another tire Mfg, will most likely be Michelin Defenders given my usage of the truck. they spent close to 2hrs doing what i assume is the above procedures. I do have the original and after RF values, on the average what ever they did was able to lower it by 10-15lbs for each tire, but one started out as high as 75 and another at 58.
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