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  1. Agreed, heat is the enemy. I've already had the trans flushed by dealer with fresh fluid, more a function of my OCD and establishing a base line for powertrain warranty. If i go with a better oil product, no issue going that route either as i use Redline oil in most things, but unsure if GM will warranty using that product, but will look into it just the same.
  2. I've towed with it a few times thus far, using an open car trailer. My question really comes from previous experience of trying to keep the temp as low as possible and the future upgrade to an aerodynamic brick of an enclosed car trailer. I may be over thinking it, but that's kind of the point. I'd rather err on side of over built vs. under. Appreciate the feedback Big Whiskey.
  3. Still looking into this. the way i'd like to approach this is at least getting a fitting that goes into the factory lines without having to alter etc. Then I'll just use whats need to plumb into a good universal unit. Anyone know of a fitting that works?
  4. Thanks for the response, that is very useful/interesting information. The other part for me is that I anticipate using this to haul an enclosed car trailer vs. an open car trailer, figured it would need the added cooling, but seeing that its right at factory spec, perhaps I'll wait and see how well it does in stock form. Maybe they did get it right
  5. This could be a case of me over building something/fixing something that isn't broke. On a tow this past summer I saw Trans temps ~200deg F and figured i'd look into upgrading the trans cooler before I need to tow again. I've searched and it doesn't seem to be a unit that is made for the 2016-2019 2500HD gas trucks. Is it because GM actually got it right the first time or not enough demand for aftermarket to bother? I realize the trans temp can go higher, but I've always gone with the assumption you can't really over cool the transmission fluid. Thanks, Rob
  6. I've read the opposite, that with E85 you may get less mpg's vs. Gas
  7. hopefully you can get the dealer to swap out to another MFG. even that's not a sure thing, i went through almost 2 sets of continentals to get it to acceptable, its still there, just not as bad as it was. If i was to do over again i'd go Michelin tires
  8. I haven't driven the truck since the tires and wheels were balanced, but did install the new bilstein shocks in it. Will get the drive impressions this weekend on a trip up to the track. I can tell you this though, the front shocks were shot and the rears still wanted to re expand on compression, but very slowly. Truck has ~42K on it. More than likely not your issue if the truck is new, but just giving data points for those that are approaching that kind of mileage.
  9. My dealer said the spec was 30 or less for LT tires. Discount tire said that anything close to 30 can cause slight vibration. DT said on the last tire they sent me it was 8, but using their wheel. So one has to wonder how much the factory wheels contribute to the variance. The end result of that last tire with my factory wheel was 21 RF.
  10. interested to hear/learn more about these. Seems like short money to make all the tire vibe issues people are having go away.
  11. Well, got the last new replacement tire installed today to swap out the 34 from the RR, the new RR value is 21 road force. I do feel a little something, but its much better than it was in the beginning, amazed at how sensitive these trucks are to RF values. Will use the truck for a long tow in a few weeks, which will hopefully go without issues.
  12. Installed 2 new replacement tires today for the rear, dealer said the RF was LR was 19 and RR was 34. Drove home on hitting the magic # of 70 and still feel a vibe. As it stands now LF is 29 RF is 27 LR is 19 RR is 34 Called Discount tire to see what their thoughts were and they are going to Road force balance a replacement tire on their end to get the low 20's and then ship out to me to swap out the RR tire. To some degree i wonder if the stock rancho shocks are having an impact on the results as they have 42K miles on them at this point, I purchased the truck with 41,3xx. I wanted to get the tires sorted before I intro a new variable like new shocks, already did the research/searched the forum and have Bilstein 5100 in a box waiting on install.
  13. Thanks, good to know that Nitto's may work if the Conti's need to get swapped out. are you running 20" wheels?
  14. I guess I'm half way there with the Conti Tires. Just out of curiosity, which Tire Mfg do you have, how long since the install and is it been riding vibe free? appreciate the feedback, I'd agree seems like the trucks are very sensitive to balance. Will keep at it, hoping this gets resolved before towing season starts.
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