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  1. Got under there and found a broken trans mount. Go figure. All good. And truck still shifts. Hahaha. 178,000miles
  2. Can't find anything on utube. Seems as though cross member will need to be removed to get to bolts on back of trans pan. Am I wrong? Any help is appreciated!
  3. I caught this sucker leaking like a pig. I removed it and bypassed it by bridging the two lines together. Anyone else do this? Any problems with over heated steering system?
  4. I was glad to have it. $33??? Dollars. Worked like a charm. It was very reassuring. Haha. Peace ......
  5. I ended up getting this one for $33.00. pulled double axle, 3,500lbs, no problems. Probably never use it again.
  6. I'm only going to use this controller once or twice. I was praying for a cheaper solution. $150.....trailer including cargo is around 3500lbs..... haha...you guys know what I'm thinking.
  7. '06 GMC Sierra 2500hd. I have the factory wiring still in glove box. Inexpensive controller? First hand experience is much appreciated. Thanks guys!! Am i wrong?
  8. Biggerdog01, nice work, brother. I've been moving and we'll very busy.....and they said it couldn't be done! Great job of not being deterred.... What's the latest and greatest, today? Don't mean to be nosy.....around $7.5k in total? And give me feedback on your thoughts when towing & issues. I'm towing near capacity. Truck definitely has nuts. But I avoided the mountainous grade (Hahaha!) On my 1300 mile journey. Get her done......
  9. They make a heavy duty bump stop. It's in here somewhere. I have them and right around 2500lb pin weight. They help for sure.
  10. Pic took me by surprise, myself. And it's my trailer. I swear I thought I lost the damn thing. Haha
  11. Bad bulb..... This truck maintained it's composure, like can't believe. 60mph big doe. Not playing.
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