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  1. Hi George, This truck is already supercharged, I am building a 408 to go with it. It is tuned with HP Tuners. Thanks
  2. Hi Everyone, I am currently building a LS 408, Whipple Supercharged engine for my 2017 Silverad0 2500hd 6.0l. I will not tow heavy load very often, and the truck is my daily driver....just wanting to have some fun. Currently the 10.5 differentials are geared at 4.10, but with the future increase in engine power, I feel the 4.10 gears will be a bit much for take off, as it will rev to fast? I am going to install an Eaton Trutrac assembly in the rear, but wanted your EXPERT opinions on the gears? Advice appreciated.
  3. Added them a couple of weeks ago, no problems here.
  4. I installed blue led lights in the console and the back light. DHaze83 stated, the rear is a PIA to get out. On the front console, I drilled 3 small holes and installed 3 LED bulbs. I used the wires that controlled the lights when doors open and removed them from the white lights, which left the map lights still functional if needed, but they don't come on, just the blue LED's. For the rear, I purchased some small single LED chips and soldered them onto the light plate for the rear passenger light.
  5. I recently installed the American Thunder system on my 2017 2500hd and love the sound. It sounds even better with the mods I have made to the engine. On start up, you can definitely hear it, but once the idle settles, it does not wake the neighbors up. It sounds so mean when under throttle.
  6. Hi Larry, Boy, that answer sounds so familiar. I ended up purchasing a smoke machine and found no leaks. It was all in the tune parameters. I also had the surging at around 2000 rpm, which I thought was a lean condition. The way that I described it to Whipple was I was feeling almost a flat spot in the throttle. I felt as if the engine was starving for fuel at this point. When I data logged a test run, it showed that I had very high fuel trim levels. I never really got rid of this condition with the assistance of Whipple. I experienced either extreme changes one way or another from them. My suggestion is to contact my tuner. Ted Jannetty at Jannetty Racing made so much power, it was night and day difference from Whipple. Whipples product is awesome, but you have to remember that they are using several tuning programs, and every one of us comes from a different area in the states and each truck has different running conditions. Ted will read your data log and find issues and make changes that will fix your running condition. https://jannettyracing.com/, tell them Randy sent you. He will email with you with no problem.
  7. Well, I learned several things on our trip from CT to TN. First of all, I need to speak with my tuner and find out if under driving the supercharger will keep me out of boost at certain rpm ranges. The tune in my truck is set up for the most horsepower, this does not make for the best towing, thank goodness it will be at least another year before I tow again. The second thing that I learned with a supercharger is, you cannot use cruise control! I love my cruise control, however, cruise control is set off vacuum, and when the engine starts making boost, the speed continues to climb and I would have to turn off the cruise. One thing that was very enlightening, was while entering the interstate and picking up speed, many of the semi's that were already doing the speed limit, were amazed that I was able to out run them by the end of my on-ramp. I received many thumbs up from them. And lastly..…….when your truck is set up for getting the most horsepower, I found out that the average fuel mileage for 850 miles turned out to be approx. 6-7 mpg towing a 14,000lb 5th wheel
  8. Larry, The issues that I had were from incorrect instructions. What type of low-end issues are you having?
  9. The weather here in New England is hit and miss (snow and ice) but I will be towing for the first time since installing the Whipple. We are taking our 5th Wheel to Tennessee. I am excited to see how the increase in hp/tq performance pulls the hills through PA and then once we get down in VA and TN. I will post the trip once I have something to post. Oh, I also installed a Flex a Lite dual fan set-up pulling 6000cfm and leveled the truck with the Suspension Maxx leveling kit, very nice product. I came with stock spacers (I already have Bilsteins), and the kit come with from differential spacers which maintains the CV joint angle so the boots do not prematurally wear and also saves the joint.
  10. You can get ahold of him, tell him I recommended you to him. His name is Ted Jannetty https://jannettyracing.com Randy
  11. Hopefully someone will make long tube headers by the time you are ready for them. Nothing available as of now.
  12. I prefer the Flowmaster, check out their Super 50 muffler. https://www.flowmastermufflers.com/flowmaster/street-mufflers/
  13. Unfortunately I do not, it is included and installed with the intake manifold.
  14. Eric, Congratulations on the new truck. I am so very lucky to have a performance tuner over here that dialed my engine in after the Whipple install. You will read (if you haven't already) about people bad mouthing the E78 ECM. It is all about knowing HOW to tune it. My tuner actually calibrates a lot of Whipple's programs for them, so when speaking with them at the time of purchase, mention my guys name. I will PM you his info when you are ready. Knowing how systems on your truck work is very important. I do a lot of research before making choices and then confirming them with experts.
  15. Now the question is, do anyone know of a metal connector to take the place of that crappy plastic one. On my left valve cover, the fitting is in the back, and I am installing a catch can but do not want to use the plastic connector. Sorry, forgot to say that this is for a 2017 Chevy Silverado 2500hd 6.0l with SC
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