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  1. Hey Mike, Great info. My issue was only observed b/w 60-70 until it was fixed. How would you go about reprogramming this, can it be corrected via Custom Tune or more specific physical component? My issue hasn't come back (yet), I'm at 37K. Andy
  2. Got the truck back today, issue was a worn idler arm, replaced under warranty and steering is as tight as expected.
  3. Yes, adjustment screw, I took it in today so we'll see what they find. I didn't notice if it was backed out at all, it wasn't marked.
  4. Sad to say, 18k miles after getting PIT5501F done, my steering is loose again Going to make appt to get it done again, or is there a newer update to this?
  5. Probably a few thousand miles on them. Part Numbers 110036 (Fronts) 120036 (Rears). $60 shipped to lower-48.
  6. I'm hesitant to take mine in if there's not a proven fix yet, just temporary band-aids. Serious, how is this not a safety recall?! BTW, it was really fun pulling my 30' travel trailer last weekend, steering was all over the road!
  7. I went to my original post and posted the YouTube video instead
  8. I recently passed 9k miles (Flint built '16 SierraHD) and my steering is not as tight as it used to be. Here's a quick video I took, is this what others are experiencing?
  9. Had these on my 06 Sierra 1500, sold truck and no longer need. Part #: 10800 $35 + shipping (cross-posted)
  10. <<< Add another person to the groan list This article suggests bottom steering column bearing or clock spring.
  11. I run mine 12-13k miles with AMSOIL 5w-30 full syn & EaO filter. Nick (Black02Silverado) knows his stuff (I may be biased as he's my AMSOIL guy)! I end up resetting my DIC halfway through, never found it to be conclusive on the percentage it shows, so I just reset it and change at my own interval. I also do an oil analysis from Blackstone Labs after every change so I know how the oil is doing as well as how my engine adapts to the extended intervals.
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