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  1. This is likely what you're experiencing. I hauled an enclosed trailer from KY to VA and noticed exactly this as I was monitoring the trans temps. When I was driving on the interstate, temps would be fine. As soon as I got off an exit to get gas/food, the temps would start to rise. On short fuel stops, the temperature would actually be higher after I restarted the truck to leave. This is because the fluid where the sensor is located, was absorbing the heat from the trans. Temps never got too hot but, it was interesting to watch them rise and fall with vehicle speed and the fan kicking on and off. What was really wild was watching how quickly they dropped when it started raining.
  2. The sensors are only monitored when in reverse, you would need to figure out how to program the system to monitor them while in drive. Once you tackled that you would then want to make sure they weren't going off for every vehicle or road sign on the highway.
  3. Is accessorizing your truck something that you are currently interested and/or investing in? IF YES: What is your to top priority when choosing accessories for your truck? (Quality/Price/Look/Reviews) IF NO: Why not? (No time/money, inexperience, no vehicle) Yes...All of those factors matter but, priority usually goes to functionality and quality. Does it do what I want it to do and will it do it reliably. Would you purchase something because it's priced cheaper, regardless of negative reviews, or options of higher-end, better quality products? (YES or NO) No...I'd rather spend a couple more dollars and get a better quality product. There is a limit however, I will not pat 3-4x as much for a product that doesn't offer discernible better quality/functionality for the money. Would you purchase an accessory purely based on how it looks? Even if that means the product does not work well or may not work at all? No, looks are important but, the accessory needs to function.
  4. My 2011 did this when my battery went dead along with some other weird stuff that I thought was caused by a battery drain issue. Replaced the battery and all was well. I'm not sure that your issue is the same but, I would bet it's something electrical and not mechanical like running out of freon.
  5. Yes..They did on my Yukon and my Sierra. My aunt and one the guys I used to work also had leaky lines on their tahoes. I'd be looking at aftermarket lines if mine weren't just replaced under warranty. It should be noted that none of them leaked bad enough to cause any issues other than making the lines dirty.
  6. I've never installed one but, I had it on my previous Yukon and loved it in the winter. Worked great except for when the spray nozzles would freeze (would have to break the ice off them). Then there was the time I had a CD case sitting in the area in front of the button. It would hit the button causing the wipers to turn on seemingly at random. Took me longer than I care to admit to figure out it was the CD case and not an electrical gremlin. I think this was the company that originally supplied them to GM. http://www.alphathermusa.com/Products.html If I recall correctly, the factory units were recalled due to causing fires. The fix was to remove the unit but, on mine they just pulled the fuse.
  7. I like it with the exception of a few things...The fender going into the headlight. The mirrors being lower on the door instead of the front triangle area of the window. The rear windows don't look like they will go all the way down with that raised portion in the rear of them. I'm really curious to see how this looks without the aggressive tires and 2" lift in other trim levels.
  8. Interesting...I wonder how long this will work before PB gets wind of it. Anyway, I'm in and thanks!
  9. There are more expensive vehicles if that's the end goal. That said; if I had to keep it, a Koenigsegg would be my pick. Would be tough to choose between an Agera, Regera and a One:1 though.
  10. If all you know about an award is who won it, does it really mean anything? Personally none of them mean squat to me. The only exception are the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) ratings, those I have seen videos of their tests and know they put a lot of effort in to their ratings.
  11. Last time I quoted a Vette it was over $1400 for 6 months which is nearly 3 times as much as it cost me for my truck. That was for full coverage with a clean record and being 29yo.
  12. I've heard $135k being thrown around. It's definitely in the realm of cars with this sort of performance but, sadly way out of my budget.
  13. Checkout this thread... Self Diving Vehicle Thread I personally like them and am looking forward to them being the norm. Sure I'll still want to drive on a track/offroad for play but, day to day I'd much rather let a car drive itself. Computers can and will be safer than humans and have actually proven to prevent accidents humans wouldn't even have a chance at preventing. With enough redundancies and safety protocols "glitches" aren't a problem. I explain a little more in the thread but, that's the gist of my opinion about them.
  14. It's grossly overpriced and has a lot of useless features IMO. The only useful features are the app (remote start, lock/un-lock, etc), crash response and slowing down (onstar website doesn't say it will SHUT down, only slow) in the event of theft. I'd gladly pay a one time fee for the app but, I won't be paying for on-star once my trial is over.
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