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Found 14 results

  1. This is my first post so sorry if I’m all over the place. I’ve had my 2014 Sierra slt for about two years now. I got it with 116k miles and I’m at about 174k right now. Since the day I’ve bought the truck it’s been nothing but issues. You name it, it’s happened. Four separate water leaks (sunroof, gps antenna, third brake light, and cab vents), 2 transfer case control modules, problems with the power steering going out, brakes going out at low speeds. A couple of months ago my transmission went out and it also needed various other repairs totaling over $20k. Now my park assist sensors don’t work, my rear doors don’t open from the inside and also don’t lock from the outside, reverse lights and camera don’t work, and it constantly dings at me to service my trailer brake system (seriously, it chimes at me about every two seconds as I’m going down the road, telling me to service the trailer brakes). I’ve gone through and checked every ground I can find and nothing helps. Today I went through every single fuse and relay in the truck. I found a couple of blown fuses and replaced as needed, but still no change. I’m at a loss for what to do at this point as I’m stuck with the truck after all the money I’ve sunk into it. Does anybody maybe have any solutions to any of these problems? I’m desperate for answers, anything helps.
  2. Hey guys, I have a 2010 GMC Sierra SLE Crew Cab. I am having an odd issue with the rear parking assist throwing three different variations of codes on my dash. 1. Service Park Assist (Most Common) 2. Park Assist Blocked (Never blocked, iced over, or trailer hitch installed) 3. Park Assis off My issues is that when I put it in reverse with the ebrake on I can go back and listen to the sensors and all of them work but one. Upon further inspection I swapped two sensors locations (i.e. removed two sensors and swapped sensor locations) the once seemed faulty sensor worked and the other working sensor stopped working. This discover lead me to believe that I had a bad wiring harness. So I bought a new harness from Amazon and slapped it in and the same thing is happening. My next question is could it be the park assist module? I took the seat out and inspected the module connectors and wires and they look nearly brand new besides a thin layer of dust on the outside. I believe that all evidence points to the module, but I wanted to get some other opinions before I chucked any more money at it. Appreciate any and all advice you have to offer.
  3. I have a 2010 Sierra 1500 4x4 with 21,000 miles. The park assist quit working. When pressing the button under the radio, it does not light up ever, but the display briefly show "Park Assist Off". I check the parking brake, there is no trailer hitch and tailgate is up. There use to be a beep upon shifting to reverse, but not any more. Nothing. Any ideas?
  4. I have a 2011 GMC Sierra Denali with a park assist problem I’m hoping someone can help me solve. A couple months ago, I started getting a sporadic “park assist blocked” error. This is pretty common as the sensors are covered in snow in the winter. However, I then noticed the sensors began to work sporadically even if they were clear. A month or so after that, the message changed to “service park assist” and the system automatically disables itself. The button on the dash shows the system is off all the time and when I try to turn it back on, the orange light flashes for two seconds but then disables itself again. I’ve checked the fuse and unplugged the battery but have not been able to get it to reset. Does this seem like a sensor issue or a control module? Any ideas for next steps? Unfortunately since the system is disabled all the time I can’t check to see if one sensor is malfunctioning as I’ve read about on other forums. Update: when I started my truck once this week it randomly worked for 10 seconds then disabled itself again and hasn’t worked since.
  5. I have a 2011 Sierra SLT 1500 Extended Cab, I have rear parking sensors and back up camera which displays in my rear view mirror. I was in an accident and a lot of my front end is being replaced, (bumper, grill, etc). Since I already have rear parking sensors I was curious to know how difficult and expensive it would be, if it’s even practical, to install parking sensors on the front as well. Any input would be great! Thanks!
  6. I am currently setting out to figure out how to add factory front and rear park assist. I've spent quite a bit of time researching and looking through the upfitters manual to try and figure out if and how I might accomplish this. I can say that this is a very expensive and time consuming upgrade....especially since both front and rear bumpers need to be replaced. There are several parts that need to be added and quite a few circuits that need to be added. From looking at my X61A junction box, there are several circuits missing, and I have confirmed that the park assist module and cluster will need to be programmed after exchanging emails with WAMS (White Auto Media Services). We are both unsure if the BCM will require programming. I am thinking that it may not be necessary for this mod. Vehicle: 2018 Silverado, Crew Cab LT All-Star Edition 5.3L Parts Needed: 13447860 Control Module 19115653 Connector (You Wont Believe how expensive this is...but it comes with pre-terminated leads) 15127038 Connector & Terminal Part #: SAIT-A03T-M064 13525987 Connector & Terminal Part #: SAIT-A03T-M064 23145170 Stab Control Switch (Dash Switch to add park assist button) Terminated Lead Part #: 13575782 84029812 Front Bumper w/Fog Lights w/Sensors 84153946 Front Sensor x4 23276805 Park Sensor Bracket Front x4 23274031 Harness 23108141 Rear Bumper w/Sensors 23428268 Rear Sensor x4 23276807 Park Sensor Bracket Rear x4 23406458 Harness The bumpers are very expensive as you can imagine, so I am still trying to source new OEM chrome bumpers. I may break down and buy OE replacements on Ebay as they are much cheaper. Same part numbers are used. Circuits Needed to be Added: 3140 - Battery Positive Voltage 5852 - Rear Park Assist LED Disable Signal 5060 - Low Speed GMLAN Serial Data (I believe this circuit may already exist. Need to verify) 2751 - Signal Ground (This circuit may already exist under the passenger seat) 2375 - Left Rear Corner Object Sensor Signal 2376 - Left Rear Middle Object Sensor Signal 2374 - Object Sensor Control 2378 - Right Rear Corner Object Sensor Signal 2377 - Right Rear Middle Object Sensor Signal 2379 - Object Sensor Low Reference 5213 - Front Parking Left/Right/Mid Sensor 5215 - Front Parking Left Corner Sensor 5216 - Front Parking Left Mid Sensor 5214 - Front Parking Sensor Low Reference 5217 - Front Parking Right Corner Sensor 5218 - Front Parking Right Mid Sensor Various Colors of 22 awg cross-link TXL Wire 1/2 in wire loom Tesa Wire Loom Harness Tape Replacing Bumpers: Replacing the front bumper is pretty straightforward and is laid out very well in Phil Gamboa's youtube video. The harness' will need to be replaced with the parts listed above. I recommend swapping out the harness' while the bumpers are off. The rear bumper is a pain. You will need to loosen 8 bolts that attach the bed to the chassis. There are a few videos on how to do this. The bed does not need to be removed - It can either be propped up inside the wheel wells or held up by 2 people on either side while the bumper is lifted off. The bed needs to be lifted in order to fit the bumper brackets underneath it when pulling away from the vehicle. You can replace the brackets and plastic parts on the rear bumper. It is pretty straightforward. Just squeeze the tabs one by one with a pair of pliers and they will release. If you pry the top plastic step without squeezing the tabs, you may break off the tabs. Front Park Assist Sensors: Phil Gamboa has done a great job showing how this is performed in his youtube video that shows him adding front park assist Rear Park Assist Sensors: Phil Gamboa has done a good job on explaining how to add front park assist. A nearly identical process is required to add the rear but instead the circuits will go to the X138 Connector under the hood and can be lead into the cab on the driver side much like how PGamboa did on the passenger side for the front sensors. From the upfitters manual it looks like the rear sensor wires go from sensors->harness->X185 Connector->X138->X2 Control Module Connector. I have not yet been able to locate the X185 Connector (most likely under the bed somewhere), but think that I will end up bypassing it and going straight to the X138 connector. Control Module X1 Connector to Instrument Panel: The X1 Connector Circuits will run straight to the X61A Junction Box under the driver door sil. Power and Ground from the X1 Connector look like they will run up the passenger door sil. Circuit 3140 - Battery Positive Voltage Lands in the X51R fuse block in the X1 Connector, in cavity #43. I landed the Ground lead using a ring terminal under the B pillar. There is a ground bolt down there. Current Holdups: Finding where exactly to land circuit 3140 - Battery Positive Voltage. Circuit 3140 actually lands in the X51R fuse block. X1 connector, terminal #43. Finding terminals for connectors has been very very difficult and I am still looking for several different types. I am having a difficult time finding the correct terminals for: S45A Multifunction Switch -> Ended up purchasing the GM terminated leads. Part #: 13575782 X61A Junction Box X1 Connector -> Mouser Part #: 829-35031567 X61A Junction Box X5 Connector -> Mouser Part #: 829-35031567 X150 Connector Male -> Mouser Part #: 571-964265-2-LP X150 Connector Female -> Mouser Part #: 571-964263-2-LP X901 Connector Male -> Mouser Part #: 538-33000-0002-LP. After landing the terminals, I cannot get the connector to seat properly and lock, but I have confirmed that all wires have continuity through the connector. I am still working on figuring out why this is happening. X100 Connector Female -> Mouser Part#: 538-33012-2003-LP Any help with figuring out terminals for where to find decently priced bumpers would be appreciated. I am continuing to work on the project as time permits. I am almost done with the modification as of now 8/27/19. I am waiting on a few park sensors to arrive to replace a few bad ones that I ended up with. I am getting a "Service Park Assist" Message on my cluster. I will follow up after I have this resolved to confirm everything is working as it should. -Brandon Wood
  7. So I bought a used 2014 Sierra SLT All Terrain knowing there were certain aspects that weren’t exactly what I wanted but choosing to sacrifice for mileage and overall package. One of those was that the bumper does not have corner steps by the tailgate. This is proving to be more of a pain than I though especially considering when my current tires are worn I’m swapping to much larger tires and possible a lift. Anybody have ideas or advise on swapping the bumper? Best I’ve seen eBay and a body shop respraying in my body color is best. Am I right?
  8. My 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 ,I have this message SERVICE PARK ASSIST SISTEM And I replace all rear sensors and wire harness and still have the same message if anyone know a quick solution will be highly appreciate it thanks in advance!!!and where is the park assist module located?
  9. 2008 Silverado. I've tried new sensors, new wiring harness and new park assist module. Info center DOES NOT say "service park assist" or "park assist disabled". There's the red flashing light on the indicator(no yellow) in the back passenger corner of cab but no chime/chimes while backing or nearing an object. Any ideas short of a dealer visit???
  10. Service park assist / service traction control / service stabilitrack/ battery power low. All kicked on this morning. Drove it yesterday, start up sounded a bit weak, drove it for like 20 mins. Turn the key over this morning, I get a single click and all the reads out from the above. It's a 2012 Silverado lt with 56k miles on it. It's only been getting started every three days for the last 2 weeks since I've been on vacation. So I'm not sure if the battery died because it didn't get the altanator going enough to generate a charge or what... Really confused. I'm really hoping the damn thing just did all wanna crap out on me at once. Hoping for you help, thanks.
  11. Have had my truck 2 weeks now, and have rigged it out for work with a Decked unit in the bed, 60gal aux tank, luverne grip steps, and a ranch hand legend grille guard. Initially the outfitters put the wrong guard on it, so they ordered me the one for trucks with park assist and now that it is on, I get intermittent full blown "DUDE YOU'RE HITTING SOMETHING RIGHT THIS SECOND!!" warnings from the two middle sensors. It never fails it's when I'm sitting at a stop light expecting it the least and it scares the hell out of me, annoys during phone calls (im on the phone a lot while driving for work), and just... screw that. Anyone else have this issue resolved?
  12. 2014 GMC Sierra slt My service park assist and service airbag came on at the same time. I took it to the dealer and they said a bad front sensor (2nd one from driver side) was causing both of the alerts and wanted $700 bucks to fix it. I ordered the sensor and replaced it myself but the alerts aren't going away and the park assist system still doesn't work. Any ideas on if I need to do something else?
  13. I realize there are other threads on this topic but none seem very recent. Does anyone have any idea if a 2018 LTZ crew would be pre-wired for at least the rear park assist? That is the only feature of the LTZ plus package I miss so far. My truck was 3 days old to me, with 124 miles and I damaged my rear bumper backing into one of my own cars in driveway. Since I Need to replace out of pocket I am finding its not much more to purchase an assembly with park assist sensors and wiring. However, Im not sure if I would need wiring to go from rear of truck to module location under passenger seat (if I understood location correctly) . In my past experience GM does not like to include a single connector they dont need to regardless of what trim level the vehicle is. Thanks!
  14. My 2011 Tahoe shows park assist off and stereo dead. No chimes, onstar, bluetooth, etc. It came back on once but now everything is dead again. Tried disconnecting battery & checked / pulled all related fuses. Only power I get to stereo is backlight. No clock or sound. Tried EVERY button. Park assist button just flashes. PLEASE HELP!
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