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  1. If I have to buy aftermarket I will, but I prefer not to. I’ve had aftermarket on trucks prior and I’ve found I just don’t like how intrusive they can be in your leg space. Could possibly mount it differently but I’d prefer to look into oem first. I have a local shop I go to that programmed the active fuel management out of my truck so I plan to call them when they open tomorrow.
  2. I’ll be sure to post. I’ve already got the part so I’m into it already, might as well see it through. I’ll also tag/quote you when I give up or find a solution.
  3. I just checked the build sticker and found the Z82 but could not find the JL1 code. If I understand you, the JL1 is required for the brake controller to work? My dash panel had the lighting dial in the bottom left, the light selection dial in bottom right. Above that was the 4WD dial and at the top where the brake controller would be there was a pocket. The new piece I purchased has the panel and the brake controller included.
  4. Hey everyone, I bought a 2014 Sierra 1500 back in September that was perfect EXCEPT it didn’t come with the oem brake controller. So I contacted my local GM dealer and gave them my vin. They looked up my truck and verified that it was built including the trailering package. This is important because I’ve seen that your trucks computer has to be programmed to accept the oem trailer brake controller, the piece isn’t just plug and play. So I verified this with the dealership. *I’m really thrown off that my truck has everything in the trailer package for that year except f
  5. Has anyone tried or researched upgrading the factory backup camera? My camera is very blurry in my 2014 Sierra SLT and am looking to improve the quality. I’ve seen cleaning the lens on the current camera so I’ll try that but I’m not ruling out a replacement camera if there is a higher resolution option on the market. Before anyone asks, yes I cleaned the dust and dirt off.
  6. That does help, thank you for that. I’ll start looking at the 2500 and 3500 bumpers too.
  7. I was surprised as well. In fact, while searching for a truck I didn’t even notice that the truck I was purchasing did not have steps. I truly thought that every bumper had steps. My truck is the SLT All-Terrain. What is yours? Where are you located? Does your bumper have the four sensors? I would still be interested in a swap if you would be. I’d just have the bumper repainted. My bumper has light damage as well to the driver side. No paint damage whatsoever, the bumper is just lightly pushed in as you’ll see in the photos attached. Sorry for how dirty it is at the moment.
  8. Looking to swap my “stepless” bumper for a “stepped” bumper. Anyone with a bumper to a 2014-18 rear bumper with step corners and a bumper with sensor spots, contact me. I’m in Lancaster county, PA. My truck is the Sierra painted in Stealth Gray Metallic.
  9. Im in the Lancaster area, Pennsylvania. You? What color and year is your truck?
  10. So I bought a used 2014 Sierra SLT All Terrain knowing there were certain aspects that weren’t exactly what I wanted but choosing to sacrifice for mileage and overall package. One of those was that the bumper does not have corner steps by the tailgate. This is proving to be more of a pain than I though especially considering when my current tires are worn I’m swapping to much larger tires and possible a lift. Anybody have ideas or advise on swapping the bumper? Best I’ve seen eBay and a body shop respraying in my body color is best. Am I right?
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