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Found 19 results

  1. Hey all I was wanting to do a 2500 front end conversion on my 2018 1500 Silverado. Has anyone done this to their truck if so whats the process and what is required? I'll take any advice i can get as im only looking to change the hood, grill, headlights, and bumper obviously. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I really need to convert the tired look of my 2008 Z71 Suburban to something exciting like a gmc sierra or Silverado front clip.....I like 2014 and up....any knowledge on how difficult. Bolt on?
  3. new here. just throwing this out there to see if anyone has info on how hard it is to convert the front bumper on a 2006 Silverado 2500HD to a 2018 Silverado 2500HD or what needs to be done to get it done. heres a picture i found on Facebook of it done. just need more info.
  4. First post but following for a while now, I was wondering if anyone on her has done, or has seen a set of aftermarket Silverado headlights in a Sierra? I have a 2012 Sierra and I like the look of some of the Silverado headlights a lot better than the ones I have now, just want to change it up a bit and was wondering if anyone new if they we able to just be bolted in normally or if there was a conversion to make it possible?
  5. Hello, I have been helped by various posts on this forum for a long time but now joined mainly to ask some questions about upgrading my van. Here is the scenario; my dad purchased the 2000 Chevy Express Conversion Van new from a dealership back in 2001. We used it as a family vehicle for many years but as us 'kids' grew up and married off, the van was left unused. So I purchased it from my dad and have been fixing it up. Whoever did the conversion was an idiot. They took an Express 1500 and made it into a conversion van that weighs 6,800# empty. *The front doors are so heavy we had to reweld the hinges because the factory spot welds were peeling off. *The van had front DRUM brakes which we changed out for a set of Brembo slotted disk brakes. *Changed rear axle ratio from whatever stock was down to 3:73 *I upgraded the wheels from 15" to 17" and the tire size from 26" to 30.5" (yes the front tires rub sometimes, but it is 10X better in snow and rides better.). *I replaced the rear leaf springs with 3/4 ton leaf springs and coil-over heavy duty shocks. *Upgraded the full exhaust system from the manifolds back with 3" pipe and a high flow cat and Thrush muffler. *Replaced the engine after I was a dumbA$$ and never refilled the coolant with coolant after having to add water due to a leak and the block froze and cracked. The replacement engine was taken from a 1999 Chevy Suburban. *The transmission was replaced with a Monster Transmission brand 4L60-E rated up to 600hp and tuned for towing (quick firm shifts) and a heavy duty torque converter. *Replaced all ball-joints and steering bushings. *New "heavy duty" shocks for front suspension - which didn't change anything like I was hoping. Anyway, now I want to upgrade the front suspension because it is SO SOFT that the van struggles to ride flat if the road has any bumps in it. It is 2WD, so no front axle. 1: I want to upgrade the front and rear sway bars, can I just put 3/4-ton or 1-ton sway bars on it? Will they fit? 2: I want to upgrade the front springs and shocks with 3/4 ton springs and shocks. Is this possible? 2b: I would also be happy if anyone new of an air suspension or air-adjustable shocks that might work as well. I can't seem to find anything for front suspension for 2wd Chevy vans or trucks. Thanks for any help.
  6. Has anyone with the 4x6 sealed beam converted to the H4 housing? I have installed the conversion on my 86 to h4 but the wiring needs to be sorted and wondering if anyone has done this and what did you do to make them work like the old sealed beams?
  7. Is there a way to tell if a 2015 Silverado LTZ came with factory HID bulbs? I got a used LTZ that has factory projector headlights but the bulbs in it when I got it were halogen. I’m trying to put LED’s or HID’s in and want to do it as easily and cheaply as possible.
  8. What are your thoughts about these Escalade taillights on a Yukon? Nice or Rice?
  9. Ok, I know this sounds weird, but I want an answer so I will cut to the chase. Are there any conversion kits for a 2013 Sierra that transform the front end into a 2013 Silverado? I am asking because I have a 2013 sierra and a 2013 silverado and I like the Silverado look better. I am trying to build identical Prerunners and my silverado is finished. All I want are the grill, headlights, etc. I don’t even need a hood since I am using aftermarket Cowl hoods. I’ve searched anywhere but all of the conversion kits are for people who are either turning the chevy’s into gmcs or making them look newer.
  10. Hello everyone, I recently bought this clean title, high mileage 2000 Silverado LS Z71 from my coworker. It was right before Christmas and I really wanted to help the guy out knowing full well I could do something with it. Heck, I needed a truck after all. I get home and attempt to drain the oil but nothing comes out. After some poking around with a screwdriver, I get it to drain. Chunks are flowing along with the oil and it turns out there was so much sludge build up in the bottom of the pan, it sucked some up, suffered a momentary loss of oil pressure and spun the bearing. I know the transmission had a hard shift from first to second. Could it be low fluid? Maybe, but why do the swap just to find out the transmission is bad? My coworker friend was a smoker and it appears he preferred his coffee without a lid so the interior is....interesting. Also truck only has oxidation on the hood and fenders so the only reasonable choice was to find a salvaged donor vehicle to source parts from!! I have a buddy with a dealers license and I'm debating picking up this rear ended 2006 Escalade for a FULL front end/interior/dash/drivetrain swap. Can it be done? Plug and play? Anything someone doing something like this should know? I've done some pretty crazy engine swaps and garage rebuilds, 2 stroke porting early on, etc. I have the ability but hopefully you folks can chime in and confirm whether or not it is possible or if there is a better option. I was also looking at a 2004 Duramax/6speed which was t-boned pretty good as a potential candidate but there's something about that plush Escalade interior....
  11. Hello. My brother seems to have a bit of a weird problem. He recently swapped his belt driven fans for an electrical ones. He did all the wirings and changed the temp Sensor. Although the AC fan works fine, It seems that the radiator fan turns on instantly when the engine is cold, but when the engine reaches the operating temperature it turns off and stays off. What could cause this? Did he flip a wire somewhere?
  12. I am trying to figure out if it is possible to install a steering wheel from a 2007 Silverado into my 2000 Silverado. Reason for doing so is because (1) my brothers 2007 steering wheel is a lot more comfortable then the steering wheel I have in my truck and (2) it looks better. I am not here to have people hate on this. I may not even do this, but I am curious on if this will work or not. I have been attempting to do reasearch, however I am finding nothing, so: Will the 2007 steering wheel be able to be installed into the 2000? Will the airbag harness of the 2000 connect to the airbag of the 2007? Will the 2007 airbag have issues being connected to a 2000? I know there is a large difference in years. I am just curious as it was simple to swap the front end of my 2000 with a 2004.
  13. Currently I have an 07 LBZ silverado classic that's body is wrecked, more or less a rolling chassis that is still in relatively decent shape. I want to know what some of you guys out their think about about me pulling my body off of the classic and throwing my 92 C1500 body on top. I haven't measured the frames yet but the classic frame may need shortened a bit. Any other unforeseen circumstances you guys could see arise out of this?
  14. I have a 2008 crew cab WT and a donor 2008 crew cab SLE I'd like all the SLE features and want to know what modules I'll need to swap without getting my BCM reprogrammed. My dealer won't do it for me. So Im ready to change all necessary modules in my truck with the donor truck including the ignition. Can you tell me if this is possible and what I'll need to do and what modules to replace? I understand they go by VIN or something. But if I get all the stuff from the donor and move it over to mine it should work without locking me out of the truck right?
  15. Turning a negative situation into a positive one. My 2015 Sierra Denali 1500 got backed into last week denting the rear fender and breaking the right taillight. Thanks to this forum, I picked up some harnesses from zmnypit and found a set of 2016 Denali tail lights for a great deal from local Canadian sellers. Just waiting for the harnesses to come in before I swap them over this weekend. Just need to find a good set of headlights now to complete the 2016 lighting conversion! Will post pictures when it's all repaired and swapped over!
  16. Hello everyone! I have just successfully upgraded from standard DL8 mirrors(heated and power adjust), to aftermarket tow mirrors from eBay. My truck is a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Double Cab, Standard Box After much thinking about whether I really wanted to go with the look of tow mirrors and also how I would make it work knowing that they wouldn't be plug and play, I bit the bullet. I looked all around for some tow mirrors that I would be happy with. I found multiple listings on eBay for a really low price ranging from $195-220. I picked out a set that had a blacked out clearance light as I don't like the orange lense. I will put the listing below. In addition to finding the mirrors I wanted, I also had been reading up on the forum of how I wanted to make it work. I came across a member(pgamboa) who has been helping the community by making and selling a harness that allows people to convert from the standard DL8 mirrors to the fancy DL3 setup. His harness makes the conversion plug and play for the new mirrors. Knowing his harness was for non-tow mirrors, I reached out to him and asked about making one to work with tow mirrors. He took it upon himself to make a harness to work for me even though he doesn't have actual tow mirrors to test. After fast shipment, I had received the new harnesses and I swapped them with my old ones which he will give money back to you for sending back to him. Since I had the door panel off in order to install the new harness, I went ahead and installed a product called "fatmat"(similar to dynamat) to quiet up my ride and improve my speaker sound. Anyway, I replaced my harnesses even though I hadn't yet gotten my tow mirrors delivered yet. My plan was to leave my stock mirrors on until I had my tow mirror in and I planned on getting the chrome caps on them color matched to my truck. Once the mirrors arrived, I popped the chrome caps off and stripped the chrome using muriatic acid. This works very well to completely strip chrome plating on plastic, and it does it in a matter of hours. While stripping the chrome, I decided I better plug them in to test them out. To my disappointment, only the turn signal and power adjust worked. The courtesy lights and clearance lights did not work. I contacted pgamboa again and got his input. We diagnosed the issue to be in my trucks X500 door harness connector. It was missing 2 pins necessary for the courtesy lights and clearance lights to get signal. His harness was pinned for them but my truck was not. To remedy this issue, he sent me a set of wires for both the passenger and driver side connectors. Once I received them, I used his instructions and guidance to insert the wires into the necessary slots to make the connections needed. During this process I had my mirror caps all stripped and taken into my local Chevy dealership to have them color match paint the caps. Finally I got the caps popped back on and the mirrors installed on the truck and I am extremely happy with the look and result. A huge thanks to member "pgamboa"!! He is a great community member and he is always around the forum helping others. He took me on as a customer and helped me through every step of the way. He has put numerous man hours into his research for these harness and just in helping me getting my mirrors working and functioning. I can't thank him enough for the help and highly recommend him for anyone needing help with a tow mirror conversion or the regular DL8 to DL3 conversion. pgamboa's harness topic- http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/196569-fs2014-silveradosierra-custom-plug-and-play-harness-for-dl8-to-dl3/ Tow mirror topic- http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/164349-201415-hd-powerfold-oem-tow-mirrors-the-ones-weve-been-waiting/ eBay Tow mirrors - http://www.ebay.com/itm/232168806348?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT *These mirrors have; LED clearance lights, LED Courtesy/Cargo, LED Turn signals, Heated, and Power adjust. Non power-fold/extending. Let me know if you have any questions about anything! I will help the best I can!
  17. I'm new to this forum, and would like to know about converting a 2002 c2500hd to 4 wd. It has a regular cab short bed with the 6.0 vortex I don't know the tranny type. I would like to know what I would all need to do to convert it to a 4 wheel drive truck. I do not own it yet, but am looking to buy it. I own an older Chevy truck that I did a rolling frame swap on it so I know what I am doing I just haven't done a 2wd to 4wd conversion. And would I need to change the computer in it.
  18. has anyone done a conversion to put these mirrors on 2003-2006 2500hd? or anyone have a link to a forum about it? i searched and could not find anything.
  19. I have a 1999 gmc the front diff is grinding and I don't really need 4wd in my truck. so my dad decided for some reason unkown he would remove the front axels. As far as I know the bearings were good when he first left. he didn't even get a mile down the road when both bearings were shot. what I am wondering is. do I need to replace those bearings with bearing out of a 2wd truck in order for them to work, or should I buy 4wd bearings and put the axels back in, or is there no possibility of recovery my front end for a reasonable price? thanks a lot for helping me out here!!
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