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  1. I'd probably buy brand new if you can give any more info when you can thatd be great thanks
  2. From what little ive gathered i understand that the 2500s have some different hood hinges to support the weight of the hood. I'm just trying to figure out everything id need to do before i actually do anything
  3. Hey all I was wanting to do a 2500 front end conversion on my 2018 1500 Silverado. Has anyone done this to their truck if so whats the process and what is required? I'll take any advice i can get as im only looking to change the hood, grill, headlights, and bumper obviously. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Any recommendations?
  5. Hmm so if i buy that does it need to be installed at the dealership? Thats probably gonna cost even more huh
  6. hey guys i have a 2017 black out edition silverado wt and it didnt come with remote start or at least it wasnt activated? so im just wondering how i would go about getting it activated and what not let me know guys thanks! also where would i get a steering with volume control and how would that be installed just at audio place or what?
  7. I had always thought rough country was the main guys to go with considering how much you hear about them, guess i'm gonna have to save up a whole lot more for a better lift. anyone have stock vs 6 inch lift? how do you like a lifted truck
  8. Whats the difference between coil over and not having it on the bds kit? Could you also link me one for a 2wd
  9. Hey guys im new to this forum and i signed up because i needed help decided how high i should lift my 2017 silverado black out edition. The highest i think id go is 6 inches but rough country only goes up to 7.5 and the next highest is 5 which i might do. fabtech has 6 inch kits but i really dont know how good they are compared to rough country. Anyway all feedback is appreciated let me know your opinions and show me pics of stock vs 6 and 5 if you have it thank you all for reading
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