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Found 14 results

  1. I purchased my 2021 Yukon AT4 brand new in June. I haven't had to use the heat until recently (I live in TN). The front heat blows warm air while I'm driving, but when I stop at a long light or put it in park, the air starts to blow cold until I start driving it around again. Also, in the rear of the cabin, it's never blown hot air...ever. Even after running the controls on full blast on HI for an hour -- air is still ice cold. I've tried it with the Auto Stop On and Off and it makes no difference. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. 2015 chevy 1500.. 3400 miles. A couple of times the heat didn't work. It always did "next time".. the other day I had to take a 3 hour drive.. it didn't work the whole way there...stopped for an hour..headed back still with no heat (it was 42* so it was not pleasant) Took to dealer - they said they cant find anything wrong, of course, and of course the he was working fine. Its only done this a couple of times in the past 2 months now. Anyone experienced anything similar? It blows out air, and it will adjust the fan speed properly (or what I'm guessing WOULD be properly if it was blowing out heat) based on the temp of the cab. Even when taken off of auto and just turned temp to hi and fan speed up, with AC button off, it was still blowing cold air. Any ideas? Could it somehow be user error? (doubtful) Also when the AC button is on, even when its on heat, is the AC really still running? seems dumb that lights always on even when you have the temp high and its blowing heat.
  3. Hey all. I bought another ride and it came with some HVAC issues . I’m not very good with wiring related trouble shooting so I need your help. Its a 2002 suburban with the base hvac. No digital display and no dual climate. The issues *hot to cold switch doesn’t work *vent change doesn’t work (blows out of front vents only) [The Fan speed knob works fine And all fuses are good] After reading up on the common actuator problems, I decided to try the relearn/calibration of the actuators. This literally did nothing and the part that has me stumped is that the actuators didn’t move at all during this calibration (you should hear them moving and calibrating) So here is my thought on the problem. It’s either... a) Both/ all actuators are bad and need replaced b) The switch panel/ control unit is bad c) There is something else and I’m lost. Please help guys! Is there something I don’t know??
  4. Hello. My brother seems to have a bit of a weird problem. He recently swapped his belt driven fans for an electrical ones. He did all the wirings and changed the temp Sensor. Although the AC fan works fine, It seems that the radiator fan turns on instantly when the engine is cold, but when the engine reaches the operating temperature it turns off and stays off. What could cause this? Did he flip a wire somewhere?
  5. I have a 2000 gmc yukon, and replaced the actuator on the passenger side. Now the rear vents work great, but I am not getting any heat at all in the front. I would appreciate any help! Thanks!
  6. I have a 1999 chevy silverado 2500hd with a 6.0 The air was stuck on cold so I looked at the actuator and it is working properly. Both hoses in the engine bay are hot. I took off the actuator and tried moving the blend door and it is stuck. Any way to free the blend door so it will open with the actuator?
  7. Having issues with my AC and HEAT, they will both blow out hot and or cold with nothing funky going on, but no matter at what speed its on it will hardly come out. I swapped out the blower motor and blower motor resistor and still nothing. I saw on some other forums that some wires / connectors had heat damage either at the resistor and the fuse box but all looked fine to me and I was getting the correct voltage. What should I check next? Thank you in advance
  8. I have a Silverado 6.0 and in the morning when it is cold the heat takes along time to warm up. If I turn it up and put the blower on high the motor takes along time to warm up to operating temperature. So I have to shut the heat off let the motor warm up and then turn the heat on. Any suggestions on what to do so I don't freeze to death driving to school and work?
  9. Looking for a little advice for my father. He bought a 2015 DBL cab and wants to add aftermarket heated seats. He has done this before to his 14 single cab but was wondering if anyone has done it differently. On his 2014 he spliced into an ignition wire so that the seats would only be "hot" as long as the truck was running. The question we have now is: "Is there a better way to do this". Is there a spot in the fuse box that will allow us to connect a fuse to the seats just as a safety measure. Not sure how many amps the heating elements pull, I assume its not much. To be honest I have yet to look at the fuse box itself but I wanted to throw this out there in case someone has done this before. If anyone has had experience with this in the past your input would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  10. So I am all about scouring forums and finding what I need to know to fix the problem at hand. And I'm fully aware the HVAC actuator topics have been beat to death, but I haven't seen whats going on with mine described anywhere, so here goes... 2005 GMC Sierra Ext Cab, Z71, manual Dual climate controls (temp slide levers, turn dial for blower speed and mode select) Last year, i changed out the blend door actuator for the drivers side, the one over the transmission hump. No problem. Typical symptoms, heat randomly on driver side, clicking sound...easy fix. Then, in August of this year, i smelled burning plastic from the vents, looked it up and found the blower motor resistor TSB. Local dealer fixed that for free. All good. But now, something different is going on. 2 weeks ago, I got in my truck to head home and noticed the air conditioner wasn't on and my vents were blowing hot air. Tried turning on the a/c, but nothing happened when I hit the button. No light, nothing. I then realized nothing on the control unit responded at all except the blower speed. So, I went researching...best answer i could arrive at was i had a bad HVAC control module. I replaced that. No change, same thing. Back to square one. Just for clarity, here's what is happening. The only thing that responds in any way is the blower motor speed and it does work on all speeds, so I don't think this is related to the resistor...I don't think? The A/C, Recirculation and Rear defrost buttons all are unresponsive (no lights, no function). The air is coming from my dash vents, blowing hot on driver side and just outside temperature air on passenger side. Even if I turn the blower off, when driving, the air still moves through the vents (unforced, blower is off) at the hot and room temps as I just mentioned. I was able to unplug the mode door actuator, manually move the mode door to defrost and feet, so that provides a little relief from the hot air blowing in my face. However, if I plug it back in, as soon as it gets power, it automatically indexes back to the dash vent position. Someone please help and tell me you have some idea of what to do. I don't want to take it to a dealer, but I am running out of options and none of the local part stores have a scanner that can read body/HVAC codes. Or if someone has a schematic of the HVAC wiring/could help me figure out how to diagnose the issue by checking voltages over on the passenger side panel where all the actuator wiring joins. Any help is appreciated!
  11. 2008 Sierra auto climate control is slow to kick in. The control will be fine then I stop for 20 minutes and get back in, it's very cold outside and temperature gauge will register but is not vertical. The auto climate is on and heat set to 71, but it takes 5 - 10 minutes before the fan kicks on high to blow heat. Sometimes it works fine, most times it takes a while. I tried turning the ignition on and off, tried using manual heat, nothing helps. What's up?
  12. Hey guys I am sure this has been asked here before but was wondering if I can get some things to check now. It is starting to get cold again here in West Virginia and this year I am offering snow removal to clients. We are getting close to that time where I am carry out this service. Anyway I have been having trouble with the heat in my 2007 1500 4.8 V8 1500 Silverado, and by the way it is the new body style now the classic. Okay well what happens is I can not get my truck to blow hot air. I have already seen it mentioned a few times it will actually blow cold air, not neutral air, COLD air. As you may have imagined this is extremely frustrating and this year it will be much worse as I have to leave my truck to use a snow blower and shovel and would like to be able to return to a warm vehicle, not one that is colder than outside. Anyway I am just starting to use the heat in it now. Sometimes it works fine and other times I can not get it to blow heat at all. However when it does blow heat it is like you would normally expect. It is not any colder or anything. It seems like it is more likely to let me down on especially cold days. Are there things that I can start looking into to actually see if they are the cause? I am trying to get ahead of it now so if I start experiencing it I can start troubleshooting with help off here and hopefully get it fixed. If I can start visually inspecting things like clogged hoses, thermostat, fuses, and the like I will and if I see anything that could cause the problem I will replace and see if it works. I would not mind cheap easy fixes right now before I even start troubleshooting either. For example if I know there is even a small chance that something as easy as a fuse is causing this issue I will go ahead and replace that sort of stuff before I even let this problem happen to me again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi, I'm a new member and was thrust into the GMC Truck club when I won a 1993 GMC G3500 Vandura School Bus edition at a government auction for $540. I just drove it home. For some reason, I seem to be the only one in the house really happy to have it in the driveway The Good ------------- Engine and transmission feel right to me. Drinks gas, but I expected that. Good rear tires Very little underbody rust. That surprised me Feels solid - like a truck! The awesome feeling of controlling the folding doors The Not So Good But Know How To Fix -------------------------------------------------- Front tires are shot (what do you want for $540?) I'm getting me some used tires, Philly style. Driver's door handle busted off (No problem. $8 will fix that) Missing gas cap ($14 for a locked one fixed that The Bad ----------- Electrical panel over the visor (in the school bus part) is pulled out. -There is a switch that is called "Recycle" that seems to do nothing" -There is one that says "Master Trouble" which also seems to do nothing. -There is one that says "Dome" which works. -All the rest of the button positions are filled with "plugs." Oddly, there are some wires up there that have connectors on them that don't connect to anything (part of de- commissioning" the school bus?) Whole bus - including top-most lights, have been painted white. Is that also a part of de-commissioning the bus? Driver's seat foam torn to bits. How would I fix it? Spare - is there one? I can't find it. No seats in the truck except for the driver's seat. I'd love to get one bench. Any resources for that? When I flip on the fan - NADA. Nothing. No blowing. No heat, no A/C (HELP! It's getting cold) Truck seems to barely turn over - but it starts every time and the engine runs fine. But it acts almost like it's going to throw in the towel. Is this normal for this model? A sign of a bad battery? Something else? What should I do now? ----------------------------- When you get a truck like I did, I assume that you should change the oil ASAP, replace the air and oil filter and top up the fluids. Anything else that would be a good idea to do/check? How do you secure a school bus so that it's hard to break into and so that you can lock the rear door and open it from the outside? Thanks and happy to be a member of the "club." Any ideas on how to warm the family up to the truck would be welcome. It's a business vehicle, for hauling stuff, but I want to get her some love.
  14. Hi, A few major issues on my new (to me) 1993 G3500 School Bus. This is part of a longer post elsewhere, but I didn't want to trouble a tech with small stuff: When I flip on the fan - NADA. Nothing. No blowing. No heat, no A/C (HELP! It's getting cold). NOTE: Since it's a school bus, there is a heat/A/C unit in the rear. That doesn't go on either. Truck seems to barely turn over - but it starts every time and the engine runs fine. But it acts almost like it's going to throw in the towel. Is this normal for this model? A sign of a bad battery? Something else? What should I do now? ----------------------------- When you get a truck like I did, I assume that you should change the oil ASAP, replace the air and oil filter and top up the fluids. Anything else that would be a good idea to do/check? Thanks in advance! John
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