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  1. Just wanted to bump this post back up from the dead. I have not had a single problem with my heat all winter long. Now that temps have started to warm back up, I had this issue today for the first time since probably posting this or shortly after posting it (4+ months ago) Wondering if its something to do with this certain temperature (it was about 39 this morning when it happened) and temps would have been similar when this originally was happening. Anyways, it was a cold ride to work this morning. Took it to dealer before when I had problems and of course they couldn't find anything wrong.
  2. 2015 chevy 1500.. 3400 miles. A couple of times the heat didn't work. It always did "next time".. the other day I had to take a 3 hour drive.. it didn't work the whole way there...stopped for an hour..headed back still with no heat (it was 42* so it was not pleasant) Took to dealer - they said they cant find anything wrong, of course, and of course the he was working fine. Its only done this a couple of times in the past 2 months now. Anyone experienced anything similar? It blows out air, and it will adjust the fan speed properly (or what I'm guessing WOULD be properly if it was blowing out heat) based on the temp of the cab. Even when taken off of auto and just turned temp to hi and fan speed up, with AC button off, it was still blowing cold air. Any ideas? Could it somehow be user error? (doubtful) Also when the AC button is on, even when its on heat, is the AC really still running? seems dumb that lights always on even when you have the temp high and its blowing heat.
  3. Located in North East Ohio.. would possibly meet buyer to save some driving if distance is an issue (within reason, we can discuss) May consider shipping at buyers expense. I do not know exact cost but assuming it would be $200-$250 ish. I would possibly sell the wheels and tires separately as well... These were removed from my 2015 Chevy 1500 with only 1,000 miles on it, so these are practically brand new in perfect condition. The TPMS was removed, the tire was not fully unmounted, should still be balanced. The tires are goodyear wrangler SR-A 275/55R20 $1400 call/text 440 840 5238
  4. has anyone dipped the outside of their chrome grill and left the chrome mesh as chrome? seen a million pics of the blacked out mesh with chrome gril. just looking for ideas! my truck is blue so some chrome i think is OK still, but need to get rid of some of it. Thinking the headlight bezels + the mesh, or do the larger part of the grill and leave the mesh / headlight bezels chrome. cant find pics of either of them though.. thanks!
  5. I'm hearing stories of good and bad luck with aftermarket TPMS on the new chevys.. I have a 15. Will be getting wheels/tires soon and want to just sell my stock take offs as is. What is a good safe brand that anyone can recommend that for sure will sync up properly? Anyone? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, have been lurking the past few weeks. I think I literally read through most 99 pages of this thread in the past 2 weeks but was "unsure" if I was getting a truck or not so didnt pay close enough attention. Well saturday I picked up a new 2015 chevy 1500 dbl cab... had to get rid of my jeep and get back into a lifted truck. Need to lift asap. Looking for 6".. questions for that. Looking to be in the rough country price range.. I want to do 6"... Comparing rough country 6" to zone 6.5" and the pro comp 6" what are some + and - for PC vs RC vs zone? Is the zone really 6.5 high? 6 is high enough i dont want that extra .5 if i dont need it lol... is there good justification to spend a few hundred more for PC vs RC? Is there another in that price range that I'm forgetting to consider? Also, assuming I end up with the Rough Country, I'm planning on running 35x12.5x20 terra grappler g2's... the wheels I'm looking at are +18 offset. Should that be ok? Any pics of a 6" rough country lift with +18 offset? How much will they stick out with that lift? I saw mentions of front/back being uneven, will I need spacers or was that with an older style lift from RC? Sorry for some many questions but trying to sort this out and very ancy to start ordering stuff. Thank you in advance!!!
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