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  1. Has anyone with the 4x6 sealed beam converted to the H4 housing? I have installed the conversion on my 86 to h4 but the wiring needs to be sorted and wondering if anyone has done this and what did you do to make them work like the old sealed beams?
  2. 32 being the pump I take it.I have changed my vac pump before my oil pump packed it in thinkin that what the weird growling noise was.The vac pump wasn't too bad to do on my 4.3.The oil pump being on the outside front may not be as bad either but I havent had to do one yet.
  3. My oil pump went on my 2014 with a 4.3.GM installed new engine and when I got it back it had a code saying injector issue.Sent it in for them to look at and when they told me it was gonna be on me I told them forget it.Brought it home ran 2 bottles of sea foam through 2 full tanks of fuel and havent had the code or any issues yet.That was 20,000 klms ago.
  4. G.M Is now installing a new engine.They were going to just do crank, bearings and oil pump but apparently found more damaged parts.
  5. I dont know why on earth they would change from the old style pump in the pan.Its proven to work leave it. Thanks for the insight! Good to know
  6. My pump bought the farm today.104,000 klm.Has been whining like a ford power steering pump for a while(til now)
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