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  1. Absolutely not. It’s a money pit. But it’s a fun project that I’m sure someone would be interested in. This would be a nice safety feature for my fiancé whenever she ends up driving the truck. I should be able to recoup some of the cost from selling my takeoff bumpers.
  2. Thanks @tbarn . I was thinking of just spending the money on the pre-terminates leads if I couldn’t find the individual terminals on mouser.
  3. I am currently setting out to figure out how to add factory front and rear park assist. I've spent quite a bit of time researching and looking through the upfitters manual to try and figure out if and how I might accomplish this. I can say that this is a very expensive and time consuming upgrade....especially since both front and rear bumpers need to be replaced. There are several parts that need to be added and quite a few circuits that need to be added. From looking at my X61A junction box, there are several circuits missing, and I have confirmed that the park assist module and cluster will need to be programmed after exchanging emails with WAMS (White Auto Media Services). We are both unsure if the BCM will require programming. I am thinking that it may not be necessary for this mod. Vehicle: 2018 Silverado, Crew Cab LT All-Star Edition 5.3L Parts Needed: 13447860 Control Module 19115653 Connector (You Wont Believe how expensive this is...but it comes with pre-terminated leads) 15127038 Connector & Terminal Part #: SAIT-A03T-M064 13525987 Connector & Terminal Part #: SAIT-A03T-M064 23145170 Stab Control Switch (Dash Switch to add park assist button) Terminal Part #: ?????? 84029812 Front Bumper w/Fog Lights w/Sensors 84153946 Front Sensor x4 23276805 Park Sensor Bracket Front x4 23274031 Harness 23108141 Rear Bumper w/Sensors 23428268 Rear Sensor x4 23276807 Park Sensor Bracket Rear x4 23406458 Harness The bumpers are very expensive as you can imagine, so I am still trying to source new OEM chrome bumpers. I may break down and buy OE replacements on Ebay as they are much cheaper. Same part numbers are used. Circuits Needed to be Added: 3140 - Battery Positive Voltage 5852 - Rear Park Assist LED Disable Signal 5060 - Low Speed GMLAN Serial Data (I believe this circuit may already exist. Need to verify) 2751 - Signal Ground (This circuit may already exist under the passenger seat) 2375 - Left Rear Corner Object Sensor Signal 2376 - Left Rear Middle Object Sensor Signal 2374 - Object Sensor Control 2378 - Right Rear Corner Object Sensor Signal 2377 - Right Rear Middle Object Sensor Signal 2379 - Object Sensor Low Reference 5213 - Front Parking Left/Right/Mid Sensor 5215 - Front Parking Left Corner Sensor 5216 - Front Parking Left Mid Sensor 5214 - Front Parking Sensor Low Reference 5217 - Front Parking Right Corner Sensor 5218 - Front Parking Right Mid Sensor Various Colors of 20 awg cross-link TXL Wire 1/2 in wire loom Tesa Wire Loom Harness Tape Replacing Bumpers: Replacing the front bumper is pretty straightforward and is laid out very well in Phil Gamboa's youtube video. The harness' will need to be replaced with the parts listed above. I recommend swapping out the harness' while the bumpers are off. The rear bumper is a pain. You will need to loosen 8 bolts that attach the bed to the chassis. There are a few videos on how to do this. The bed does not need to be removed - It can either be propped up inside the wheel wells or held up by 2 people on either side while the bumper is lifted off. The bed needs to be lifted in order to fit the bumper brackets underneath it when pulling away from the vehicle. You can replace the brackets and plastic parts on the rear bumper. It is pretty straightforward. Just squeeze the tabs one by one with a pair of pliers and they will release. If you pry the top plastic step without squeezing the tabs, you may break off the tabs. Front Park Assist Sensors: Phil Gamboa has done a great job showing how this is performed in his youtube video that shows him adding front park assist Rear Park Assist Sensors: Phil Gamboa has done a good job on explaining how to add front park assist. A nearly identical process is required to add the rear but instead the circuits will go to the X138 Connector under the hood and can be lead into the cab on the driver side much like how PGamboa did on the passenger side for the front sensors. From the upfitters manual it looks like the rear sensor wires go from sensors->harness->X185 Connector->X138->X2 Control Module Connector. I have not yet been able to locate the X185 Connector (most likely under the bed somewhere), but think that I will end up bypassing it and going straight to the X138 connector. Control Module X1 Connector to Instrument Panel: The X1 Connector Circuits will run straight to the X61A Junction Box under the driver door sil. Power and Ground from the X1 Connector look like they will run up the passenger door sil. Current Holdups: Finding where exactly to land circuit 3140 - Battery Positive Voltage. Finding terminals for connectors has been very very difficult and I am still looking for several different types. I am having a difficult time finding the correct terminals for: S45A Multifunction Switch X61A Junction Box X1 Connector X61A Junction Box X5 Connector X150 Connector Male & Female X901 Connector Female X100 Connector Female Any help with figuring out terminals for where to find decently priced bumpers would be appreciated. I am continuing to work on the project as time permits. -Brandon Wood
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