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  1. Glad the family is safe and sound. The other issue others many folks don't understand is the a repaired vehicle is not worth as much, so you loose whatever equity you had for the paid off 2016. I understand there are good body shops, after working on MB cars for 6 years I can say I will never want to own a wreaked car, so many things are missed or cheapen out on all the little clips and wiring harness, on insurance company's. I can't stand working with them I have turned down jobs b/c I wont put my name on the repair, I have gotten into heated arguments with management about it. black listed for caring about others vehicle's that are event mine, if they wont do it right ship it somewhere else, hell I told a insurance adjuster if he ever stood in my stall again I'd call police and BBB on them. lastly most shops underbid the job to get the money, most tech's I worked with would underbid or accept a lower hour job just to make the money, I always stood my ground my job is to complete the repair, cost and time is not my problem they even want us to do the repair under warranty labor rates with junkyard parts.... WTF get out of my stall. wreaked vehicles are never the same, in rare and I mean very very very rare are they every equal or better. I'd only trust my vehicles body work to someone like Chip Foose . hopefully the insurance writes it off, there are still huge deals on 2018's and now some ok deals on 2019's.
  2. Simple answer NO. yeah thats not how it works, not even close. There are sensors in the rear quarter panels of the SUV's, then you need the control module, and all the wiring! BCM control module programming! etc.... the mirror is just a dummy light
  3. you need to upload pics. GM uses PVD or powder coated chrome now, GM calls it "painted chrome" they don't use the old dipped copper & chrome plating process. I seriously doubt it is peeling, but yes paint does pit. the PVD chrome is extremely resilient to salt corrosion. You might have aftermarket remake's that are plated chrome.
  4. Ceramic window tint, sound deaden the cab trust me when I tell it makes a HUGE difference if done correctly, super quite cab it tends to make some folks sleepy. You can buy a wired cooler although they are NOT real refrigeration, or a cooler with dry ice. I hate water in the cab.
  5. hand wash my truck as needed, machines scratch the hell of clear coats, touchless just doesn't do a good enough job.
  6. Michelin Defender (quieter ride) <- currently installed or AT2. (good ride but are a little heavier) I tow as well. no other brand offers great ride and long lasting quality, most tires start out ok, as they wear grip and stopping distance suffer, had a set of LTX's go over 80'000 on my old truck. I was a long time Discount Tire employee (younger years) and Mercedes Benz tech, seen a lot of tires, seen them through out their varying lifespans, no tire beats Michelin from start to finish, they dont cost more, they cost less, b/c you can easily have a set of outlast 2 sets of stock good years. Once you buy Michelin you wont buy anything else. watch this... in the end, Michelin won pretty much every category, which goes against his title.
  7. Its in my DNA, must have been some kind of GM reincarnation, when I was young my parents would say every time I seen a GM vehicle I'd call it out, Jimmy, Chevy, vettey, kid names for stuff. They didnt own GM's when I was young. Powertrain, nobody beats GM V8's, its a total sum of , reliable engines, repair-ability, cost of maintenance, power/torque, decent fuel economy given the mass. Engines are used for swaps, boats, buggy's, almost everything that needed a engine, got a GM SB/LS/LT. its the kind of vehicle you can show your kids how to repair as they grow up, and they are worth repairing.
  8. Starting in 2017 (release year of the iPhone 8) GM updated from stage 1 wireless charging to stage 2 w/ including Qi charging. K2xx 2014, 2015, 2016 there is a GM retrofit kit available its plug and play, to bring them up to date, there maybe some 2017+ vehicles.... aka Buick regal... etc.. that had the stage 1 apparently. GM part # 13521066
  9. No, you mean SEU no Sue. It is a 22" twin split 6 spoke made for the Cadillac Escalade's https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-22-quot-wheel-6-split-spoke-chrome-84346101
  10. The Brembo Performance Brake Upgrade System fits vehicles optioned with 20 or 22-inch wheels, EXCEPT the SEU option wheel. This product does not void the new vehicle limited warranty when installed by an authorized dealer. Brembo Performance Brake Upgrade System part numbers: · Chevrolet - 84409023 (<- new part #) · GMC - 84409024 (<- new part #) · Cadillac – 84409025 (<- new part #) The Brembo Performance Brake Upgrade System packages are sold through Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac new car dealers and can be purchased online at Chevrolet.com/accessories, GMC.com/accessories and Cadillac.com/accessories. I'd install these before retrofitting CTSV brakes
  11. As much as it sucks, warranty replaced the leather, since the foam is used the leather will loose. BTW they wont replace the foam unless it was damaged etc... they only way to get around this is to get new foam, which as much as you hate it would be out of your pocket, I would tell customers when I worked on cars, your leather will fit loose if we dont replace the foam. Also leather will shrink/tighten a little over time, but not as much as you would hope. but yes the Denali's get different leather over the SLT's my 2016 has leather on both sides, the dealer should order another leather to compare, I doubt GM changed to fabric on the inside unless it was to reduce noise from seat movement, anything is possible.
  12. GM sells a big brake upgrade (front only), its a huge upgrade, rear brakes are not really needed as they work fine, Fronts are under sized and GM will continue to sell rotors and pads for the big brake upgrade so if you need parts down the road, and dont forget your spare tire will be too small for bigger brakes. Brembo is vastly superior which is also who makes the GM big brake upgrade. Wilwood is cheaper aftermarket option, really wish folks would stop listing them. Its funny to see more folks used take off Brembos over wilwood's and for good reason as you never see them on real production vehicles or high end track/race cars.
  13. damn 70K on a 2015 geez, I barely have 9k on mine. Nothing I can do shocks are shocks, MRC's are just slightly more expensive. 80K is just an average depends on lots of conditions etc...
  14. Its really hard to tell there, a lot of noise is coming from you spinning the temp... control knob, the blend doors it will change air flow, no doubt about that that is typical. however maybe 1 of your blend doors is failing, GDS2 is your friend, without it I cant see the doors moving via the diag... tool. outside of doing a feel test of the air bottom, top, windshield, etc... VCX nano… mans 2nd best friend = tools
  15. the outside air sensor is also used, in the grille, to assist the A/C with information. some more info The climate control system uses the information from these sensors to maintain comfort settings by adjusting the outlet temperature, fan speed, and the air delivery mode. The system may also supply cooler air to the side of the vehicle facing the sun. The recirculation mode will also be used as needed to maintain cool outlet temperatures.
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