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  1. Michelin Defender quite, smooth soft ride or Michelin AT2 more aggressive look, bit harder ride due to the side wall changes, Your not really saving money buying any other brand. I posted the video back when you asked this. besides are you really going to worry about a $100 on a set of 4 tires? have you even visited Hercules website...? looks like a sales gimmick with no reviews. Lastly my brother got 82,000 (legal, as in not past the wear bars) out of his last set of AT2's, the mileage warranty was 60,000
  2. Lucky you, hey I posted those pics. Glad folks sniff around and remember these little things. others & myself, that had to deal with the old design from the early design, it was awful with the bypass pipe and was noisy, but Borla warranty and customer service is hands down why I buy Borla.
  3. HP Tuners is used mostly for modding, you need factory GM files and diag... I posted about the VCX nano using GM GSD2, and GM SPS programming, search the site.
  4. Sealed units, yes the entire headlight has to be replaced, but there is a core charge for the old unit. call around other dealers to get pricing, its prob... loads cheaper to do it yourself, your grill and bumper cap have to come off to replace it so labor is in there as well.
  5. As a former discount tire employee (days of 5 were hired and only 3 could keep their job, today auditions are gone), started back in the firestone/ford recall days, and later becoming a MB Master tech, dealerships have the worst tire and rotation on the planet period. They use impacts on wheel locks... they don't torque locks either. At my dealership it was so bad, I was made the 1 and only wheel and tire guy, 1 guy to do them all, even SLR wheels. Our president would have his family vehicles delivered to me from his other dealerships, that how bad dealership techs are at tires, few and I mean few should ever be allowed to touch a wheel and tire, let alone do flat repairs. none of them could calibrate the balancer install low pros without ripping them, I worked on hundreds of celebrities cars, loads of local sports stars from the cowboys, mavs, stars, FC club, musicians, actors, porn starts, local news reporters, and the ridiculously rich where I was paid to go to their house to remove them bring them back install and drive back out there to re install the assy... etc.... Another example my mom took her esky to caddie dealership, for the typical chrome peeling causing a slow leak, yeah the tech took a grinder to the wheel where the tire bead seals it only made it worse. Working at discount tire was 10x harder than being a MB tech. Dealership techs... LOL and I was one, it was bonkers to watch them F up wheels & tires everyday. I wont let any of my GM dealers touch my wheels and tires, I bought a coats tire machine and hunter tire balancer to do it myself, saving up for an alignment rack next, bet you wish I was your neighbor.
  6. I will agree It is far less common than CO2, Do you realize many diesel trucks drive around with zero emissions, especially going down of highways & in large city's with loads of stop and go traffic? Most folks around here remove emission equipment to improve power and fuel economy, dont even get me started on DEF. Not even including older Semi's & construction equipment here in the citys. Then you have all the performance gas cars that remove them for performance gains, higher power guys they would blow them to pieces. Lastly cats fail all the time, loads of customers wouldn't replace them either until it came to inspection time. I replaced so many factory cats as tech... the OE's wouldn't even take them back for shipping costs, I used to sale them for extra money, and make even more money cleaning out all the pieces down stream wither CP or warranty, time is money.
  7. GM is with the times, foolish statement. Manufactures don't fully close, due to CO - Carbon Monoxide & CO2 Carbon Dioxide levels. Older vehicles that would close all the way caused people to pass out while driving, they noticed a trend more often in colder climates when using the heater, the full closing of the air resulted in death, and sometimes due to accident as in loss of control of the vehicle, hence why NO manufacture closes them all the way unless it some type of engineering defect like a more recent example the ford police SUV's.
  8. when I have time, prob... 1 to 2 weeks, I will dig around on my VCX nano I will look at the BCM or Driver Door Control Module to see if there is anything we can change, rarely but sometimes GM puts in calibrations changes for stuff like this, its not just an off switch, typically requires a complete software update to any one of the responsible control modules. outside of that you can try MVI or Chris White, Chris White does the programming for MVI. https://www.gm-navigation.com/ https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/
  9. Glad the family is safe and sound. The other issue others many folks don't understand is the a repaired vehicle is not worth as much, so you loose whatever equity you had for the paid off 2016. I understand there are good body shops, after working on MB cars for 6 years I can say I will never want to own a wreaked car, so many things are missed or cheapen out on all the little clips and wiring harness, on insurance company's. I can't stand working with them I have turned down jobs b/c I wont put my name on the repair, I have gotten into heated arguments with management about it. black listed for caring about others vehicle's that are event mine, if they wont do it right ship it somewhere else, hell I told a insurance adjuster if he ever stood in my stall again I'd call police and BBB on them. lastly most shops underbid the job to get the money, most tech's I worked with would underbid or accept a lower hour job just to make the money, I always stood my ground my job is to complete the repair, cost and time is not my problem they even want us to do the repair under warranty labor rates with junkyard parts.... WTF get out of my stall. wreaked vehicles are never the same, in rare and I mean very very very rare are they every equal or better. I'd only trust my vehicles body work to someone like Chip Foose . hopefully the insurance writes it off, there are still huge deals on 2018's and now some ok deals on 2019's.
  10. Simple answer NO. yeah thats not how it works, not even close. There are sensors in the rear quarter panels of the SUV's, then you need the control module, and all the wiring! BCM control module programming! etc.... the mirror is just a dummy light
  11. you need to upload pics. GM uses PVD or powder coated chrome now, GM calls it "painted chrome" they don't use the old dipped copper & chrome plating process. I seriously doubt it is peeling, but yes paint does pit. the PVD chrome is extremely resilient to salt corrosion. You might have aftermarket remake's that are plated chrome.
  12. Ceramic window tint, sound deaden the cab trust me when I tell it makes a HUGE difference if done correctly, super quite cab it tends to make some folks sleepy. You can buy a wired cooler although they are NOT real refrigeration, or a cooler with dry ice. I hate water in the cab.
  13. hand wash my truck as needed, machines scratch the hell of clear coats, touchless just doesn't do a good enough job.
  14. Michelin Defender (quieter ride) <- currently installed or AT2. (good ride but are a little heavier) I tow as well. no other brand offers great ride and long lasting quality, most tires start out ok, as they wear grip and stopping distance suffer, had a set of LTX's go over 80'000 on my old truck. I was a long time Discount Tire employee (younger years) and Mercedes Benz tech, seen a lot of tires, seen them through out their varying lifespans, no tire beats Michelin from start to finish, they dont cost more, they cost less, b/c you can easily have a set of outlast 2 sets of stock good years. Once you buy Michelin you wont buy anything else. watch this... in the end, Michelin won pretty much every category, which goes against his title.
  15. Its in my DNA, must have been some kind of GM reincarnation, when I was young my parents would say every time I seen a GM vehicle I'd call it out, Jimmy, Chevy, vettey, kid names for stuff. They didnt own GM's when I was young. Powertrain, nobody beats GM V8's, its a total sum of , reliable engines, repair-ability, cost of maintenance, power/torque, decent fuel economy given the mass. Engines are used for swaps, boats, buggy's, almost everything that needed a engine, got a GM SB/LS/LT. its the kind of vehicle you can show your kids how to repair as they grow up, and they are worth repairing.
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