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  1. So now that the weather is warming up, I have been experiencing the "lurch after remote start" again. Which makes me think that it has something to do with the AC. Maybe the AC is running during remote start and then kicks off when I turn the key.
  2. hey bigmanhockey32 i have experienced the odd lurch forward after remote start. it's happened a handful of times since new. 6.2L sierra crew, mfg date 8/2018. it was more prevalent when new and hasn't happened in a while. about 3000 miles on it now. so yeah, after a remote start i get in and as soon as i turn the key, the whole truck lurches forward. i do set my parking brake every time i stop. maybe the parking pawl didn't fully engage until the key was turned on again? not sure if that makes sense. it has only ever happened after a remote start. anyone else ever experience this? i do not have the shudder issue. other anomalies include a hesitation when shifting from first to second (only seems to be when cold though). the shift from first to second is also much firmer than other shifts.
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