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  1. The list is in this thread. If you have trouble after reading this thread, shoot me a PM.
  2. Very nice dude! I have the articulating ones on my double cab but prefer the ones you have. Do you happen to know if the wiring harness is the same?
  3. Phil, sending you message, I want to add this feature to my tow mirrors!
  4. Oh, what about factory 2019 push-button start on the 2014 - 2018?
  5. Nice, and thank you! Yeah, I was looking at a 15 Sierra and said if I were to buy it, I would do the same thing. You made a wise choice my friend lol.
  6. Boom, done! Here's before, during, and after.
  7. Are you referring to the fuse box under the hood to land the wires to? If so, here is the one I purchased: 84075773.
  8. What's different about the Denali / HC door panels other than Bose speaker cover and memory seat buttons?
  9. You have to buy the wiring harness from PGamboa. I also ordered a new fuse box for under the hood, and ordered a new switch panel for the center console. I can do it myself as I've added the folding tow mirrors, but PGamboa lives near me and he's offered his services for a fee.
  10. I bought mine locally in Dallas from one of the users on here. His name is Alex and he can get more. I dont recommend buying from the dealer because they're really expensive, but yes, they do sell them. Yes, they do articulate!
  11. Thanks man; the funny thing is that about a year ago, I purchased the RED Denali cluster prior to the announcement that Chris was able to retrofit the new blue ones into our older trucks. I sat on the RED cluster and procrastinated so long that he was able to figure out how to do the Blue cluster lol so I sold the red one and bought the blue for the same cost. I love this mod too!
  12. Just want to give a HUGE shout out to PGamboa and Chris W. at WAMS for the successful retrofit. I have a 2014 Silverado Z71 LT and was able to upgrade Navigation to the 2018 version along with the Blue Denali Dash. All functions are working!
  13. Just wanted to let anyone know that is interested in installing these on a double cab vehicle that they will fit. I put them on mine this past weekend with a little modification they work! As you can see, the very back bolt hole tab extend beyond the under frame of the truck, you'll need to grind this off but other than that, most of the bolt holes line up. I had three bottom holes and two upper holes line up perfectly. I'm going to have to use a couple of self tappers and drill out a couple of additional holes to add additional bolts, but for now, it's secure.
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