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  1. I just spoke to the dealership yesterday and they are aware of this on the 2014 to 2018 trucks. They said it is the front track bar and it needs to be retorqued to factory specs. $170
  2. I'm close to Prospser, next time, hit me up, I'd do it for half the dealer price ;)
  3. I agree; I had an Avalanche and the seats folded down. Of course, this was so that you could pop out and store the rear window but the point it, Chevy at one point did this.
  4. Hey man, just curious why you didn't do this on your second set of seats. Also, did you get any rattling noises from the rear seats once this mod was complete?
  5. WTB Tri-Fold Running Boards

  6. 2014/15 Denali Dash Cluster for Sale

    This is the Red cluster.
  7. $250 - Just as the title says. Here is the part number: 23489345. Please reference WAMS post here to check vehicle fitment: never installed, no tamper Flags. Willing to ship.
  8. Just as the title says; I'm wanting to buy a set of Tri-Fold running boards. - I'm in Dallas, TX and would like to pick up locally, but I'm willing to pay for shipping.
  9. 20181031_161915.jpg

    That's bad ass! Is that a Cadillac engine cover? And where...OH WHERE, did you get the storm trooper logo?!! - WANT!

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