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  1. I was able to almost break even for my swap out. I was able to sell all of my old parts for about the same cost is what I bought the new ones for. It took me almost a year to find and buy the new parts for the upgrade at the cost I was willing to pay. When I say new, I mean the 2016 version. Out-of-pocket I think I was $800 and that was for painting my front and rear bumper to match. In regards to doing the reverse conversion, I believe it would work just the same way but my initial thought and only concern would be how to retrofit a plug-and-play wiring harness to go from the 2016 LED headlights to the downgraded halogen headlights. But that is probably a gen5diy question or a PGamboa.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I'm going to have to read your thread all over again. I already have both bumpers, sensors, and bumper wiring harnesses, just need to see what all other modules and wires you purchased
  3. This is the exact thread I've been waiting for. Excellent writeup! I have a 2014 that I did a front and rear facelift to the 2016. I had Zero park assist (no front, no rear) so I'm looking forward to your final results. Thank you sir!
  4. The list is in this thread. If you have trouble after reading this thread, shoot me a PM.
  5. Very nice dude! I have the articulating ones on my double cab but prefer the ones you have. Do you happen to know if the wiring harness is the same?
  6. Phil, sending you message, I want to add this feature to my tow mirrors!
  7. Oh, what about factory 2019 push-button start on the 2014 - 2018?
  8. Nice, and thank you! Yeah, I was looking at a 15 Sierra and said if I were to buy it, I would do the same thing. You made a wise choice my friend lol.
  9. Are you referring to the fuse box under the hood to land the wires to? If so, here is the one I purchased: 84075773.
  10. What's different about the Denali / HC door panels other than Bose speaker cover and memory seat buttons?
  11. You have to buy the wiring harness from PGamboa. I also ordered a new fuse box for under the hood, and ordered a new switch panel for the center console. I can do it myself as I've added the folding tow mirrors, but PGamboa lives near me and he's offered his services for a fee.
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