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  1. 2016-2018 Chevy/ GMC Tri-Steps For Sale

    Hey man, any pictures yet? Very interested. Thanks
  2. I too am having this rattle. It appears to be coming from behind the HMI screen and below the sensor on the dash. Mine isn't such a plasticky rattle as it is almost a metal rattle. Not a chirp, but a dull thud fast rattle. I've already remove the HMI and s few components but to no avail. I'll dig into the dash deeper this weekend and share my findings. (2014 Silversdo Z71)
  3. I'm interested, please PM me at your convenience.
  4. I'm in the same boat...although I have a Chevy, that is freaking bad a-! Definitely want this! This was supposed to have quoted the thread in regards to the GMC puddle lamp. I see now where to get them. Thanks guys, another great thread!
  5. What's needed to add parking sensors???

    Hey Phil, what about the rear bumper? Safe to say about the same cost? Did the programming include both front and rear bumpers?
  6. Denali cluster in SLT

    I second this greatness!
  7. Hey Phil, do you have a harness / how-to video on making the parking/running amber light on these blink when the turn signal comes on, yet function as running light when not?
  8. So what I did, was search the heck out of eBay over the course of 3 months until I was able to buy each 2500 Denali Power Fold GM OEM Tow mirror for $275 and $300 respectively. I was able to sell my stock mirrors for just shy of $300 so I was only out of pocket roughly $300. It take a little bit of patience and time, but well worth it in the end. Yes, these mirrors were used but like new. Not to mention PGamboa's wiring harness and the additional factory GM harness made them "virtually" plug and play. I hope this provides a little bit of help / hope for your cause.
  9. Denali cluster in SLT

    My bad. I have to find the for sale section again. I'll direct my sale there.
  10. Denali cluster in SLT

    MitLei, yes, it is a used cluster so it will be an extra $100 from Chris, per his website.
  11. Jim, Same here brother. It doesn't really bother me but then again, to each his own. Typically I'm very OCD about things but when I'm moding the truck to do things that haven't been "programmed" originally into the vehicle, I'm not too concerned. Especially since I bought my mirrors off of eBay from two different trucks with two different specification. Now if they stop folding, then I'm going to be concerned ;)
  12. Just wanted to give a shout out to Phil (PGamboa) for his plug-and-play wiring harness for the Stock DL8 to Power Folding Tow Mirrors! Between his harnesses, tutorial, video, and the video he shared from Tinkering Fox, this made this install a breeze!
  13. Denali cluster in SLT

    Ok, so after talking with Chris, I now have a 2016 Denali cluster for sale. See attached pictures. It works, just not for my 2014. The guy I bought it from said it was from a 2014 Denali but the part number says otherwise. See pictures below. $250.00 and free shipping. If I'm not supposed to sell on here, then I can put it on my eBay page and give ya'll the link. I have 100% positive feedback on eBay.
  14. Denali cluster in SLT

    It was around 10:30 or 11 Eastern. I'll resend now.

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