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  1. a razor knife to cut the grommet open.. a coat hangar lots of electrical tape and a little grease. BTW if you cut the connector off and resplice its much much easier
  2. It Makes a HUGE difference! trust me you will not be disappointed.
  3. 5% tint all around, I also installed Bak revolver x4 tonneau , wireless qi charger in console lid with its own usb power source. Auto stop/start harness , led reverse lights and now rough country Grille lights . I was busy yesterday!! Brian
  4. I too went with this KIT . Its an excellent kit and easy install. I would strongly suggest utilizing the firewall plug on the passenger side that will bring the wires just inside the cab on the passenger side. Its a cleaner install and factory looking. I used tin snips to cut my grille and a file to make it nice and flat. The switch they provide I see as a temporary approach until someone designs a proper GM replacement switch. I strongly suggest that while you do this install you wire in the auto stop harness and this is a perfect time to wire in power for extra usb for my console wireless qi charger . Brian
  5. Had my torque converter and driveshaft replaced. No luck I actually feel like it made it worse. Pissed me off so bad I traded in my High Country and bought a new crew cab LTZ. SHakes all gone...
  6. did your vibration come back after the axles and driveshaft were replaced? Brian
  7. Just know that Driveline performances doesnt make a 2 piece for 4 wd vehicles. What axles did you order and where from? Have a part number?
  8. stand alone is always better . On all My vehicles for last 10 yrs I have always run the harness/relay set up. I would suggest though having a bag in vehicle with an extra fuse,relay , bulb and ballast. Just good insurance.
  9. Would like to see picture please. Thanks you can email them to [email protected]
  10. Funny you mention rotating tires. My vibration started around 9 k ...... just had tires rotated the first time and the ONLY OTHER THING I DID was throw out the wheel locks.... Now... I don't believe its the rotate. However, could the wheel locks installed by the dealer exaggerate this.....Things that make you go hmm. That being said I have gone over this truck... I will be replacing the shocks with 5100s but the vibration being quelled has me stumped. BTW I have a noticeable bearing whine/hum from my rear at 77 mph exactly. So I know something is out of spec there... Brian
  11. Has anyone had the whole vibration issue above 70 mph and then modified their truck find it has only gone away?... What was done ... shocks... Lift ... Wheels ... Tires.... If so Can you please chime in. Just being curious before I choose to Mod... Brian
  12. Youll be getting an email and pics tonight... Also located in CT
  13. do you guys have tonneaus? The buckle to secure them rolled up will rattle and even whistle at speed. Sounds like its inside teh vehicle but infact its not. Brian
  14. Please dont put adapters..... Please.... Ghetto!
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