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  1. Prob not since this thread is 2 years old.
  2. RC or Readylift UCA's?

    Does RC make a UCA that fits trucks with stamped steel arms? I didnt see anything on their website
  3. Aftermarket rear bumpers

    Well... I'm the OP and i just posted that I bought one.... but I did contact two local shops and they were WAY more expensive. I got the Hammerhead for $1100 shipped, and I got it within a few days of ordering. Local fab shops were a few weeks out, and wanted to have my truck for 3-4 days. This was way easier and Hammerhead makes a fantastic product.
  4. Aftermarket rear bumpers

    Ended up going with Hammehead’s bumper. The company had excellent customer service when I contacted them with a few questions, and I got a great deal through bumperstock.com. This is the Hammerhead model 600-56-0481. I’m going to get some better photos but here are a few I did take quick. So far I’m impressed. It’s very heavy duty, 1/4” steel, excellent powder coat finish.
  5. Aftermarket rear bumpers

    The rough country looks nice too, but isn’t shipping until early/mid March and thus, not reviews or feedback on it yet, the price of $650 scares me a little since most bumpers are going for the $1000 + range
  6. Aftermarket rear bumpers

    Thanks for the smartass “search google” response, but there aren’t many photos of the fab fours bumper on Silverados out there. I’m well aware how to search for a photo. Also as mentioned it would be nice to hear some feedback as there aren’t many reviews for a lot of the companies making bumpers.
  7. Anyone have pics of their aftermarket rear bumpers? Specifically the fab fours? I got rear ended and considering buying one instead of the OEM, but couldn’t find many pics in a couple old threads I found. Let’s see what ya got!
  8. Sold to me [emoji106]
  9. Bedliner OEM GM Chevy Logo 6.5ft bed

    Ttt make me an offer
  10. Lund Genesis Torneau cover

    How far would you be willing to drive to meet up?
  11. Bedliner OEM GM Chevy Logo 6.5ft bed

    Bump. OBO, I want it gone.
  12. Selling an excellent condition GM bedliner with the Chevy logo, including tailgate cover. Looking to get $100 obo. Located in Allentown PA area, 18052.

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