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  1. Buy the steering shaft seal and replace it, and pack it with grease. Cost me $25 from amazon and it’s been quiet for 3 months since I did it. I previously sprayed grease into the old boot which worked for about 6 months, either way cheap fix.
  2. I’ll do 40 shipped to you in MI
  3. Sorry for the delayed reply but motofab lists them as fitting 2007-2018 1500 GMC/Chevy trucks. I had them installed on a 2017.
  4. Installed for about 4 months but went back to just the Bilsteins to retain some rake for towing. Good condition but some scratches from install/removal. $40 shipped or pickup in Allentown, PA area 18052
  5. I used a flexible extension shaft on my impact driver, it was easy but I was able to feel it onto the nut and get it off. To reinstall, I started it by hand then snugged it down same way I got it off.
  6. Reviving my old thread here, anyone else want to chime in? I never got the stations in the 300's in my truck... is there some kind of update I need to get those stations? I can get them on the app, but not in the truck.
  7. Thanks! You have them on long? How they holding up? I was looking at the GM 3" off road steps that come on the midnight edition trucks until I saw these. I live in the northeast so Im always worried about rust and rock chips from crap on the roads.
  8. I used “red n sticky” grease, Lucas brand. The tube says it’s plastic safe.
  9. After having this problem come and go for the past year, (truck currently has 15k miles), I replaced the shaft boot and it's totally gone. Grabbed it on amazon for $22, prime. I know I could have gotten it under warranty at the dealer but for $22 and 30 minutes in my garage i'm totally happy with the results rather than spending half a day at the dealership. I used part # 25815601 as previously mentioned in this thread by others.
  10. Does RC make a UCA that fits trucks with stamped steel arms? I didnt see anything on their website
  11. Well... I'm the OP and i just posted that I bought one.... but I did contact two local shops and they were WAY more expensive. I got the Hammerhead for $1100 shipped, and I got it within a few days of ordering. Local fab shops were a few weeks out, and wanted to have my truck for 3-4 days. This was way easier and Hammerhead makes a fantastic product.
  12. Ended up going with Hammehead’s bumper. The company had excellent customer service when I contacted them with a few questions, and I got a great deal through bumperstock.com. This is the Hammerhead model 600-56-0481. I’m going to get some better photos but here are a few I did take quick. So far I’m impressed. It’s very heavy duty, 1/4” steel, excellent powder coat finish.
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