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  1. Bringing this old one back. Im having this problem now too. Anyone else ever have this and resolve it?
  2. Idk if he does but I have one if you’re interested send me a message. Not trying to hijack but this was an old thread
  3. You’ll have a power gain on e85, but less MpG. The big gains in e85 come if you actually do a full tune, you could see a 40+ hp difference between e85 and 91. My old truck was flex and I ran it occasionally, but my new work location has a station with e85 right next door and I didn’t even realize my 2017 isn’t flex, I thought all newer trucks were flex.
  4. So is there any information to show that you DONT need a tune for the truck to recognize the sensor? People saying both ways in most threads I’ve found on various forums. Some guys saying they plugged the sensor in and the pcm read it, others saying that you need special programming. Sorry to bring back an old thread but looking for some info. Im looking to add Flex fuel to my 2017 5.3.
  5. Ugh yes I saw them too, they’ve been in there for months but although we’re both in PA I’m on the NJ border and the seller is on the Ohio border 4.5 hours away. Thanks for the head up tho!
  6. Looking for the OEM off road hoop steps that GM sells, often on the midnight model trucks. Part number 84164550. If anyone has a set I’m interested. Located in Lehigh Valley Pa, 18052.
  7. Bump, still available, another buyer backed out.
  8. I got a hammerhead rear bumper when I got rear ended about 18 months ago. The quality and finish is outstanding and they were great to deal with.
  9. Not OEM but it is a officially licensed GM decal, on 3M material. I needed one for my last truck, and bought two in case it didn’t match the factory decal. It did match however, so I have this extra one. Located Lehigh Valley, 18052, I’ll take $15 shipped in the US.
  10. Still available. Shipping to AL from PA was $100, so local sale preferred but I’m still willing to ship if the buyer wants to pay a fair portion of shipping.
  11. Enough - You've got dibs, I may not have time to get them shipped until monday/tuesday, but I'll work on getting a shipping quote in the next couple days. I'll pm you
  12. Primer black, brand new OEM trim pieces. I had to replace some grille brackets after hitting a deer and these trim panels came as part of the assembly. $100? I’m located 18052, Allentown, PA area.
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