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  1. not sure why but all o have to do is put the original reverse bulbs and problem went away, i still have LEDS in break-lights and that is not causing problem for now.. not sure
  2. UPDATE...... I made an appointment to the dealer for oil change and i was going to mention about the issue, but i figured that i better remove my LED bulbs from the rear lights. I started with the reverse lights, i have pulled one of the LEDs out and replaced it with the original bulb and..... against my believes the problem cleared. obviously i had to replace the other side as well, but it seems like the passenger side bulb was causing the problem. It was too cold for me to start switching bulbs (but i will get back to it). My question is.... why would the bulb cause the issue after 4 months when it was not even energized unless the truck was in reverse, so it should not effect anything. I'm assuming that one of the diodes burned and somehow there was reverse voltage feed to the camera.. don't know, but ill look into it when it gets warmer.. the LED in question is: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LX4FMD1/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. yes i believe i got the in the box, its suppose to warm up slightly in the next couple days, ill look at the connection where the camera harness is plugged in, maybe moisture got into the plug... ill update after i try that....
  4. i've looked at the settings and it only lets you display the guide lines, i have also re-set everything to factory settings and still does it. =(
  5. HI, I have purchased 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 in September of last year, everything seem to be fine until yesterday. while standing at the light with the break pressed, the rear camera picture appeared on the display. it does not have the the guide lines, just the picture, every time I press the break the camera comes on. When i come to the stop and take my time to put in reverse, the picture stays without the guidelines even though it is in reverse. If i Put in reverse quickly, the camera comes on as it should with the guide lines. I have switched bulbs to LED bulbs with resistors for breaks and reverse no resistors as they do not blink, but it was back in September without any issues so far until now. not sure if that can cause the malfunction or not, but i would think that LEDs have nothing to do with the camera. I'm assuming that water got somewhere and its shorting out/powering up camera. its cold here so I did not get the chance to look at it yet. if anyone can point me to where the camera gets the signal from i can probably figure it out before i go back to the dealer to get that fixed. Notice below what gear the truck is in including "R" no guide lines.. thanks a lot..
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