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  1. Bought my 2014 Brand New (ordered it) when they changed the body style. I have 143k miles on it and yesterday the weirdest thing happened. The power mirrors stopped working. When I would hold down the lock they would fold in. When in reverse they would tilt so I can see backing up (have a 7 inch Rough Country lift since day 1) so I got use to the mirrors tilting. The other odd thing is the tilt mirror (power options) is not showing up on the radio anymore. I use to have an option on the radio to set preferences for power mirrors but it is like I it never existed. The frustrating part is I just paid 150.00 bucks for the map update and good ole GM sent me a 2005 USB stick and I updated the maps. It installed successfully and I didn't get any errors but now my power mirror option on the radio is gone? I called GM Nav Entertainment team and all they said is take it to the dealership. I'm a software engineer and didn't want to take it into a dealership to pay them to troubleshoot a tech update problem. I called the dealership and asked questions and all they said was bring it in. I googled and researched forums, tech fuse specs etc. Did anyone have similar problems? All my fuses are good. The turn signal still works in both but it is very strange the radio doesn't even act like power mirrors are installed. Any ideas? Thank you JW
  2. This is my first post so sorry if I’m all over the place. I’ve had my 2014 Sierra slt for about two years now. I got it with 116k miles and I’m at about 174k right now. Since the day I’ve bought the truck it’s been nothing but issues. You name it, it’s happened. Four separate water leaks (sunroof, gps antenna, third brake light, and cab vents), 2 transfer case control modules, problems with the power steering going out, brakes going out at low speeds. A couple of months ago my transmission went out and it also needed various other repairs totaling over $20k. Now my park assist sensors don’t work, my rear doors don’t open from the inside and also don’t lock from the outside, reverse lights and camera don’t work, and it constantly dings at me to service my trailer brake system (seriously, it chimes at me about every two seconds as I’m going down the road, telling me to service the trailer brakes). I’ve gone through and checked every ground I can find and nothing helps. Today I went through every single fuse and relay in the truck. I found a couple of blown fuses and replaced as needed, but still no change. I’m at a loss for what to do at this point as I’m stuck with the truck after all the money I’ve sunk into it. Does anybody maybe have any solutions to any of these problems? I’m desperate for answers, anything helps.
  3. The transmission went out last November in my 98 k1500. I started it up a few times afterwards ( over the coarse of a month or so ) with the transmission still out. I have let it sit since then . I am fixing to get the transmission rebuilt and get it back on the road , but for some reason the Anti theft or “passlock” system has activated . It won’t let me do the “relearn procedure” either . I have no idea why it has activated and don’t have the money to by a new bcm or ecm. Can someone explain why it activated ?
  4. I replaced my pass side light bulb about 5 months ago with the same type of halogen bulbs that they come with out of the factory and one day i realized that the same side as before went out. Before that one went out i had a set of after market LED lights. these to be exact https://www.amazon.ca/Lumen-9012HLC-G7-LED-Performance-Bulbs/dp/B01N5Q0TMA i ran those LED's on my truck and they looked great! everything was plug and play they lasted for about 4 months when my pass side bulb gave out on those too. when i took out the bulb to inspect it one of the LED diodes was blown out. I wasn't too surprised by that because sometimes after market parts can be a bit cheaper quality. But when my OEM halogen bulbs went out. thats 3 sets of bulbs in less than 2 years. I am just wondering. Is this bad luck?? Have any of you had this issue before?? if you did what was causing it?? any troubleshooting tips?? I really dont want to keep buying light bulbs every 5 months even the halogen bulbs are a little expensive
  5. Hello, I've done quite a bit of searching on this topic and can't really seem to find a fix. Was wondering if anyone could help me out here as it's starting to get annoying. In my 2014 Chevy Silverado, my options to connect a new phone to bluetooth are greyed out. It doesn't let me click it at all. Another thing that is maybe just coincidence is my onstar seems to not be working either. There is a red light instead of a green one on my rear view mirror. Every now and then it'll go green for 2-3 seconds, and then turn to red. Not sure if this has anything to do with the bluetooth. The troubleshooting I have done is: Taken the radio out, cleaned the plugs, refitted them and reattached the radio; Nothing. Fooled with the wire behind my rear view mirror to see if it's a bad connection of some sort; Nothing. Tried to pair my phone through voice and any other work around; Nothing. Removed all previous devices, and still nothing. Im kind of at loss here, any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. 1998 suburban 1500 4x4 5.7 4l60e np246 push button 4x4 2/4hi/4lo/auto I need some help here. Suddenly my 4x4 quit working on my truck, details above. I have diagnosed everything I can. There are no codes or lights. The issue is no power to the front wheels while in any of the 4x4 positions. The front axle actuator is working, checked with a new one. The encoder motor is new, just installed oem motor. When the truck is on stands the front wheels roll in 4x4 but on the ground they have no torque. I put the front on the ground and jacked up the rear axle, the rear tires spin in drive, the fronts have no pull what so ever. With the truck in the air, 4x4 hi engaged, engine off, truck in neutral, I can roll the front drive shaft by hand and see movement in the rear shaft. Again, when it's in the air everything works, only on the ground it acts like it's still in 2wd. Does the 246 have slipping issues? Is that even possible? I've never had one apart but if there's discs to engage them possibly they are worn? My next step is a xfer case but I don't want to throw any more money away. I should mention I have this problem in auto mode too. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, I have a 2017 Silverado High Country and I installed a 6in Fabtech lift with 35in nitto tires back in September 2017 and since then I've been having issues with my cruise control disengaging/turning off at anything above 69mph. When I'm traveling above 69mph, cruise control will turn on and illuminate on the dash, but it wont engage or lock on. Even when I have the cruise set at 65mph and I try to increase the speed to 70mph, it'll immediately cut off/disengage. I took it to the dealership around January 2018 and they told me since the truck has bigger/heavier tires, the computer is reading the wheels going slower than what it reads on the speedometer. They basically said I need to recalibrate the computer to read the new tire size. BUT, a friend of mine also said I could possibly need to re-gear to 4.56 since I'm running heavier tires, which could fix the cruise control cutting off. If anyone has experienced this issue, you help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  8. I Purchased my 2015 silverado z71 crew cab a couple months ago, so far i love the truck accept for one issue that shows itself every once in a while. USUALLY while turning and acceleration lightly at the same time ( lugging the motor pretty much) ill get a very noticable shudder right before the truck FINALLY decides to downshift. Has anyone had a similar issue. Im going to drives my buddies sierra tomorrow and see if i get the same shudder. I have 3600 miles on this truck so i dont think its anything to do with the "adaptive" transmission learning cycle. Ive heard a custom tune can resolve issues but i really hate to do that on this new of a truck, nor do i have anywhere within 400 miles to get it done. New to the forum guys, hope to get some responses, this is my first GM product. Switched from a 2008 tundra with 245000 trouble free miles. Hope i dont regret this purchase
  9. There's a issue being claimed on Facebook that the new frames are susceptible to being bent if the trucks are not lifted correctly. The problem is the wider frames are also thinner... and require a wider puck for lifts. Which most people don't have? Part of the claim is that a 2019 even fell off a lift because of this issue. Has anyone else heard anything close to this? I can see how this might be plausible (new frames needing a special wide pucks) but I'm skeptical about frames actually bending and there being a "big issue".
  10. Hey there I am a proud owner of a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado. The issues I wanted to discuss is the new technology in the truck. What I'm referring to is the E assist system. Only 500 of these were released in California, I own one and love my truck but I believe this system is making the truck drive weird. I'm not sure if it's because it's trying to improve fuel economy or just faulty but when I am coming to a stop I can feel a clunk almost like I was rear ended, I can also feel it when taking off and it's annoying. I wanted to see if any of you have had similar problems in your truck and any advise you had or your experience. I brought this issue to the dealer twice and both times they found issues but none with the e assist system or transmission they claim. I have posted a link to a video of what happened on my last experience to my local dealer. Thanks for any help.
  11. Hello everyone, this is long and appreciate the feedback So this is the second time that this has happened to me. I do not know what cases this but here's the story. First instance, i was leaving the dealer after picking up new floor mats (they were not installed, does not matter to what happened). While leaving and making a uturn to hit the street i hit a driveway(to another dealer) and put my foot down halfway (at least 1/4 and i believe 1/2) and nothing was happening. It almost felt like it was in the middle of changing gears but for 2 full seconds by the end of the 2 seconds i was at least 3/4 down on the pedal. Since this was the first time i did not really think of it and kept going and took note of what happened, thinking that i was over exaggerating. The second time, i was running through a yellow light and was 100ft away when it turned yellow and was doing roughly 30mph. i got on the throttle to "get through" the light without getting a ticket. nothing happened again till i got at least 1/2 down on the throttle and it took off but at this point i bearly broke the line when the light turned yellow. So my question is, what does everyone think that happened? I will be going back to the dealer soon for a software update this week, and will let them look the truck over. would this be a cause of the throttle assembly/TMS(torque management system)?
  12. Problem Description: Headlights turns-On and sometimes does not w/ DRL Headlights turns-Off while driving and then comes back On Headlight does not turn-On at initial startup and then turns-On while driving All other lights are functional, Tail Lights Brake light and Reverse are Ok All Turn Signals w/ Hazards are Ok Fog lights (Morimoto XB LED's) are Ok Action: Taken to a reputable shop to troubleshoot; of course the lights were functional the entire time during the visit; issue re-occured later during that day on my way home from work. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi All, New to the forum. Look forward to future discussion. I purchased a 2014 High Country yesterday. I've synced my iPhone 6 to MyLink and can use the truck's bluetooth compatibility for phone calls just fine. The issue arises when I want to play music. I have no songs on iTunes. All of my music is on Spotify. The only option MyLink gives me in terms of listening to music is accessing my phone's iPod library (which doesn't exist). If I could play my Spotify music via the bluetooth connection or the USB cable I'd be totally happy. Please help!
  14. I just bought a used 2017 Suberban with 56k miles on it (out of warranty for this issue) Anyone have any suggestions? The options are on but they dont work. I tested the lane change and it doesn't alert or change back I tried going to close to another car and it wont alert or slow me down I know how it should work as I just drove a 2017 tahoe same options. Anyone have any ideas? Thank in advance
  15. Hello, I own an 08 GMC Sierra 2500HD Diesel Crew Cab Long box pick up, it's throwing a display message, but not giving me any codes, the message is service trailer brake system, it used to show that message and then I had it brought into the shop the second of July and they replaced the trailer break relay in the rear, had to change out some eye connectors at the fuse box. They also replaced the fuse. Worked great again from then to about a three weeks ago and this was including an 11 000km trip towing the trailer, it brought the message up again. The truck had been sitting and driven every once and a while, a bit of idling this winter as well, but no towing. so I replaced the fuse because it looked blown. After replaced it work fine again no more message thought maybe wet weather caused it. Now unfortunately now again yesterday I went to use it again and the message comes up, it was just recently used a few days ago and no message, today we have some dense fog as well as some rain. I think it only happens when it rains heavy or fog.. I am not entirely sure on that though. I replaced the fuse in the fuse box for the (ITBC) The one I changed out before to get it to work, and this time it did not work and nothing changed on the dash message still up. I can more than easily replace the Relay without any issues, but I don't want to do that if it is just going to create the exact same issue. Any ideas on what might be causing this? Also on a side note, whenever I start the truck it puts out grey smoke until it has warmed up passed about 79-85 degrees Celcius (174F-187F), which is normally after driving for about 5 mins 10 at most or letting it high idle until that temp, it also does smoke when driving until warmed up. it never puts out black or blue smoke. Its grey, just as it is on a cold day in a gas engine. today we've reached the highest temp lately about 8 degrees Celcius and it still smoked. It never did this in the summer or fall just after it got cold. So I am just wondering if this is normal or if something is causing this to happen when it shouldn't be. Could it be something as simple as it needing an oil change? Or also does it need a long drive at highway speed to deal with burn cleaning the DPF? I am a new owner to this pickup, and it is my first year with it so I am new to diesel's and don't know what to expect from them. Any help Is much appreciated!
  16. What to do and why is this happening ...hood open screen and theft detection screen flashes in dash and when i lock doors alarm system comes on and cannot start with distance remote start on factory iinstaled remote start gmc 1500 2015 sle what can i do dealer is 1h of drive everytime and awaist of time gaz and work money wasted ! Is this really just a sensor or more major problem thanks guys
  17. Hello all, I just traded my ultra reliable commuter car (2014 Corolla S) in for a 2014 Silverado LT Crew Cab 4x4 with the 5.3l. I've had a number of chevy trucks over the years, and never experienced any problems. Since I have recently cut down on my commute to work, I decided to make a 2014 silverado/sierra my daily driver. I bought this truck over the weekend. I wasn't thrilled about the wheels / tires (305/45r22's on 22' wheels), and I planned to replace in the next few weeks. However, I was happy with what appears to be a 2-2.5" level kit already installed. During the test drives, I didn't notice any of the "Chevy Shake" or any clicking with the steering wheel. However, during the last 3-4 days, the steering wheel has begun to noticeably 'click' when I turn at a stop or low speeds. Clicking is worse when turning left than right. I have done quite a bit of research over the last few hours, and it appears I am not the only one with this issue. The problem is, I bought the car used with 61,000 miles on it. I got (what I thought) was a great deal on it, but now I am second guessing my purchase. Based on my research, I need to identify the lift kit before I do anything else. Please help!!! I am also open to other advice if someone has discovered a cure that I may have missed. I will post pics below. I will also post a video as soon as I figure out how to do so on this site.
  18. Can anyone identify the leveling kit used on my new (to me) 2014 Silverado 5.3l? Height in the front is 40.1" and height in back is 39.4". I believe the prior owner installed a leveling kit, but I don't know how to identify it. Can you please assist? Below is a picture of the driver side strut.
  19. Hi all, I have had my 2015 Silverado 5.3L Crew for less than a year, purchased February 2015. Currently, the truck has around 14800 miles on it, most of which are highway miles as I make frequent trips between Atlanta and Florida. Today on my way to work in Atlanta my truck just gave out on me power wise, no acceleration passed 40 mph. The check engine light came on and started flashing repeatedly which the Chevy site indicates that to mean there is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. Well I was a very short distance from the dealer near work so I just maintained my speed and tried not to let the truck shift gears. Once I got off the highway I had to come to a stop and experienced really rough idle and some hard knocking sounds. The truck did not however seem like it wanted to die out or stall on me. When the light turned green I pressed the gas and had very weak acceleration, the truck was hardly picking up speed and I couldn't tell what the trans was doing. Anyway, I got it around the corner to the dealer and dropped it off. I am hoping its just a computer module or something that gave out and started affecting things but it honestly seems more to me like a serious mechanical issue. Does anyone have any similar experiences or have any speculation into the issue? The transmission in this truck has always been the thing I liked least about it, sluggish shifts, not knowing what gear it wants to be in, hard shifts and knocking/dropping sounds. Any info or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeremy
  20. Hey everyone, I have the 2015 6.2L with the 8 Speed Transmission. At 10,500 miles (300 miles after I bought it used) I noticed how sloppy the transmission was going from park to reverse and reverse to drive. Then while going down the road it would just decide that what ever gear it was in, it didn't like it so it'd slam into a new gear at various speeds. I ended up getting it replaced at no cost. However, it still slams into gear at around 45-55 mph while just cruising down the road while my foot is lightly on the throttle. I cant imagine I'm the only one with this issue! Please if anyone has had similar issues please let me know. This can't be right and CHEVY needs to come clean on this and get it right! I hope I didn't by a lemon!
  21. Hi everyone, I have been having this problem for a couple of months now with my cabin lights. At first is was very intermittent but now it's there all the time. The driver's side dome light won't shut off with the others once I lock the doors or when I start up the vehicle. I Brought my truck 3 times to the dealer to fix this annoying and weird issue and so far no fix for it. The dealer says they can't replicate the problem. I, on the other hand, see it each and every time I unlock my doors or when I start it up. I have made a video of it for you to see it. If anyone has experienced this or has an idea of what is causing this, I certainly would appreciate any feedback. Cheers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhqpB2a162k
  22. I am working on a 2002 Chevy 2500 HD. The ignition key is sticking when you turn it, and will remain in the cranking position sometimes. I swapped out the ignition cylinder and key, everything is all good there. I also know that the cylinder and key is not the issue, because when the cylinder is removed, if you take a large flat head screwdriver and turn the "recepticle" (female end) of the ignition cylinder, it still sticks. I tried lowering the igntion switch and even without the switch in place, it still sticks. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  23. Hello Thinking about purchasing a new GM truck. I am wondering if anyone is having any problems with their new 1/2 ton trucks. Is GM having any problems with the 6.2 Liter Eco Tec 3 engine or still having some troubles with the new 8L90E Transmission. Other troubles and their solutions would be intresting too. It would be nice to learn in advance what to expect, will it be a wonderful smooth ride. Should I expect a few fixable bumps along the way or am I entering a nightmare ride. Thanks in advance for your input. Success stories are certainly welcomed for a well rounded view.
  24. Okay, so I've searched as best I could and didn't come across a topic on this. Apologies if I missed something. My '14 Silverado 5.3 has 28,000 miles on it now (got it at 26,000) and since then there has been a strange humming or whining noise coming from what I deduce must be the torque converter. It can be heard in park when revving and in drive under acceleration or just cruising a parking lot, most noticeably in the lower RPM range in all cases. I wish I had noticed this at the dealership, but I was not paying attention. The noise is worse at times, but always present. This is clearly an issue, I mean the thing sounds like a 15 year old Trailblazer whining around a parking lot and that's pretty unacceptable for such a new vehicle. I only plan on keeping this truck for a year or so and stepping up to a '16 or '17 Silverado/Sierra when finances allow (see my novel of a intro in the new member forums...), but its still a nice truck and I want it to act and sound like it should. Has anyone else had TC or Trans issues on their 6 speed trucks? Is the dealer going to give me the "normal operating conditions" line of bs? Thanks y'all. -Max
  25. Howdy, I own a 2010 Silverado that is doing some weird stuff. First off, let me tell you the mods that are done: Yank 2800 Stall, TSP long tubes, Borla Cat-Back system, K&N cold air intake, some random after market spark plug wires that came off a 2011 Camaro SS, and it has a custom tune done with HP tuners. This is a 5.3 LC9 with a 6l80 transmission (with stock clutches besides the stall). Now let me tell you the issue. If I am cruising at low speeds and mash into the gas it will sometimes wig out. It shoots the rpm's to 6k and unlocks and locks the doors (almost like it's trying to throw it in park). This doesn't happen all the time, only at low speeds and if I haven't touched the gas in awhile. I'm almost ready to pull the converter off and throw the stock one back on, but part of me thinks it might be an electrical issue. I had the transmission pulled out and the stall rebuilt back in December and my transmission guy said it's one of cleanest 6l80's he has ever seen, so I'm hoping its not my clutches. Let me know if y'all know anything about this type of problem, but everyone I've talked to so far has no clue. This sucks because I was planning on doing a TSP cam and DOD delete this summer, but that will have to wait! -David
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