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Found 22 results

  1. Alright guys, so my cruise control has not been working and after some research, I got a lot of answers saying it was due to a bad brake switch. So I went ahead and replaced that and it still wont work. Any other suggestions?
  2. My cruise control stopped working in my 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3L SLT about a month ago. The cruise light comes on in white but wont engage the cruise control. I have looked in the user manual and have not found a reference as to a fuse that i could check. I called a local dealer and they recommended I take it in for diagnostic and pay $75. I would prefer not to if i can avoid it. I have read that this may be caused by a faulty brake switch that needs replacing. Does anyone know of another reason or solution? Where is the brake switch located? I'm new here so any information would help. Thanks..
  3. Hello, Cruise control stopped working (neither normal nor adaptive). When I press the dial to "set" the cruise speed nothing happens, also I read I should be able to change between normal and adaptive cruise by pressing the "cancel cruise" button, but when I do nothing happens. Truck comes from a GM employee who had diagnosed it as the steering wheel being the culprit (in case the switch was defective); he gave me a new steering wheel with the truck which I swapped but it did not work. I guess the easy route would be to take to the dealership for them to diagnose, but since that will take longer and usually several visits: What else should I try? Any specific fuse or something else I should check? thanks! ps. gratuitous pic of a dirty Sierra for your time
  4. I upgraded my factory radio and used the pac rp-5 recommended wiring harness. Factory settings were set and the radio controls on the right side of the steering wheel all work fine. However the left side cruise control doesn't work anymore. Any ideas on how to correct this?
  5. Hey guys, I have a 2017 Silverado High Country and I installed a 6in Fabtech lift with 35in nitto tires back in September 2017 and since then I've been having issues with my cruise control disengaging/turning off at anything above 69mph. When I'm traveling above 69mph, cruise control will turn on and illuminate on the dash, but it wont engage or lock on. Even when I have the cruise set at 65mph and I try to increase the speed to 70mph, it'll immediately cut off/disengage. I took it to the dealership around January 2018 and they told me since the truck has bigger/heavier tires, the computer is reading the wheels going slower than what it reads on the speedometer. They basically said I need to recalibrate the computer to read the new tire size. BUT, a friend of mine also said I could possibly need to re-gear to 4.56 since I'm running heavier tires, which could fix the cruise control cutting off. If anyone has experienced this issue, you help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  6. Wondering if it is possible to add adaptive cruise to my 2019 Sierra (it is loaded with all safety features front crash, cross traffic, following distance, etc.) It this just a different module I can install, or is this simply too complex to do? All input is welcome. Thanks!!
  7. My 2004 GMC Sierra cruise control just stopped working. I had no previous issues before this. I checked my cruise switch and brake pedal switch and cruise fuse with a ohm meter and they are okay. I have not changed any brake lights bulbs recently either and all brake lights are working. One strange thing to note is if I am driving down the road and rapidly continue pushing the cruise button the green cruise light will come on then back off rapidly as well. Thanks for any help.
  8. And won't disengage!! 1996 Chevy K1500 Silverado 4x4 pickup with 5.7L vortec cruise won't shut off, truck won't shift into OD and stay. Shut the engine off and recranked it and motor revs like you're flooring it. Anyone know what causes this or how to fix it?
  9. I just bought the thing and the cruise is not working. I’ve changed out the brake pedal switch and checked all the fuses. What else could be causing an issue with the cruise control?
  10. Hey all, I have a 2008 GMC Sierra 2500HD 6.0L Gasoline. Remote start is not working. This sucks a lot for those of us living in Central Alberta Initially the truck didn't start due to a check engine light coming from my downstream O2 sensors. My catalytic converters were cactus, so I removed them, had the O2 sensors adjusted and the engine light disappeared. That was two weeks ago. The remote start worked for one or two days and then I started having issues with it. At first the remote start only worked intermittently, maybe once out of every 10 or so attempts and it was random. Then it stopped working altogether. I press the lock button on the fob and then hit the start button. The park lights on the truck flash as if it's going to engage, and then nothing happens. No sounds either coming from it to suggest it's going to start up. I looked at a few forum posts and dealer recommendations and attempted fixes. This is what I've troubleshooted so far: I start the vehicle manually, then attempt to use remote start. Nothing. I'm aware it only has two start attempts. My lock and unlock buttons both work fine. There are no check engine lights or lights of any kind appearing on the dash. Hood lever sensor seems to be functioning. No hood open warning on dash. (Still may be a problem but I'd like to avoid replacing the latch and sensor unless it's my last option) Oil pressure and coolant temperature are normal. There is no extra key or key fob in the truck. Hazard lights are not on. Vehicle is definitely in park. I replaced the battery in the remote. No dice. I do have a now remote on order just in case although it does seem to be communicating fine with the vehicle. I finally found a blog that suggested that it might be the brake light switch. Apparently this can cause both the cruise control and the remote start to fail if it starts to loose it's marbles. I decided to test out my cruise control and unbeknownst to be me the cruise control will not engage either. So this morning I replaced the brake light switch (which was no easy task). I jumped in my truck to test drive it and it seemed to brake fine and the lights still worked when the pedal was depressed. Cruise control still would not engage (but I don't care as I live in central alberta and don't use it at the moment), but when I returned home, I shut down the vehicle, locked it, and attempted the remote start. It worked!! TWICE!! I was super excited, turned on the ignition to reset it, turned it off, jumped out of the truck and went to attempt it again. Nada. Nothing. No dice. Zippo. I've retried 5 times after turning on the ignition to reset it, and still nothing. Can someone please suggest where to look next? Any ideas? Anyone had the same drama and found a fix? I don't want to take it into a shop, I know it'll cost an arm and a leg! Thanks!
  11. Recently had battery drain drastically on my 2016 1500. Does not want to charge on the battery charger. I can get it to start and, when running, the cruise control doesn't work and the USB ports on the center console don't seem to work; however, the USP port inside the storage area of the console does work. Only thing I had done differently lately is involves messing around with the cruise control, based on reading something in the manual that said that if I held down the cruise control "set" button while in park with the e brake on it would idle at a set RPM. That never happened, but there may be some consistency between doing that and the problems I am having. Any thoughts?
  12. Greetings all. Looking for some advice on why I might keep blowing speedometer transducers. I've gone through two replacements and although they work fine for about 30 minutes, they eventually just stop and the speedometer fails. Any idea what would cause the transducers' to keep failing? Rebuilt transmission with new speedometer plastic gear in transmission. I'm at a loss.
  13. After getting back from a 5month deployment, my 2014 Silverado 5.3 2wd, cruise control speed decrease is now increasing the speed. The + acts normal but - is now also speed increase. The battery was disconnected this entire deployment. I’ve reset battery numerous times for hours trying to drain any capacitor I could. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. It was in a cold environment. (Seattle WA)
  14. Hello! I'm a new member with a 2010 Chevy Suburban problem. The cruise control went out, and after researching, I learned there is a pretty straight forward fix which is to replace the brake switch, I did that. It actually worked on the short test drive I took, but the next day it stopped working and hasn't since. What can the problem be? PS: I'm not a mechanic. This is my husbands Suburban which I rarely drive. But I am a good researcher and was pretty proud of myself that I repaired it. Now I'm stumped. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you!
  15. Not sure if anybody is aware of this one. So, I got a 2003 Silverado 1500 LT ext. cab loaded. 168k miles. So I thought it's worth to fix all the minor and not so minor (shocks, control arms, tires ect.) things. Among others replaced the dulled out and cracked head and tail lights. Long story (not so) short. My cruise control stopped working. I new it worked when I got the truck. So, I hooked it up on my Tech2 for Win. No DTC's. Just one oddity. In the cruise control diagnostics it keeps showing stop light applied. Easy I thought and replaced the brake light switch even though it checked out fine. Made no difference. For over 2 weeks I wrecked my brain, checked voltages and inputs on the cruise control module, throttle actuator module, PCM and so forth. Checked anything I could think of. It still showed the stop light applied state in Tech2 no matter what. I checked all the electrical diagrams on ALLDATE. It then dawned upon me. ANSWER, CAUSE AND SOLUTION: ​Aftermarket LED bulbs in the tail lights. Even though with a proper resistor installed (to avoid the hyper turn signal) it caused a weird voltage fluctuation in the none active state to the TAC module. instead of approx. 5V it received "wondering" voltages all over 2.66 to 12 V causing the TAC to believe the brake light switch was actuated. REMOVED LED BULBS. PUT OLD FASHION BULBS IN. CRUISE CONTROL WORKING. In case any one else runs into that I hope they find this post. There is no documentation or post I was able to find anywhere. And the Chevy Dealers just would have swapped out all the modules to then find out it still wouldn't work.
  16. Hey, I just recently picked up a new truck, it's a 2012 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali with 85,000km. So far I'm really enjoying being back in a Duramax, one issue I noticed was that the Cruise Control isn't working. The light on the steering wheel comes on, but nothing on the dash. I did some looking online and rear about a potential brake light or brake pedal switch issue. All brake lights work as they're supposed to, and tapping/wiggling the brake switch does nothing while attempting to set the cruise. I couldn't find a fuse for the cruise control to check??? Also tried playing with the trailer brake controller and parking brake.. still nothing. Then I tried playing with the tilt steering, and voila... I managed to get the cruise to work and the light on the dash to come on for a minute. As soon as I moved the wheel I lost it again. If I cycle the tilt steering up and down and hold it all the way in the lowest position it will intermittently work. This leads me to believe everything is functioning properly, and I either have a broken wire or loose connection somewhere on the steering column. Does anyone have a wiring diagram or insight on where I should be looking for this wiring issue? Thanks!
  17. I have a 2008 gmc sierra 5.3 4x4 and recently started experiencing cruise control failure. After changing my Brake light switch on the petal 2 times with no luck I gave up. About a week after the second brake light switch I started experiencing electrical issues else where. At random speeds my electric doors lock and unlock rapidly and my "service stabilitrak" light or "stabilitrak off" light come on and off in random sequence. During the electrical show my truck either down shifts or up shifts depending on the speed to about third gear, and the gear position light disappears. The light doesn't even come on for the cruise control anymore, and when returning to normal the speed odometer and rpm gage bounce. I tried changing my brake light switch again with no luck all OEM gmc switches. My TPS and gas petal, with computer reprograming, where changed at a dealer a couple months prior to the first issue. When I run diagnostics on it I get a lean exhaust code. I notice this happens more often in the morning time or when its raining. Like moisture may be the cause of the issue or it may be a coincidence. It might happen all day one day then might not happen at all for a week. Any help is appreciated. The dealer I bought the truck from don't return my phone call to schedule appointment and the dealer closest to my house just wants to charge me a diagnostic fee and not offer a solution.
  18. Hey guys, I'm having a huge issue with my truck, for some reason I can not get the brake warning light on the dash to go away. It all started while I was driving at the desert (it's a long travel truck). I was taking it easy and I succumbed to my dads peer pressure to abuse it. Thats is when the dash light came on. A variety of other things came up, but ever other issue was fixed. I've exhausted every evil plan to murder this light but nothing does the trick. I changed out every light bulb, I replaced the rear tail lights, I replaced all the brake lines, bled the entire system, checked every fuse, replaced every brake and rotors as well, the parking brake is released, the parking brakes have been replaced, at this point I was thinking of ripping out the dash light but as a mechanic I just can't fail. Now yesterday on the freeway I realized my cruise control is not working either. Anybody have any idea how this could correlate to my brake light issue?
  19. so i replaced the speed sensor and all the cruise control switches ecept the ccontrol module and the transmision drac module. does any body know if the drac would have something to do with the cruise control not working.
  20. My cruise control started working intermittently last summer and tapping on the brake pedal would always fix the problem and get the cruise on again. It began happening more and more over the past year so I finally brought it into the dealer knowing the brake switch was most likely the issue. They replaced the switch and said that it did not solve the problem, so they put the old switch back in. I didnt believe them so I bought my own ACDelco switch from a local auto parts store and installed. Things worked great but every once in a while after startup the cruise wont work (about 1 out of 5 times). I've been testing it every time I get above 25mph. Is it possible that I have come across 2 new switches that are defective?! Again, tapping the braking pedal a few times will get the cruise to turn on if it is'nt already working. Looking for your 2 cents... Thanks
  21. Do I need the Chevy Silverado 3500 Turn Signal, Wiper, and Cruise Control Switch Lever or the 250-1729-TB 2003-2006 Chevy Silverado V8 & Diesel OEM Cruise Control Kit to add cruise control to my pickup. I have read that if it is an '04 or newer, you just need the switch and not the kit or harness. Just want to know before I buy the wrong part. Any help is appreciated Thanks
  22. I just got back from a week-long 3000 mile road trip and I just wanted to post some thoughts about my truck. First of all, the cruise control: it is perfectly content to drop 3mph below the set point and just sit there and bog down going up even a small hill. It will not downshift until it drops 4mph below the set point no matter how long of a hill it is going up. As it starts to crest the hill it overshoots its target speed by 2-3mph and coasts back down. I have never experienced this in any other vehicle I have driven. Any kind of drop below the target speed should increase throttle (unless throttle is 100% already) until the target speed is regained right? This is incredibly annoying. Every hill we went up I had to give manual throttle to maintain my target speed. Have any of you experienced this or is something wrong with my truck? It is possible that it has been doing this since I bought it and I never noticed until now. Next, Tow/Haul Mode: I was not towing a trailer or hauling what I would consider to be a large load (no more than 600# passengers and luggage combined). I was in Gatlinburg, TN climbing some pretty steep hills up to our cabin and I would highly recommend using Tow/Haul mode on steep, windy roads @ <20mph. It keeps it from upshifting every time you let off the throttle a little bit to go around a hairpin turn. It makes for a much more enjoyable drive since it is not hunting for gears constantly. I also noticed that using tow/haul mode on the highway helps with the cruise control problem I was having but it didn't eliminate it. It would only drop 3mph below the target speed before downshifting. (it would still just bog down @ 2mph below target) What are your thoughts? Vehicle info in signature.
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