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  1. I finally finished restoring it. I just need to figure out what to sell it for.
  2. Greetings. I'm hoping to get some input on what others might pay for a restored 1985 Silverado K20 Short Box. I went to Auto Trader Classics and the prices are all over the place. I'm wondering if what some of these guys want for their truck is pie in the sky fantasies or are their 85 trucks really going for that kind of money. Where is the best place to sell your classic truck and what could I expect to get for it?
  3. It's just about all done after restoring. The paint, after buffing, will look flawless. All new interior, pw, pdl, ps, pb, completely rebuilt A/C system, rebuilt suspension, rebuilt Auto Trans, rebuilt hubs, rebuilt transfer case. Runs and drives excellent. After I badge it I'm going to sell it. Any idea what a truck like this would go for?
  4. Thanks for the help with this. It sounds like it's a 3/4 ton. Maybe the guy the thattold me 3/4 Ton trucks didn't come in a short box just hasn't seen many of them. Neither have I honestly. Yeah, who knows what happens to all these trucks over the years and what has been replaced. If they could talk. lol
  5. I was told 3/4 Ton trucks didn't have 8 lugs in 1985, is that true? Vin is 1GCGC24W0FJ1*****
  6. Here are a couple photo's underneath and a photo of the truck being wet sanded. The title for this truck doesn't specify simply states "PU" What would make this a definite 3/4 ton? It is a 6 lug wheel.
  7. I purchased a 1985 Silverado K20 4x4 and the box is a short box. Some guy told me that the 3/4 trucks weren't available in a short box. Yet there it sits in my shop. Is this true?
  8. Chevrolet Silverado SWB Short Box. Over $28,000 invested. Rebuilt 350 Motor, newly rebuilt Auto Transmission with one year warranty. Runs and Drives excellent. Imperial Blue Paint is near perfect. All new weatherstrip, new Interior, too many more parts to list. PS, PB Cruise control, Factory A/C. A/C needs compressor. Clean clear title. $12.500
  9. Greetings all. Looking for some advice on why I might keep blowing speedometer transducers. I've gone through two replacements and although they work fine for about 30 minutes, they eventually just stop and the speedometer fails. Any idea what would cause the transducers' to keep failing? Rebuilt transmission with new speedometer plastic gear in transmission. I'm at a loss.
  10. I'm trying to find and purchase a pair of these door panel support bars for both the left and right sides, Left and Right sides.
  11. I'm try to find a pair of these, Left and Right sides, but not sure what they are called? If anyone has a clue what they're called or even better yet, a left and right pair, it would be greatly appreciated.
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