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  1. I have an Autel ML629 but it seems to only work for "LD Trucks." Unless I am misinterpreting the scanner. All I really want to do is read Engine, Tranny and ABS codes and have the ability to clear them after repairing.
  2. It's getting a little old buying a new code reader for this, car, that car but out of the few I have, none of them work with my 2011 Silverado 2500 HD. Is there a recommended code reader that works well with a 2011 Silverado 2500 Heavy Duty?
  3. Can I get your paypal e mail so I can pay you?
  4. Looks like it does. If so, I'd like to buy it.
  5. Does this have the plastic sliders mounted on each side?
  6. Thats a good deal. I should receive the one i bought in the next few days. i might just buy your as well, depending on the condition of this one.
  7. Just bought one. If It doesn't work when it arrives, I'll shoot you an e mail. What would you want for the Radio?
  8. Looking for a factory OEM radio that also controls the factory OEM CD player under the radio. I believe the trim tag number for my radio is UP0.
  9. Looking for steering column cover trim (shroud) - Grey - 1997 3500 Dually Silverado as well as the black gear selector boot.
  10. That's an idea but I don't have bits nearly big enough. Probably need around a 1" bit but that would be a tough drill set up.
  11. I'll pay someone well for a solution. different model Silverado. The problem is and although the Front center caps fit perfect, the rear center caps fit too loose. About 1/4 inch width too loose. I need some way to eliminate the 1/4 inch gap from the screw on plastic cap nuts. A set of washers, spacers or shims... something that can fit around each plastic cap nut that still fits down in the well of the cap. Similar to the lock washer in the picture but with a wider inside diameter which will take up that slack.
  12. I'm looking for the L&R grille mounts for a 1978 Chevy truck, possible 75-79 would work as well but I have been unable to locate a seller. Does anyone know if these are available used or new? Brothers, LMC, Classic Ind doesn't seem to have them or at least I can't find them.
  13. Looks like it is some type of resistor that heats up, kind of like a huge version of what you'd find in an older heater box. But where it is mounted seems strange. Odd.
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