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  1. I made an account just to post the fix for this, couldn't find it anywhere.... Your mileage may vary but this is what worked for me. After having my alarm go off continuously with the hood ajar message I unplugged the hood latch sensor to fix the issue but in doing so I lost my factory remote start, not an big deal during the summer but now that its 20 degrees out its an issue. I dislike spending $100-$200 to replace a part that works fine because the $1 electrical switch integrated into it broke. The BCM seems to use logic on that pin other than high/low so the fix isn't as simple as twist the wires together. I ended up cutting the sensor/switch pigtail and wiring in a 10k ohm potentiometer and turning it till it worked. For my truck that was ~2100 ohms. The truck harness only utilizes two wires of the three pin connector and one of them is a ground. Solder in the 2100 ohm resistor in between the red and black wires as shown attached (don't forget to put the shrink tube on before) plug it in and the hood switch will be bypassed in the "hood closed" position. keep in mind that you can now remote start with the hood open and peoples hands in there. Use at your own risk. 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE 4x4 5.3L
  2. My 2015 Silverado 1500 4x4 crew cab has about 110000 miles on it. It just started having an issue that I cannot seem to fix. The engine stays running when I turn the key to the off position and remove it. The accessories turn off normally and the RAP seems to be working. Meaning the radio and things turn off when I open the door....this truck is all stuck with the exception of a light bar. I’ve already pulled the light bar fuse at the battery hookup to see if that had anything to do with it and it made no change. Any ideas? Thanks 64187634141__38D880EE-87ED-4441-B214-B90E348CB1F8.MOV
  3. Bought this vehicle brand new. I love it, and perfect for myself, my family, and the fact it's Diesel puts the cherry on top for me. But... now things have started. We have currently 1,137 miles on the vehicle and had the first message populated: - Service steering column lock. (see photo) Everything else worked, remote start, standard start, and the vehicle had zero issues. The following day from our road trip, we had to go to the DMV with our out-of-state paperwork to submit for plates. My wife now received a new message. - Service emissions system. See owners manual. (see photo) She drove to the DMV and left to get the smog paperwork. Then a new issue: - Vehicle remote start isn't working. (see photo) She is in the car and tries to start... Nothing. She tries again. It starts, and she drives it to a local dealer. They come to look and scheduled us for an appointment. She drives the vehicle now, and Onstar now shows the emission issue. ( see photo ) We now can't register the vehicle in California, because, the check engine light is on, emissions warning, and they won't smog it until it's corrected. Awesome... I noticed that none of these issues happened until it updated the software in the vehicle. I'm hoping this is something that can be fixed. I've been looking around for answers and only finding more issues that are all pretty shitty. Sorry, no better way to say it. I've also seen a post of people saying, “deal with it, it's a new breed of vehicles,” etc. I’d challenge that answer. No one should pay this much for a vehicle and face these issues I'm reading about. So here's what I'm going to do, document everything, and I mean everything. This will be for everyone who may have this issue now or who may come across it. My opinion...but I'm not a mechanic, is that there is a massive software and hardware issue with these models. I believe GM internally has to know about this from Dealers, Customer Service, Compliance Reports, etc. I'm sure all issues are in the queue to be address or fixed. I do, however, feel with the challenges of physical hardware that they chose a vendor that was most cost-effective, which is a component of these issues a long with the capability to support the software complexity of the current models. Or maybe I'm just wearing a tin hat, who knows. So, I open this up to you. Any advice, similar issues, outcomes you've faced, and other topics, please comment below. May the journey of dealership visits begin. Hopefully, this journey isn't to long.
  4. Remote start only works when I disconnect and reconnect the battery. It will work for about 5 starts and it stops working. No check engine light. No warning lights, hood is closed, doors are closed and all the fuses are good. 2014 silverado 5.3L
  5. Anyone have a check engine light show up then go away and come back? Code uo129 lost communication with brake control module, UO101 lost communication with transmission Control Module. Went to bed with no check engine light, woke up in the morning for work and noticed the truck would not remote start. When I go in to head to work noticed check engine light. After work ran codes. Shortly after getting codes and using google to research check engine light was gone. Went for a drive never came back on. Woke up this morning it was on again. Can anybody relate?
  6. This winter the alarm started going off after a remote start cycle ends. When the car shuts off (after remote start cycle ends) there will be about a 30 second delay and then the alarm starts going off. I mentioned it to the dealer service and they suggested trying a different FOB before they started digging into it. They obviously had not heard of the problem before. I tried a different FOB and it made no difference. I have searched the internet and haven't seen anyone else mention this problem. I don't have a lot of faith in the service at the dealer, so I am wondering if anyone has any ideas?
  7. I have a 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 and my key fob only has the lock/unlock, and the panic button on it. I saw that the official Chevy accessories page has the key fobs with remote start, tail gate unlock on them as well. If I get one, will I be able to have the dealership program it on my current truck so I can have remote start or is this only for replacement for owners that already have the same key fob? 5 Button Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob Part No. 84312372 https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2019/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500/5-button-keyless-entry-remote-key-fob-84312372?categoryId=12001 Thanks much!
  8. I recently bought a 2020 Trail Boss and whenever I remote start the vehicle, the A/C is blowing on high, how can I disable this or Adjust this?
  9. I have a 2017 Silverado Work Truck. Came with Factory power windows and power locks. It did not come equipped with a keyless entry system from the factory. It does not have any of the modules to add remotes for door lock entry or remote start. Does anyone know of a kit to add these features to my truck?
  10. I am getting desperate for some help on this issue. I bought a 202o Silverado 1500 WT and I have been slowly adding OEM parts to it. I live in New England, so I thought a remote starter would be nice for those cold mornings. My problem is that my local dealer told me that the OEM remote starter isn't available for my truck (something about the software not having that option). I don't know how much I believe this, because an OEM starter should be pretty much universal across the 5.3L engines and computers, right? Well, I asked another dealer, and they said the starter kit isn't showing up as a possible accessory with my VIN#. I then tried to call GM directly, and got absolutely nowhere with the tech support, because the first girl had no idea why it wasn't showing up, and the second one had no idea what I was talking about. She thought I was just wondering why it wasn't showing up as an accessory on the page. I am trying to keep the truck as OEM as possible, because I really don't want a bunch of wire splices and extra key fobs to carry around. My question is, has anyone else been having this issue, and/or is this just a load of b.s. and the starter kit and new key fob with the start button will install just fine? Any information would be greatly appreciated about why my WT can't have the remote starter kit installed. (Last eight of the VIN is LG141071)
  11. so i understand you need ap8 code showing in glove box. im showing ap8 among many other codes? does the mean i have the remote start prepp package? (ill attatch photo) also if i do have the correct ap8 code and i want to order my remote onlinw rather than purchase from a dealer how do i know what part number i need? i understand you cant just buy any remote you also need some type of programming code. that comes with it. my vin number is.. 1GTR2VE7XDZ257401 PLEASE HELP!!! trying to save myself a few bucks at the dealership!!!
  12. New member. Please let me know there's an error with my post. I've found two security issues on my 2019 Silverado and wondering if I'm missing something before contacting Chevy. 1. I can start the truck as usual with keys in the vehicle, then place the keys outside the vehicle and drive away, miles away, turn off the engine and restart the truck, repeatedly. It only presents a problem when you turn the truck off AND open the door. Then, it will not restart. 2. If you find the truck unlocked and you do not have your key fob, there is no way to lock the truck. You can press the lock button but it immediately unlocks. Any help is appreciated.
  13. I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado LTZ. Due to the cold weather here in WY I am a big fan of the remote start. I started my truck using the phone app the other night and when I went out to the vehicle all my windows were rolled down. I researched online and it seems that some vehicles have a feature that allows you to roll down all the windows from the key fob. I checked my vehicle settings under My Link and saw that this option was enabled. The problem that I have is that I cannot replicate what I did to get this to work. My question is how do I use my phone, my key fob or combination of both to roll down the windows? My fear is that if I leave this setting enabled I might accidentally roll my windows down in a rain or snowstorm.
  14. Hey all, I have a 2008 GMC Sierra 2500HD 6.0L Gasoline. Remote start is not working. This sucks a lot for those of us living in Central Alberta Initially the truck didn't start due to a check engine light coming from my downstream O2 sensors. My catalytic converters were cactus, so I removed them, had the O2 sensors adjusted and the engine light disappeared. That was two weeks ago. The remote start worked for one or two days and then I started having issues with it. At first the remote start only worked intermittently, maybe once out of every 10 or so attempts and it was random. Then it stopped working altogether. I press the lock button on the fob and then hit the start button. The park lights on the truck flash as if it's going to engage, and then nothing happens. No sounds either coming from it to suggest it's going to start up. I looked at a few forum posts and dealer recommendations and attempted fixes. This is what I've troubleshooted so far: I start the vehicle manually, then attempt to use remote start. Nothing. I'm aware it only has two start attempts. My lock and unlock buttons both work fine. There are no check engine lights or lights of any kind appearing on the dash. Hood lever sensor seems to be functioning. No hood open warning on dash. (Still may be a problem but I'd like to avoid replacing the latch and sensor unless it's my last option) Oil pressure and coolant temperature are normal. There is no extra key or key fob in the truck. Hazard lights are not on. Vehicle is definitely in park. I replaced the battery in the remote. No dice. I do have a now remote on order just in case although it does seem to be communicating fine with the vehicle. I finally found a blog that suggested that it might be the brake light switch. Apparently this can cause both the cruise control and the remote start to fail if it starts to loose it's marbles. I decided to test out my cruise control and unbeknownst to be me the cruise control will not engage either. So this morning I replaced the brake light switch (which was no easy task). I jumped in my truck to test drive it and it seemed to brake fine and the lights still worked when the pedal was depressed. Cruise control still would not engage (but I don't care as I live in central alberta and don't use it at the moment), but when I returned home, I shut down the vehicle, locked it, and attempted the remote start. It worked!! TWICE!! I was super excited, turned on the ignition to reset it, turned it off, jumped out of the truck and went to attempt it again. Nada. Nothing. No dice. Zippo. I've retried 5 times after turning on the ignition to reset it, and still nothing. Can someone please suggest where to look next? Any ideas? Anyone had the same drama and found a fix? I don't want to take it into a shop, I know it'll cost an arm and a leg! Thanks!
  15. Does anyone know if you can change the default start up temperature settings when starting with remote or via the Chevy App? Everytime I start my truck with the app or remote, the AC comes on full blast. This will be nice during the coming Texas summer, but we have been going through a cold spell and it’s miserable. SOMEONE HELP!!!! I’m in a 2018 Silverado LTZ Z71.
  16. I'm wondering if anybody has had a remote starter installed by a dealer in a Silverado work truck that didn't have factory installed keyless entry. If so, any problems, is it possible to do this? Thanks
  17. Hello All i apologize if this information is available somewhere else on this forum. I recently had my dealer add the Remote Start to my 14 Silverado. As many around the web have mentioned, the onstar app does not automatically update to show the Remote Start options under the Key Fob tab and many have been told by onstart customer service it can not be done. I decided to go with the "Paper Trail" route and send an email from the Onstar Website. I wanted to post this to help anyone else that finds not having the remote start option as a pain in the butt. 1) Choose the "Contact Us" tab on the Onstar website. 2) Inform them that your Dealer recently added the OEM Remote Start package to your vehicle. The dealer flashed and updated the Onstar Module and suggested that you contact Onstar Tier 2 Tech would be able to update the parameters/build data of your vehicle to have the app work with the remote start. 3)Wait a day, Onstar will call you to update you that they are forwarding your request to the Tier 2 techs to update your build data. 4)Wait another day then they will call back to tell you it is complete and to log out of the app then log back in to see it. I was super surprised how easy it was to have this done as i have read many places it could not be done. I hope yall have the same success that I did.
  18. Has anyone used the plug and play kit from MPC for remote start? Reviews are mixed but I think my Tahoe would greatly benefit from this since I am up around 4:30am on most days and hate having to run out there to start it and use a second set of keys to lock it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OU3XDHU/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza Or does anyone know of another company that is fairly easy to install?
  19. Dealership says factory remote start can’t be added to a 2015 Silverado w/t and I have to go aftermarket. What should I do because they offered to install it but can’t they say.
  20. I have turned on heated seats under my remote start preferences yet when I enter my 2017 Yukon Denali, the seat heater lights are not on and the seat is not warm. Any suggestions?
  21. Hello All, I'm hoping that this is the correct place for this, as I'd consider what I'm doing a "mod". I have access to a Passthrough Pro 4 from Snap On. I'm interested in changing the remote start run time from the preset 10 minutes to 15. I'm not interested in just pressing the button again to get a total of 20 minutes by extending the preset 10 minute timer. I know that it can be done, as we have some wonderful people on here that would be happy to program the proper components and if I can't figure it out it might just come down to that. But being that I have access to the Passthrough which to my understanding lets you access factory programming as well as some custom programming I'd like to give it a shot myself first. I'm aware that I could totally screw up my truck, and well, I'm taking that risk. If anyone has done this before or has experience I would appreciate some tips, or help. Thanks in advance!
  22. I have an unusual issue with my truck that started this morning. I tried to start my truck with the key fob remote start however it didn't start the truck. I was able to start it with the key however after using the truck i turn the truck off as usual and 5 minutes later i went to start it and nothing. when i put the key in the ignition the chime doesn't work, the engine wont crank, the key fob doesn't work ,essentially it like the battery is completely dead however i was able to start it the GMC app. \But even when ot was running i put the key turn it into the on position and it was like the key was engage. I can do everything (put the truck in gear etc) but the engine will not run or crank. I was able to get it started eventually (i don't know how) and the service engine light came on. I brought it the dealer to get the code and they said something about high voltage code however until they can look at they don't know if its under warranty or not. My question is has anyone experience this or have any suggestion? Any help would be greatly appreciated . Best Regards
  23. Hey guys, Sorry if this has been already posted or discussed before! My dad and I put on longtube headers on my 2014 silverado. We had a helluva time getting the driver side header on from the bottom - up. So we decided to disconnect the steering shaft to give myself room to drop the header down. We got it all installed with relative ease after that and tightened down both bolts on the steering shaft. The next day I tried to remote start my truck and the once I press the remote start, my lights flash as if the truck recognizes it but doesn't try to turnover or anything. The steering is fine once I start the truck, but I noticed that my steering wheel gets locked more often now and I have to giggle the wheel back and forth to unlock the ignition to get my key in. I was wondering if anyone had advice or a video or putting the steering shaft together and see what we did wrong. Thanks
  24. Hello all. I’ve searched with no good results for a 2018 Silverado with dual climate control and factory remote start. No no matter what setting I have my climate control on when I shut my truck off, it ALWAYS turns the A/C when I use remote start. Other morning it was 69 degrees and still dark out, add that to full blast A/C and it is COLD when I get in! As soon as I put the key in, it goes back to whatever setting I had last, which is usually with A/C off. I only drive a few miles miles to work and back so I usually don’t even bother with A/C, I like the windows down. But since my windshield has had full A/C blowing on it for 3-4 minutes or remote start time, it now fogs up really bad when I roll the windows down, forcing me to use the defroster. Is there a way to have my A/C not operate differently with remote start? I’ve read on the ‘14’s the dealer could flash it to keep same settings as last used, but dealer is telling me there are no options available on my ‘18. Ive got an appt tomorrow for my free oil change and would love to have something to give them showing it can be changed before I wire in a switch to my compressor relay. Thank you!
  25. Hi all, I am looking for some help. My truck remote start doesn’t work when it’s cold outside (like below 30). It sounds like the starter engages then nothing. No crank. I can start it with key no problem. Once engine has run, remote start works fine. Dealership has checked battery and charging circuit but can’t duplicate (temps were warmer when they had it). The radio date and time reset when I last attempted to remote start it. Radio has had new interface module and an update. Has anyone had similar issues? Any ideas? I don’t have much confidence in the dealership. It’s been in 3 times for the same issue. I have 31,000 miles and still factory warranty. Thank you
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