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  1. I’m not sure what the difference is between the coilover lift vs. spacer. I have had a couple ask me about upgrading to full suspension after seeing the lift.
  2. Anyone have a check engine light show up then go away and come back? Code uo129 lost communication with brake control module, UO101 lost communication with transmission Control Module. Went to bed with no check engine light, woke up in the morning for work and noticed the truck would not remote start. When I go in to head to work noticed check engine light. After work ran codes. Shortly after getting codes and using google to research check engine light was gone. Went for a drive never came back on. Woke up this morning it was on again. Can anybody relate?
  3. I’ll post a pic of the coil overs this afternoon
  4. I’m not sure. I was not aware of the xl. But they appear to be pretty well built. $1,500 installed
  5. 6” fabtech performance lift 2.5” dirt logic resi coil overs up front 2.25” dirt logic shocks in rear. 20x9 pro comp wheels 35x12.5r20 furry rt 12 ply tires amp side steps! Rides like a dream! ( 18” wheels would not fit. As fabtech states on website.)
  6. Getting the fabtech performance w/ 2.5 dirt logic resi coilover installed in a few day when the lift gets to the shop. Any word on this lift yet?
  7. Any pics of nerf steps or amp steps? I’m trying to decide on one or the other.
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