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  1. I plan on going to dealer to have it done my question now is can I order the remote fob with the code that is needed online to not pay full price at the dealer?
  2. so i have a gmc sierra and i have been reading about being able to get a remote start from the factory with an RPO code showing AP8 whatever all that means. i also have a 2013 terrain is this something possible for the terrain?
  3. so i understand you need ap8 code showing in glove box. im showing ap8 among many other codes? does the mean i have the remote start prepp package? (ill attatch photo) also if i do have the correct ap8 code and i want to order my remote onlinw rather than purchase from a dealer how do i know what part number i need? i understand you cant just buy any remote you also need some type of programming code. that comes with it. my vin number is.. 1GTR2VE7XDZ257401 PLEASE HELP!!! trying to save myself a few bucks at the dealership!!!
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