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  1. I'm going to have to go through and resize most of my pictures that I've taken due to limitations per post, and honestly, the outfitter that put the grill guard on has been less than accommodating lol. Their response was basically: "Well sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Not much we can really do about it." This isn't the case with mine. I only have a grille guard, not full replacement. For now anyway. If this headache keeps up, I'm going to see what i can do about getting a discounted replacement through RanchHand, considering their product essentially sucks for trucks with park assist.
  2. This is just a grille guard though, not an entire bumper replacement. I doubt i'd be having this problem if I'd done a replacement.
  3. I actually decided to bypass the outfitter i used and call Ranch Hand directly. Explained the situation to them, and the lady is apparently sending me two "covers" for the middle sensors. I think this is going to actually disable to park assist system as well though. Asinine. She did say to call back if it didn't work and we would move on to the next step.
  4. Of course I can. I don't like having features rendered useless in my vehicles though. If i wanted a base model i would've bought a wt. lol.. I can get by without it, but if it's there, i want it to work. My wife also drives my trucks from time to time
  5. Hey folks, just wanted to I guess get a thread going for Truck Norris 2.0... Picked up 2 weeks ago and have already made a bunch of modifications to him. (Truck Norris 1.0 was my lowered white 08 crew cab 1/2 ton Texas edition.. beast mode.) 2019 3500 SRW Silverado, LWB, LTZ, Z71, Sport Appearance Package (wanted painted bumpers, didn't want a high country.. also whoever decided that this package deletes the cab lights is fired.). He's going to be used for "work" so had a build in mind before I even picked him up in Weatherford. Really, the company I work for is just paying me to use my truck rather than the sh!!ty F350 they bought for me last year. I can't figure out how to upload more than one picture at a time unfortunately, I guess my Samsung takes too good of pictures. So.. I'll just start with how I got it.
  6. Have had my truck 2 weeks now, and have rigged it out for work with a Decked unit in the bed, 60gal aux tank, luverne grip steps, and a ranch hand legend grille guard. Initially the outfitters put the wrong guard on it, so they ordered me the one for trucks with park assist and now that it is on, I get intermittent full blown "DUDE YOU'RE HITTING SOMETHING RIGHT THIS SECOND!!" warnings from the two middle sensors. It never fails it's when I'm sitting at a stop light expecting it the least and it scares the hell out of me, annoys during phone calls (im on the phone a lot while driving for work), and just... screw that. Anyone else have this issue resolved?
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome 2 weeks in and have already put a bit of time in on getting the truck ready to work... with my personal touches of course. Here she is now.
  8. interesting about california... add it to the list of reasons i have no place there i guess.
  9. Lol... man i suck at this. This forum has too many subforums these days. Thank you.
  10. I'm not sure if I'm just missing them or what, but i dont seem to really see much pertaining to the HD trucks. is there a specific forum for them that i am just not seeing? 2019 SRW 3500 here
  11. Hey folks, just wanted to introduce myself real quick since i finally decided to join up instead of just steal all of your knowledge like I've been doing for so long. Lots of great people in here obviously, so glad to join and hopefully add to it. New to this forum, not new to chevy trucks, and picking up my new L5P on Friday out in Weatherford TX. This will be my third Duramax, stoked as hell to give the L5P a shot. Including a couple of pics the dealer sent me yesterday before finalizing the deal over the phone. To do list already: 5% tint VLED low beams Looking into Morimoto LED projector fog lamp replacements Add factory clearance lights (who the hell builds a 1 ton without them?!) Lighted black bowtie Looking forward to being a valuable member and asset.
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