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  1. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 - $9900

    Parting this truck out, everything but the front clip is available.
  2. 2015 GMC Sierra - $12950

    A/C is now working so everything on the truck works as it should. Will be going up on ebay next week.
  3. 2015 GMC Sierra - $12950

    Had some time to work on this truck over the weekend. Got all the fluids swapped out and the truck starts and runs fine. Everything inside seems to work fine as well, radio, gauges, windows, etc. all work. Only thing that isn't turning on is the a/c blower so I'll look into that next weekend. Price is now $13k firm.
  4. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    Agreed. I just made seat spacers and went with the fullsize, but their shallow mounts are awesome as well.
  5. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    Good choice on subs. I had a couple EV10's in my last truck and those little bastards will take some serious power.
  6. 2017 Escalade Black Leather Seats

  7. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 - $9900

  8. 2015 GMC Sierra - $12950

  9. 2015 GMC Sierra - $12950

    Still available, $11,500
  10. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 - $9900

    Still have it, may be parted out in the next couple weeks.
  11. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 - $9900

    I agree but the dealer wants proof of insurance and registration/title in my name. I’m not paying taxes and insurance just for a key.
  12. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 - $9900

    They are not salvage titles, they're non-repairable titles.
  13. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 - $9900

    To clarify, it is not possible to get a salvage title in Texas. It may be possible in other states but I can’t confirm which states allow that transfer.

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