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  1. 2017 Escalade Black Leather Seats

    Thought these were sold but buyer backed out. $2700 for all 3 rows.
  2. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 Partout

    Sorry for the delay guys, I’m in the middle of starting a business while still working full time and trying to juggle parts on the side. Likely not but shoot me an offer and we’ll see. I don’t have a lot of spare time to pull them off and clean up the fenders. GU6 G80 I don’t mind wrapping it up and dropping it off but I don’t have time to setup/quote shipping. If you look it up and are ok with the costs then let me know and I’ll get it ready to ship. Sure I can do $300 for just driver side.
  3. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 Partout

    Correct. Sorry the tailgate is gone already.
  4. No I didn't have anything to test it on. I'll get a better pic of the part number tomorrow.
  5. Bought both used. The headlight is a little hazy/dull near the outside edge and needs to be polished which I plan to do in the next couple weeks, until then $500 takes it as-is. Taillight is in excellent condition and comes with harness. Asking $375
  6. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 Partout

    I had a change of plans and will no longer be using the front clip, so it is for sale as well. I'll be selling the whole clip including fenders, hood, grille, lights, bumper, and core support. $2,000 for entire clip. Will also sell the bed with tail lights and rear bumper for $2250.
  7. My apologies I didn't even think about it when you asked, yes there's a 3rd belt. I believe it's the vacuum pump.
  8. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 Partout

    Sorry, it will sell with the bumper.
  9. It's the cleanest one I've ever come across. I'd love to keep it too...
  10. 2 belts like always.
  11. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 Partout

    Not pulling the cab apart yet. If it doesn't sell in the next month or so I'll start parting the interior.
  12. 2014 GMC Sierra Z71 Partout

    Parting out complete truck. It was flooded and motor was locked up. Truck has 40k miles on it. Gauge cluster comes on and ac controls light up, I didnt check anything else on it before pulling it apart. At this point the motor and front clip is sold, everything listed below is still for sale. All parts are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted. I'll get better pics of each part as I continue pulling it all. Front bumper, complete w/ fog lights- $500 Rear bumper- $400 Headlights- $600 Tail lights- $350 Bed (one small dent on passenger side, otherwise like new including flawless bedliner) - $2000 Wheels & tires- $800 Transmission w/ transfer case (water in trans fluid, condition unknown)- $750 The rest I'm keeping together for now. $3800 for rolling chassis, includes: -Frame & complete Z71 suspension with brakes -Front diff & rear end -elec. steering rack (working) -Complete cab with complete interior (will have main harness going through firewall removed) -Fuel tank and partial lines -Stock catback exhaust -set of spares for rolling/transport All prices are OBO. Shipping not included. I can deliver the larger items locally.
  13. Time is money. I make enough on flipping parts to cover my consumables and most of my material every month. But I make $100/hr in my shop and I enjoy doing fabrication a hell of a lot more than posting sale ads.

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