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  1. I own a performance/fab shop, I usually buy a few motors at a time when I need one for a customer car and sell the rest.
  2. Has around 15k miles. Comes with computer and pedal. $5,500 OBO Located in NW Houston, can deliver for free within 1hr drive.
  3. I have another available. Have 2wd and 4wd.
  4. NW Houston. Yes 700 for everything. Would really like to sell it today because I have two other trucks coming in tomorrow and my shelves are already full.
  5. Got this and some seats in a trade but I really need a Sierra front clip. It’s a little dirty but in good shape overall. Bumper does have some dents that you can see in the pics. Asking $700
  6. Interesting. I’ve sold two of these to a local guy who put them both in 16-18 Sierras. Though admittedly, I didn’t ask what all was involved in the install. I do know for sure that he had a dealer do the programming, but it may have been a buddy kind of deal. That is a shame...
  7. It should fit, programming would have to be done by a dealer as far as I know.
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